The Ultimate Guide to InterGuard Monitoring Software

November 25, 2023

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Employee monitoring software is becoming an increasingly popular tool for businesses who want more visibility into how their team spends time on devices. With more positions becoming remote, it’s tougher than ever for managers to have insight on productivity.

That’s where solutions like InterGuard come in. This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about InterGuard, from pros and cons to features and pricing.

What is InterGuard?


InterGuard is a powerful employee monitoring solution designed for businesses. It records all activity across devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The data collected gives managers deep visibility into how employees spend time on computers and mobile devices.

With InterGuard, you can:

  • Track productivity and engagement
  • Ensure compliance with security policies
  • Protect confidential data from leaks
  • Optimize workflows based on activity analytics

The system runs in the background without disrupting employee workflow. But it captures everything they do – like web activity, apps used, files accessed and more.

You get access to user-friendly dashboards and reporting to turn this data into actionable insights. It’s an easy way to boost productivity and security.

Key Benefits of Using InterGuard

InterGuard provides a wealth of advantages for businesses who install it across devices:

1. Increased Employee Productivity

With activity monitoring, you can pinpoint unproductive behaviors that waste time. For example, you might find certain employees spending too much time on social media or gaming sites.

Once these issues are identified, you can coach employees on more productive habits. You’ll get analytics on active versus idle computer time across your team.

2. Reduced Data Leakage Risks

Confidential business data getting into the wrong hands can lead to catastrophic outcomes. InterGuard lets you detect when employees send, upload or print sensitive information.

You can even get alerts based on keywords or file types. This allows you to minimize risky behaviors and enforce data security.

3. Improved Policy Compliance

Policies don’t mean much if you can’t enforce them. InterGuard ensures employees stick to guidelines around technology use.

For example, you can automatically block certain inappropriate websites that violate your policy. Or you can set time limits on social media usage.

By increasing policy compliance, you mitigate cyber threats.

4. Optimization of Remote Teams

Remote work makes it much harder for managers to track what employees are doing. InterGuard solves this by providing the same level of visibility across in-office and remote workers.

You gain insight on attendance, breaks taken, active computer time and other metrics. This allows you to optimize productivity for remote teams.

5. Customizable for Your Needs

InterGuard offers tailored packages to meet the needs of your business. You choose exactly which devices and features you want to use.

Their sales team can create customized bundles with different levels of tracking. This ensures you get value without going overboard on monitoring.

InterGuard Features and Capabilities

Interguard Features And Capabilities

InterGuard provides comprehensive monitoring and analytics across four major categories:

Productivity Tracking

  • Application and website usage monitoring
  • Records all activity in forensic detail
  • Set time restrictions for apps/sites
  • Tracks AFK and idle time
  • Calculates attendance and hours worked
  • Powerful productivity analytics

Behavior Monitoring

  • Keystroke logging capability
  • Real-time alerts for risky actions
  • Screen recording option
  • Detects unauthorized software installs
  • Sends alerts on suspicious activity
  • Monitors file transfers and printing

Communication Oversight

  • Tracks email, chats and messages
  • Alerts on profanity or risky keywords
  • Monitors time spent on email
  • Blocks specific email accounts if needed
  • Records social media usage by app

Access and Policy Controls

  • Restricts website access by category
  • Sets download/upload permissions
  • Controls access to specific apps
  • Remotely lock devices
  • Enforce schedules and usage limits
  • Full audit trails of policy changes

These features give you full oversight of activities occurring on desktops, laptops, smartphones and other devices. The dashboards transform the data into visual charts and graphs that managers can quickly interpret.

You have the ability to customize features and permission levels by department or individual employee. This prevents overly intrusive monitoring.

What Does InterGuard Monitor?

InterGuard captures an expansive range of user activities across devices. Here are some examples of what gets monitored and recorded:

  • Screenshots at regular intervals
  • Apps and programs launched
  • Websites and search engine queries
  • Keystrokes typed into documents or online forms
  • Emails and instant messages sent/received
  • File transfers through email, FTP or cloud apps
  • Printed documents from local or network printers
  • Uploads to websites or cloud storage
  • Media files like photos, videos and audio
  • Connections to WiFi networks and printers
  • Mobile device screen lock/unlock
  • Geolocation data from mobile devices

All this data provides complete visibility into how employees are spending time on computers, smartphones and other connected devices.

You have the option to turn on/off specific monitoring features as needed. For privacy reasons, some companies disable features like keylogging. But the more data you collect, the better insights InterGuard can provide.

Is InterGuard Invisible and Undetectable?

InterGuard prioritizes stealth monitoring to avoid employees trying to bypass it. The agent runs silently in the background without any visible interface.

Users receive no notifications when it’s recording activity or taking screenshots. There are also no obvious slowdowns that might tip off employees.

That said, skilled tech users can sometimes detect signs of monitoring tools using advanced methods. InterGuard takes measures to minimize detectability, but no solution is completely invisible.

For most employees though, InterGuard’s presence will remain entirely hidden.

What Are InterGuard’s Pricing and Plans?

Interguard's Pricing And Plans

InterGuard offers a few different pricing options to suit the needs of your business:

Cloud-Hosted Plan

  • Starts at $25 per user/month
  • Scales up and down flexibly
  • Hosted on InterGuard’s cloud
  • Simplified setup and maintenance

On-Premises Solution

  • One-time license fee
  • You host data on your servers
  • More customization options
  • Enterprise-wide licensing available

Custom Bundles

  • Tailored packages for your needs
  • Choose specific features
  • Set custom user permissions
  • Minimum 5 licenses

Volume discounts are available for larger deployments. You can also access InterGuard through some MSPs who bundle it as part of their managed service plans.

If you just want to test InterGuard out, they offer a free 7-day trial with full access to features. Reach out to their sales team for specifics on pricing and bundles.

Pros and Cons of Using InterGuard

InterGuard brings some significant advantages – but there are also downsides to weigh. Here are the main pros and cons:


  • Comprehensive feature set
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Customizable packages
  • Productivity analytics
  • Real-time alerting
  • Controls and policy enforcement
  • On-premise or cloud hosting


  • Can be seen as too intrusive
  • Privacy concerns around extensive monitoring
  • Reporting lacks customization
  • Steep learning curve
  • Must be manually updated

Overall, InterGuard offers a powerful set of monitoring and analytics features for businesses. But you’ll want to carefully evaluate which capabilities actually serve your needs before deploying it.

InterGuard Competitors and Alternatives

InterGuard isn’t the only option for employee monitoring. Here are some alternative solutions to consider:

  • Teramind – Offers advanced AI and behavioral analytics. More customizable reporting than InterGuard. Intelligent productivity optimization features.
  • ActivTrak – Affordable monitoring focused on productivity metrics. User-friendly UI and useful data visualizations. Lacks more advanced cybersecurity features.
  • Veriato – Emphasis on insider risk detection and data loss prevention. Specialized tools for regulated industries like healthcare and finance.
  • Hubstaff – Time tracking and productivity monitoring. Good for remote teams. Integrates with project management tools. More limited feature set compared to InterGuard.
  • WorkTime – Budget-friendly solution just for time tracking. Accurate attendance monitoring and reporting. No advanced monitoring capabilities.

As you can see, InterGuard competes on advanced monitoring capabilities while others focus on specialized use cases. Think about your top priorities to choose the best solution.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about InterGuard monitoring software:

Does InterGuard work on Mac and Linux devices?

Yes, InterGuard supports monitoring across Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Their agent can be installed on servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices running these OS.

What level of technical skill is needed to run InterGuard?

InterGuard aims for quick deployment and easy management. Most businesses can get started with basic computer skills. But you may want IT involvement for advanced configuration.

Is all the collected user data secure?

InterGuard uses encryption and other security measures to keep monitored data safe. Make sure to control who has access to the dashboard. On-premise solutions allow full control over data security.

Can InterGuard monitor activity across personal and work devices?

If employees use personal devices for work, InterGuard can also be installed on those with consent. But monitoring personal devices raises more privacy concerns.

Does InterGuard work even if employees are offline?

Yes, the agent will record data locally until the device reconnects online. Then offline activity gets synchronized to the dashboard. But real-time monitoring requires an internet connection.

Final Thoughts

InterGuard offers advanced visibility into how employees spend time on work devices. The extensive monitoring can help boost productivity, security and policy compliance.

But tread carefully – overzealous monitoring takes a toll on employee morale and trust. Be transparent about your practices and only collect data needed to achieve your goals.

Carefully test monitoring configurations and talk to vendors about your specific use cases. With a deliberate approach, you can strike the right balance between oversight and respecting employee privacy.

Overall, solutions like InterGuard provide useful business intelligence – if deployed strategically. Just be sure to evaluate all options to choose the best fit.