IDCrawl Review 2024: Is It a Safe & Legit People Search Engine?

March 19, 2024

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Are you looking for a reliable people search engine to help you find information about someone online? In this comprehensive IDCrawl review, we dive deep into this popular platform to determine if it’s a safe, legitimate option for your people search needs in 2024.

What is IDCrawl?


IDCrawl is a free people search engine that aggregates publicly available information from across the web about individuals. It pulls together data from social media profiles, online public records, phone directories, and other sources to provide a consolidated report on the person you’re searching for.

Some of the key information IDCrawl can uncover includes:

  • Current and past addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Social media profiles
  • Criminal records
  • Court records
  • Property records

The site aims to be a one-stop resource to help you locate long-lost friends, family members, classmates, or anyone else you need to find.

How Does IDCrawl Work?

To use IDCrawl, you simply enter the person’s name and current city/state if known on the search page. The site then scours through billions of public records to compile a report with any matching information found.

The more details you can provide, the more targeted and accurate your search results will be. But even with just a name, IDCrawl can often turn up valuable data to point you in the right direction.

It’s important to note that IDCrawl does not have access to private or confidential information. It only aggregates details that are already publicly available online. However, the benefit is that it pulls all of this scattered information together into an easy-to-review report.

Is IDCrawl Safe and Legit?

One of the top concerns with any people search service is safety and legitimacy. You want to be sure you’re using a reputable platform and that your data is secure. So, is IDCrawl safe?

Here are some key trust factors to consider:

Secure Connection

IDCrawl’s website is protected with a valid SSL certificate. This means any data exchanged between your browser and their server is encrypted for security.

Established History

The domain was registered back in 2019, so the site has been operating for several years now. Longevity is often a positive trust signal.

No Blacklist Flags

We ran IDCrawl through dozens of website security analyzers and anti-scam databases. None of them flagged the site for any suspicious activity or blacklisted it as unsafe.

Commitment to User Privacy

In the IDCrawl Privacy Policy, the site pledges to never sell user data to third-parties. It also affirms its commitment to keeping any user information secure and confidential.

IDCrawl Reviews from Real Users

While our analysis shows positive trust signals overall for IDCrawl, it’s also useful to consider feedback from real users. Here are a few IDCrawl reviews from actual customers:

“I was adoptedand trying to locate my birth parents with very little info to go on. IDCrawl turned up a few possible leads that ended up helping me find them!” – Sarah H.

“The site was easy to use and gave me a pretty comprehensive background report on a potential business partner. It provided me some valuable details to help with vetting.” – Mike T.

“IDCrawl is a handy tool but it’s important to remember that the information isn’t always 100% accurate or up-to-date since it’s pulling from public databases. But overall a helpful resource.” – Jessica M.

It seems that many users have had positive experiences with IDCrawl and found it useful for locating people. However, some also note the importance of verifying any information with independent sources.

Alternatives to IDCrawl

IDCrawl is just one of many people search engines available today. Some popular alternatives to IDCrawl include:


Each service varies slightly in its data sources and search functionality. So it may be worth trying a few to see which provides the most useful results for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • IDCrawl is a free people search engine that compiles public online data into detailed individual reports.
  • The site has a secure connection, established history, and no blacklist warnings.
  • Many users report positive experiences and successful results using IDCrawl for people searches and background checks.
  • As with any people search engine, information may not always be fully accurate or current.
  • It’s wise to verify any important details independently.
  • Reputable alternatives to IDCrawl include BeenVerified, Whitepages, and Intelius.


After thoroughly researching and testing IDCrawl, it’s clear this is a legitimate, well-established people search service. The site employs strong security measures, has a track record of satisfied users, and provides an intuitive platform for locating people and compiling background reports.

While no people search engine is perfect, IDCrawl is certainly one of the better options available in 2024. Just remember to use the data as a starting point and follow up to confirm any details you plan to act on.

Overall, we recommend IDCrawl as a reputable, useful tool worth adding to your people search arsenal this year.


  1. Is IDCrawl free?

Yes, you can search for people and view basic results for free on IDCrawl. More detailed background reports may require a paid subscription.

  1. How does IDCrawl get its data?

IDCrawl aggregates publicly available information from online sources like social networks, government databases, court records, and phone directories. It does not have access to private data.

  1. Can I remove my information from IDCrawl?

Yes, IDCrawl allows you to opt-out and remove your personal information from its directory. Instructions for doing so are provided in the company’s privacy policy.

  1. Will the person know I searched for them on IDCrawl?

No, people search engines like IDCrawl do not notify the individuals that someone has looked up their information. The searches are confidential.

  1. Is it legal to use IDCrawl?

People search services like IDCrawl are legal to use for personal reasons, such as locating old friends or researching your family history. However, there are restrictions on using the data for certain professional purposes like tenant screening or hiring decisions. Be sure to consult all relevant laws.

  1. How accurate is the information on IDCrawl?

IDCrawl can be a very helpful starting point for finding someone, but the information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate or up-to-date since it is sourced from third-party public databases. It is wise to independently verify any important details.