The Ultimate Guide to InfoTracer Background Check Service

March 11, 2024

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Performing background checks on people has become extremely convenient thanks to services like InfoTracer. But how reliable and effective is this online platform?

I extensively tested InfoTracer to provide you with an in-depth review, covering everything you need to know:



InfoTracer is an online background check service that provides instant access to over 5 billion public records. It offers a comprehensive report on a person’s criminal history, contact information, assets, bankruptcies, vital records, and more.

Key Features:

  • Criminal Records Search
  • Public Records Check
  • Address Lookup
  • Deep Web Search
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Asset Search
  • Vehicle Identification Number Check
  • Reverse IP Lookup
  • Vital Records
  • Professional License Lookup

Breaking Down Key Aspects of InfoTracer

I analyzed several key aspects to determine if InfoTracer is worth using for background checks. Here is an in-depth assessment:

Report Quality

Overall, InfoTracer provides good quality reports sourced from thousands of public databases. You get access to various records, including:

  • Criminal history
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Bankruptcies
  • Employment info
  • Social media presence
Infotracer Report Quality

However, some user reviews indicated inaccurate or missing information in certain reports. So the reliability seems to vary.


InfoTracer has flexible pricing with decent value:

  • 7-day trial for $1.95
  • Monthly plan for $24.95
  • Pay-as-you-go options like $5 for a criminal records report

Considering the billions of records available, the prices seem affordable. But you may not always get complete information.


InfoTracer has an excellent A+ rating from BBB but also has several negative reviews online regarding obtaining people’s information without consent.

It’s important to note that InfoTracer itself states it is not an official Consumer Reporting Agency for employment/tenant screening purposes.

Ease of Use

I found InfoTracer very easy to use. The desktop and mobile sites have a clean, well-organized interface. Running searches is intuitive without complex forms.

However, be prepared for upsells after entering basic info before receiving full reports.

Customer Support

InfoTracer provides customer support via email and phone. While some users faced issues reaching agents, I received responses within 24 hours when contacting them.

If you need to cancel your InfoTracer membership, you can contact their customer support.

Key Takeaways

✅ Access to billions of records from public sources

❌ Potential inaccuracies in some reports

❌ Contains people’s data without consent

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ 7-day $1.95 trial

InfoTracer Pros and Cons


  • Huge database of over 5 billion public records
  • Useful features like deep web monitoring and reverse phone lookup
  • Professional license verification capability
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • Affordable flexible pricing options
  • Free 7-day trial for $1.95


  • Inconsistencies and inaccuracies in some reports
  • Contains people’s information without permission
  • Upsells and hidden charges
  • Questionable data privacy practices

If you want to opt out of InfoTracer and remove your information, you can submit a request on their site.

InfoTracer Features and Tools

Infotracer Key Features

Here is a deep dive into the key offerings of InfoTracer:

Criminal Records Search

Infotracer Criminal Records Search

Easily look up a person’s criminal history including convictions, sentences, cyber crimes, arrest records, and more.


  • 1+ billion criminal record database
  • Access to detailed inmate records
  • View probation and parole information

Public Records Check

Find exhaustive background information on a subject from InfoTracer’s billions of public records across different categories.

Details available:

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Employment history
  • Educational qualifications
  • Vehicle registration data

Address Lookup

Infotracer Address Lookup

Retrieve the full history, ownership info, property value details, and more for any address through this tool.

Deep Web Search

Uncover someone’s hidden social media presence, accounts, websites, usernames, and sensitive information across the deep and dark web.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Input any phone number to trace its current and past owners along with available contact information and location details.


  • Reveals full identity of caller
  • Useful for preventing frauds and scams
  • Helps reconnect with old connections

Asset Search

Gain insights into your subject’s properties, investments, businesses, income sources, net worth, and monetary transactions.

Vehicle History Reports

Enter any car’s Vehicle Identification Number or license plate to access its registration, ownership, sale, accident history and full specifications.

Reverse IP Lookup

Discover geographical location, contact information and online activity through a person’s IP address using this tool.

Vital Records

Obtain details regarding a person’s birth, marriage, divorce and death records along with genealogy and family relationships information.

Professional License Verification

Check license status, issuing authority, license type, business information and other specifics for doctors, lawyers and other licensed professionals.

Also Includes

  • Bankruptcy Reports
  • UCC Business Liens Search
  • Marriage & Divorce Records

Getting Started With InfoTracer

Ready to run your first search on InfoTracer? Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit and click “Start Here
  2. Enter the info you have like name, city, age or address
  3. Accept Terms of Use and input payment details
  4. Specify report type (criminal check, people search etc.)
  5. View background report within 1 minute

You can also explore more tools and reports here.

InfoTracer membership options

1. 7-Day Trial

  • Access all tools and billions of records
  • $1.95 for 7 days
  • Cancel anytime

2. Monthly Membership

  • Unlimited searches for 30 days
  • $24.95 per month
  • Cancel anytime

3. Pay-As-You-Go

  • Prepaid credits for individual searches
  • Options like $1.50 for 1 search
  • Use credits anytime

How Reliable Is InfoTracer?

With access to over 5 billion records from thousands of sources, InfoTracer searches appear quite extensive on paper.

However, based on several user accounts, you may not always get completely accurate or up-to-date information. There can be inconsistencies, errors or missing details in some reports.

It’s important to note that InfoTracer itself clarifies it is not an accredited Consumer Reporting Agency under the FCRA, so its background checks may not suffice for official purposes.

Additionally, InfoTracer apparently obtains and displays people’s data without consent. So while accessing others’ information is convenient, it does raise ethical concerns regarding consent and privacy.

InfoTracer Customer Reviews

InfoTracer has over 3000+ positive TrustPilot ratings but also a fair share of negative testimonials regarding inaccurate reports and billing practices.

Here is a summary of common compliments and complaints:


✅ Simple sign-up and fast reports

✅ Wealth of information available

✅ Low prices compared to competitors


❌ Inability to unsubscribe or get refund

❌ Overbilling and unauthorized charges

❌ Missing or unreliable information

Is InfoTracer Worth It?

Best for: Comprehensive background checks for informal personal purposes

InfoTracer offers effortless access to a plethora of public data at affordable rates. The sheer depth of records available along with useful tools like deep web monitoring provide good value.

However, for official screening purposes like tenant verification or employment checks where reliability is critical, InfoTracer’s reports may prove insufficient.

So casual personal background checks? Worth it. Business/legal screening? Not reliable enough.

Top InfoTracer Alternatives

InfoTracer offers wide-ranging transparency at low prices, but has accuracy issues.

Here are the top alternatives to InfoTracer for reliable business and employment screening:


  • Fast and accurate reports
  • Custom packages
  • FCRA compliant


  • Positive reputation
  • Global criminal checks
  • Specialized services


  • Full verification solutions
  • Real-time data updates
  • Background + drug testing

FAQs About InfoTracer

Q: Is InfoTracer legitimate?

A: Yes, InfoTracer is a legitimate company registered in Texas since 2003. They provide factual information from legal public domains. However, for official purposes, they recommend relying on Consumer Reporting Agencies under the FCRA due to strict verification requirements.

Q: Is InfoTracer expensive to use?

A: No, InfoTracer offers competitive affordable pricing. It has a 1-week trial for $1.95 and monthly plans starting at $19.95. It’s cheaper compared to sites like Intelius and Truthfinder. However, you may face some hidden charges.

Q: Can businesses use InfoTracer for pre-employment checks?

A: InfoTracer is geared more towards individuals looking for informal background checks for personal use. For company screening like employment verification where reliability is vital, accredited CRAs like Checkr would be more suitable according to the FTC.

Q: How to cancel InfoTracer subscription?

A: You can cancel anytime by calling InfoTracer’s customer support on their toll-free number. You will still retain access you paid for until the end of the current billing cycle. However, many users faced obstacles getting refunds or cancelling payments even after calling InfoTracer multiple times.

The Final Take – Is InfoTracer Worth Using?

The Good

✅ Instant online background checks

✅ Huge 5 billion+ public records database

✅ Helpful proprietary search tools

✅ Easy to use platform

✅ Cost-effective flexible pricing

The Bad

❌ Accuracy and reliability issues

❌ Unethical data collection practices

❌ Negative reputation for customer service

For casual personal background checks, InfoTracer provides extensive information at affordable rates. However, for business or legal screening purposes requiring completely reliable & ethical practices, enterprise-grade services may be preferable.

I hope this detailed InfoTracer review gave you a comprehensive analysis of their services to decide if it meets your specific background check needs. Please share your experience with InfoTracer in the comments below!