What To Do If Your Instagram is Hacked and Email Changed

November 24, 2023

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Having your Instagram account hacked and the email changed can be an incredibly frustrating and stressful experience. But don’t panic – with the right steps, you can regain access to your account.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know if your Instagram was hacked and the email was changed.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to take action if your Instagram is hacked and the email is changed. Let’s dive in!

How to Tell if Your Instagram Account is Hacked

How To Tell If Your Instagram Account Is Hacked

The first signs your Instagram was compromised include:

  • You are suddenly logged out of your account and can’t log back in, even with the correct password.
  • Your username and/or password unexpectedly stop working.
  • The email on your Instagram account was changed without your permission.
  • Suspicious posts or direct messages are being sent from your account.
  • Your profile photo, bio, or other account details changed without you making edits.

If you notice any of these red flags, your Instagram was likely hacked. The most common signs are being logged out suddenly or having your password not accepted.

But sometimes hackers log in without changing the password so they can stealthily use your account. Keep an eye out for unusual posts or messages as well.

The sooner you take action after realizing you’re hacked, the better chance you have of recovering your account. Don’t delay – move quickly through the next steps.

How Hackers Gain Access to Instagram Accounts

Before we dive into solutions, it helps to understand how hackers compromise Instagram accounts in the first place. The main methods include:

  • Guessing weak passwords – If your Instagram password is easy to guess, hackers can brute force their way in. Always use a strong, unique password.
  • Phishing attacks – Hackers create fake Instagram login pages to steal usernames and passwords. Avoid entering your info on sketchy sites.
  • Keylogging malware – Malware programs record your keystrokes to steal passwords. Keep your device security up to date.
  • Credential stuffing – Compromised emails and passwords from other sites are tried on Instagram. Use different passwords for all accounts.
  • Social engineering – Hackers trick users into handing over login credentials themselves through messaging. Never share your password.
  • Third party app scams – Malicious apps request Instagram permissions to then take over accounts. Don’t authorize sketchy apps.

Knowing how hackers might have gotten into your Instagram account can help you better secure it moving forward. Now let’s talk solutions.

What to Do Immediately if Your Instagram is Hacked

What To Do Immediately If Your Instagram Is Hacked

If you believe your Instagram was hacked, here are the steps to take right away:

  • Log in to your associated email account – Check for any password reset emails from Instagram. These are from the hacker, so do not click them.
  • Use Instagram’s support form to report the hack – Provide details on when you noticed the account was compromised and what unauthorized changes occurred.
  • Check HaveIBeenPwned – Search for your email to see if your password was exposed in a data breach. If so, change it everywhere.
  • Make your profile private – If your account was public, set it to private. This limits what a hacker can do while they have access.
  • Change any passwords shared with Instagram – If you reuse passwords across accounts, change them all now.
  • Remove saved Instagram login data – Log out everywhere and clear your browser history, cookies, and cached credentials related to Instagram.

Taking these steps as soon as possible limits the damage a hacker can do. It also starts the process of regaining access through Instagram’s account recovery options.

Be Cautious of Instagram Monitoring Apps

In addition to malicious apps, you should also know about Instagram monitoring apps.

These apps claim to let parents, employers, or partners secretly monitor someone’s Instagram activity. They work by accessing private account data once installed on a device.

Some concerning Instagram monitoring apps include:

  • mSpy – Records messages, posts, locations, and more.
  • FlexiSPY – Tracks calls, messages, photos, videos, and posts.
  • Hoverwatch – Monitors all device usage including Instagram.
  • Highster Mobile – Copies account content and activity logs.
  • XNSPY – Takes screenshots, tracks web history, locations.

While marketed as parental control apps, their capabilities raise huge privacy concerns. Non-consensual monitoring of social media accounts is unethical.

If you suspect monitoring software on your device, run security scans and reset it immediately. Never install applications that secretly record activity without consent.

Educate children on proper social media use rather than resorting to sneaky monitoring. Have open conversations around online safety instead.

How to Recover Your Hacked Instagram Account

Once the initial response is complete, you can attempt to recover your compromised Instagram account through these methods:

Request a Login Link from Instagram

The easiest way to regain access to your hacked Instagram account is to use Instagram’s login link feature:

  1. Go to Instagram.com and click “Get help logging in.”
  2. Select “Need more help?
  3. Enter your username or the email address that was originally associated with your Instagram account.
  4. Instagram will send a login link if they can confirm your identity based on the information provided.
  5. This login link bypasses the email and password the hacker changed. Use it to get back into your account.

This is the fastest way to recover your account if Instagram can verify your identity. But if the hacker changed the email, you’ll need to provide more proof of ownership.

Verify Identity Through Instagram Support

If you no longer have access to the email on your Instagram account, you’ll need to prove you are the rightful owner through Instagram’s support team:

  • Provide old emails or conversations about the account from when you set it up. The more history the better.
  • Send photos of yourself that match the profile picture associated with your Instagram account.
  • Give context about locations where you logged in from, previous passwords you used, people you followed, etc.

Any details that help Instagram confirm you are the real account owner will expedite the review process. Sending multiple unique proofs is recommended to speed up verification.

Submit Instagram’s Account Recovery Form

You can also use Instagram’s account recovery request form:

  1. Go to Instagram’s hacked account support page.
  2. Enter your full name, username, email, and phone number associated with the hacked Instagram account.
  3. In the details box, provide context on when/how you noticed the account was hacked plus evidence to confirm you are the rightful owner.
  4. Click “Send” to submit the request.

Instagram’s support team reviews these forms manually, so it may take weeks to get a response. Be persistent checking your email or following up if you don’t hear back.

Seek Help From a Trusted Partner

If you’ve tried all of Instagram’s self-service options with no success, consider seeking help from a trusted verification partner. These services have a direct line to Instagram’s internal teams which can expedite the recovery process.

The key is finding a legitimate, secure partner like Social One Support to assist you. Avoid any services asking for your login credentials. A good partner will be able to verify account ownership on your behalf with Instagram directly to restore access.

How to Prevent Your Instagram From Being Hacked Again

How To Prevent Your Instagram From Being Hacked Again

Once you regain access to your compromised Instagram account, be sure to take precautions to avoid getting hacked again:

  • Enable two-factor authentication – Add an extra layer of security when logging in through SMS or an authentication app.
  • Change your password – Reset your password to something completely new and unique that isn’t used on any other site or account.
  • Remove connected third party apps – Delete any linked apps that seem suspicious or that you don’t use.
  • Be wary of phishing scams – Never enter your login credentials on unofficial pages or in response to sketchy emails.
  • Use a password manager – Generate and store strong, randomized passwords for each account with a password manager app.
  • Monitor your account activity – Routinely check your profile, posts, and messages for any unusual activity indicating another potential hack.

Taking preventative measures greatly reduces your risk of being hacked again in the future. Don’t let your guard down!

Use Instagram’s Security Features

Take advantage of Instagram’s built-in security features:

  • Login approvals – Require an additional code to access your account from new devices.
  • Login activity – Review devices that have logged into your account recently. Remove any that seem suspicious.
  • Account privacy – Set your account to private so only approved followers can view your content.

Activating these settings gives your account greater protection.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Hacked Instagram Accounts

Below are answers to some common questions around Instagram hacks and account recovery:

Does Instagram notify you if your account is hacked?

No, Instagram does not directly notify users if their account gets hacked or the email/password changed. You have to notice suspicious activity yourself and report it.

How long does it take to recover a hacked Instagram account?

It depends on the recovery method. Using Instagram’s self-serve login link or support tools can take 1-2 weeks. Filing repeated requests and escalating to a specialized service expedites the process to within days or a week in most cases.

Can you tell who hacked your Instagram?

Instagram does not share details on who specifically hacked an account as part of the recovery process. Tracking down the actual hacker yourself is very difficult. Focus instead on securing your account.

Does Instagram restore deleted posts after a hack?

If a hacker deletes some of your posts, Instagram cannot restore that content after you recover your account. Post deletions are permanent. You can reupload any archived photos lost.

What happens to my profile while it’s hacked?

Hackers typically change profile details like the photo, bio, contact info and more. They often also delete posts, unfollow people, and send spam messages. If two-factor was enabled, the damage may be limited.

Can I get hacked just by visiting a profile?

Simply viewing another profile does not put your account at risk of being hacked. As long as you don’t enter your login details anywhere or authorize sketchy apps, your account remains secure.

Is there an Instagram hack detector?

No, Instagram does not offer a hack detection tool. You have to monitor your own account activity and be on the lookout for any unauthorized changes. Enable login approvals for an extra layer of visibility.

Can I sue someone for hacking my Instagram?

You can technically take legal action if you’re able to reliably identify the perpetrator. However, tracking down and proving who hacked your Instagram account is extremely difficult in most cases. Focus your efforts on securing your account instead.

Key Takeaways

If your Instagram gets hacked:

  • React quickly when you notice suspicious activity and report it.
  • Use Instagram’s self-serve tools like login links first to try recovering access.
  • Provide as much proof of ownership as possible through Instagram’s support channels.
  • Consider trusted partners for extra assistance if you can’t regain access yourself.
  • Strengthen your login credentials and security settings to avoid getting hacked again.
  • Focus less on the actual hacker and more on protecting your account now.

Don’t Panic, You Can Recover Your Account

Having your Instagram account hacked can be a stressful and frustrating experience, especially if the email also gets changed. But there are ways to recover your account through Instagram’s own tools and support team. Taking quick action to secure your account can also help mitigate any damage caused by hackers.

While it may take persistence and patience, you can regain access to your Instagram by providing as much verification and context as possible. With good password hygiene and security best practices moving forward, you can avoid falling victim to hackers again.

Don’t hesitate to keep trying Instagram’s various account recovery options if you have any trouble regaining access to your profile. And consider contacting a specialized recovery service for assistance if you run into roadblocks with Instagram’s standard support process.

Stay calm, be diligent, and focus on the steps outlined here. You’ll have your Instagram profile back before you know it.