The Complete Guide to iSpyoo: A Detailed Review

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Ispyoo Review

Parenting in the digital age comes with many challenges. With smartphones and social media, kids have access to a lot more information – both good and bad – than previous generations. As a concerned parent, how do you keep your children safe without invading their privacy?

Enter iSpyoo – a powerful yet controversial mobile monitoring app that lets you secretly track your kids’ phone activities.

In this comprehensive iSpyoo review, we’ll explore everything you need to know.

By the end, you’ll understand if iSpyoo is right for your family’s needs or not. Let’s get started!

What is iSpyoo and How Does it Work?


iSpyoo is a phone monitoring app for parents and employers. It lets you secretly track everything happening on a mobile device including calls, texts, instant messages, location history, apps, photos, videos and more.

The app works by getting installed on the target phone and then sending you data logs and reports to an online dashboard. You simply login to your iSpyoo control panel on any web browser to view the activity logs.

Here’s an overview of how iSpyoo works:

  1. You purchase a subscription plan based on iPhone or Android monitoring.
  2. Download and install the iSpyoo app on the target device.
  3. The app runs hidden in the background and starts recording data.
  4. Activity logs and reports get uploaded to the iSpyoo website.
  5. Log in on your dashboard to view monitoring details.
  6. Monitor call logs, texts, GPS location and more!

The app provides real-time tracking for things like location and phone calls. You also get regular data upload logs that can be accessed from the web portal at any time.

Now let’s look at the key features iSpyoo offers for monitoring mobiles devices.

iSpyoo Features and Capabilities

iSpyoo comes packed with various phone monitoring features:

Call Logging

  • Records all incoming/outgoing calls
  • Timestamps and call duration
  • Names and numbers of callers
  • Listen to call recordings (on rooted Android)

Text Message Monitoring

  • Reads SMS content in real-time
  • Messages from popular apps like WhatsApp also tracked
  • Date, time and sender/receiver details

Track GPS Location

  • View location history and live tracking
  • Geo-fencing alerts when entering or leaving areas
  • Locate the phone on a map in real-time

Spy on Apps and Browsing

  • Logs from social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat
  • Capture texts and media from WhatsApp
  • Track web browsing history on Chrome & Safari

Keylogger and Screenshots

  • Shows text typed on the device
  • Secretly capture screenshots
  • See passwords typed on the phone

Additional Capabilities

  • View photos and videos
  • Track emails sent and received
  • Monitor contacts and calendars
  • Remotely control phone features
  • Block apps and websites
  • Spying completely hidden from user

With its comprehensive feature-set, iSpyoo provides in-depth monitoring of phones. You can literally track everything happening on the target device once you install this spy app.

Next, let’s see how to get iSpyoo setup on iOS and Android smartphones.

How to Install iSpyoo on iOS and Android

ispyoo install

The iSpyoo installation process is pretty straightforward. Here are the key steps to get the app up and running:

For Android Devices

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” on the target Android device to allow third-party app installs. This is found in Settings > Security.
  2. Visit iSpyoo website and purchase a subscription plan. Download the Android spyware app.
  3. Install iSpyoo and grant all the permissions it asks for during setup.
  4. Register an account and login to the iSpyoo dashboard.
  5. Hide the app icon so it runs stealthily. You can also rename it on the device.

For iPhones/iPads:

  1. You’ll need to jailbreak the iPhone before installing iSpyoo. This removes Apple’s restrictions that prevent spyware.
  2. Download and install the iSpyoo iOS app on the target iPhone/iPad from their website.
  3. The app will guide you through the setup prompts. Grant all permissions when asked.
  4. Once installed, hide the iSpyoo app icon so it runs in stealth mode.

That’s it! iSpyoo will now start recording activity in the background and syncing data to their servers. Simply login to your online dashboard to view monitoring reports from any browser.

Next, let’s discuss iSpyoo’s subscription plans and pricing.

iSpyoo Pricing and Subscription Packages

Ispyoo Pricing And Subscription Packages

iSpyoo offers flexible subscription plans based monitoring needs:

Standard Pack$21.99/monthly
Premium Pack$25.99/monthly
Gold Pack$30.99/monthly
  • Basic plans allow tracking of calls, SMS, browsing, GPS, apps, etc.
  • Premium plans add social media monitoring capabilities.
  • Gold packages include features like live call listening, camera access, seeing passwords entered, etc.

As you can see, iSpyoo is not cheap but provides flexible packages. Monthly plans allow testing it out before committing to longer subscriptions. Yearly plans offer the best value overall.

Now let’s summarize some of the key pros and cons of choosing iSpyoo for your phone monitoring needs.

iSpyoo Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive set of monitoring features
  • Real-time tracking for location and calls
  • Social media and messaging monitoring
  • Works in total stealth mode
  • Good for monitoring kids and employees
  • Can be installed remotely if you have device access


  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Need to jailbreak iPhones before installing
  • Lack of customer support and updates
  • Potential legal issues around consent
  • Unethical concerns of spying on people
  • Can be detected by antivirus apps

While iSpyoo is very powerful, the disadvantages like legal risks and ethical concerns should not be ignored.

There are also some alternatives to iSpyoo worth considering before making your choice.

The legality of using iSpyoo and other spyware depends on your jurisdiction. In the US and Canada, you typically only need consent from the phone owner if monitoring a device you don’t own.

So for parents monitoring their minor children, using iSpyoo without consent is likely legal. The same applies for company-provided devices.

But spying on your spouse’s phone without permission may be illegal. Some states also require both parties consent to call recordings.

Outside North America, laws on secret monitoring apps are much more restrictive. Make sure to consult an attorney to understand legality in your specific circumstances.

Ethical Concerns of Spyware Apps

On the flip side, even if monitoring software is legal in your area, you should carefully weigh the ethics of spying on others. While safety is crucial, covert surveillance can violate trust in relationships.

Consider if transparent conversations about responsible device use might be better than secret monitoring. In extreme cases like an unfaithful spouse, spyware may be justified. But in general, strive for open communication instead of sneaky spying apps.

Top iSpyoo Alternatives to Consider

While iSpyoo is a very capable spy app, it has downsides like being hard to install, expensive and poor updates.

Here are some top alternative monitoring apps:

  • mSpy – The most popular spy app for iOS and Android. Easy to install and packed with tracking features.
  • FlexiSPY – Excellent for recording calls and ambient sounds from the target phone.
  • Spyzie – Affordable spyware for Android with no jailbreak required. Good for basic monitoring needs.
  • Hoverwatch – Free phone tracker app for Android devices. Lacks some advanced capabilities.

Key Takeaways and Summary

Here are the core things to remember about iSpyoo:

  • It’s a phone monitoring app that lets parents and employers track devices secretly.
  • You get access to call logs, texts, GPS location, social media, apps and more.
  • Installation requires jailbreaking iPhones and rooted Android access.
  • Monthly and yearly pricing plans available but fairly expensive.
  • Powerful if used legally and ethically but alternatives like mSpy exist.
  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities but has downsides like price.
  • Useful for protecting kids from online dangers if installed properly.
  • Spying on other adults without consent raises legal and ethical issues.

So in summary, iSpyoo is very capable parental monitoring software if installed correctly and used with the right consent. But alternatives like mSpy are easier to set up, more polished and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions About iSpyoo

Here are answers to some common questions about iSpyoo spyware:

Does iSpyoo really work or is it a scam?

iSpyoo is legit software that works if installed properly. It has been around for years and offers very powerful monitoring capabilities once set up on a device. However, it does have downsides like being expensive and the Android version having some bugs.

Can the target user detect iSpyoo on their phone?

On iPhones, iSpyoo runs totally in stealth after the initial jailbreak. On Androids, just hiding the app icon prevents detection in most cases if you disable notifications. However, some users have reported the Android version being detected by antivirus apps in rare cases.

How long does iSpyoo take to install and set up?

Getting iSpyoo running takes less than 15 minutes in most cases. You just need to download the app, install it with permissions enabled, create an account and then hide the icon. Jailbreaking an iPhone takes a bit longer but instructions are provided.

In the US and Canada, you typically only need consent from the phone’s owner. Parents can legally monitor their minor children’s devices in most cases without consent. However, spying on a spouse’s phone without permission may be illegal depending on local laws. Recording calls also requires consent in some states.

Does iSpyoo work worldwide or only in certain countries?

iSpyoo works globally by syncing data to their cloud servers. However, some locations like the UK, Australia and New Zealand have made covert monitoring illegal even with consent. So be sure to consult local laws before installing iSpyoo outside North America.

What if the target user gets a new phone, does iSpyoo transfer?

If your target switches phones, you’ll have to re-install iSpyoo on the new device to keep monitoring them. iSpyoo itself does not transfer or carry over your access in any way if the target phone number changes.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like iSpyoo?

iSpyoo does not offer refunds once you purchase a subscription. So be certain you want to use iSpyoo before paying since you can’t get your money back if it does not meet your expectations. However, they do offer short 2-day trial periods to test the app before paying.

Final Thoughts on the iSpyoo Monitoring App

iSpyoo offers powerful capabilities for monitoring your kids and employees. With comprehensive phone tracking features, it’s among the most capable spyware apps available.

However, alternatives like mSpy are generally easier to use, more polished and affordable. iSpyoo also faces legal restrictions in some regions, so ensure it aligns with local laws.

Use phone spyware carefully and only when truly justified for protecting vulnerable children and company assets. Avoid spying on other adults without consent. And have open conversations regarding safe device use before resorting to covert monitoring apps.

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