15 Best Hunter.io Alternatives for Finding Emails in 2024

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Hunter Io Alternatives

As a B2B marketer or salesperson, finding accurate contact information is crucial for prospecting and outreach. While Hunter.io is a popular email finding tool, it may not always provide the most comprehensive or up-to-date data on its own. That’s why many businesses turn to Hunter.io alternatives to enrich their lead data and improve deliverability.

In this guide, I’ll share my top 15 picks for the best Hunter.io alternatives available in 2024. As the Head of Growth at Clay, an all-in-one sales productivity toolset, I have firsthand experience testing and comparing various data providers. I’ll highlight the key features, pricing, use cases and more for each alternative to help you make an informed decision.

Why Consider Alternatives to Hunter.io?

Drawbacks of Using a Single Data Provider

Relying solely on Hunter.io or any single data enrichment provider often leads to suboptimal match rates. No matter how robust their database is, a single source will inevitably have gaps in coverage. This means you may miss out on key decision-makers or end up with outdated information.

Another issue is pricing. Subscribing to multiple data enrichment APIs to make up for those gaps can quickly become expensive and hard to manage. But without supplementing your data, you limit your pool of prospects.

Benefits of Using Multiple Data Sources

The solution is to seek out enrichment platforms that utilize multiple best-in-breed data partners. By aggregating contact information from numerous sources, you get the most extensive coverage possible.

This not only provides a larger volume of data but also corroborates details between sources. If an email or phone number appears across partners, you can be more confident it’s accurate and up-to-date.

Integrating multiple data sources doesn’t have to be costly or complex either. As I’ll explain, innovative tools like Clay have made it simple and affordable to leverage dozens of data partners through a single platform.

Top 15 Hunter.io Alternatives

1. Clay


Clay is a unique sales productivity tool that stands out for its multi-provider waterfalling approach. Rather than relying on a single source, Clay falls back on more than 50 redundant data providers. If one API doesn’t have the email or phone number you need, Clay will keep searching through partners until it finds a match.

For example, when enriching a lead, Clay may start with Apollo, then Lusha, Clearbit, and beyond. This cascading process maximizes match rates to find the most complete data possible. Access dozens of premium data sources through a single lightweight API.

Clay also offers an extensive feature set including:

  • Over 10 built-in search engines for lead generation
  • 150+ direct data enrichments like job title, location, company details
  • AI-powered email composition with hyper-personalization
  • Robust CRM integrations and Google Chrome extension

Pricing starts at $149/month with volume-based discounts available. Try Clay for free to experience the difference of waterfalling data.

2. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo is a popular go-to-market platform providing B2B contact and company data. It stands apart for its insights into firmographic details and purchasing intent. Understand an organization’s full tech stack, business model, funding, revenue and more to find your ideal prospects.

ZoomInfo also integrates into your CRM and sales automation workflows. Sync your enrichment data into Salesforce, Marketo, Outreach, and other tools. Alert sales when a key account visits your site or researches relevant keywords.

Request a demo for customized pricing. ZoomInfo offers SalesOS, MarketingOS, and TalentOS plans built around your specific use case.

3. Clearbit


Clearbit is a real-time data enrichment platform with a vast database of over 100 unique B2B attributes. Simply provide a corporate email or domain and Clearbit will return details on the person’s role, company size, industry, and more. Clearbit also integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, and Slack to activate your data.

One advantage of Clearbit is its free plan offering 25 lookups per month. Paid plans start at $50/month for up to 1,000 queries with an extra allotment for email verification. Data is refreshed monthly to correct any errors or changes.

Clearbit identifies only direct data found on an individual’s profile. It does not provide interpolated or inferred information like Clay or ZoomInfo’s prospecting estimates.

4. Lusha


Lusha is a crowd-sourced email finder with a focus on LinkedIn. Use its Chrome extension to search for contacts by name while browsing LinkedIn profiles. Lusha relies on data submitted by over 830,000 sales professionals so its accuracy depends on user-generated values.

In addition to emails, Lusha provides direct dial phone numbers, social profiles, and company details when available. Its free plan allows 5 credits per month with premium tiers starting at $29/month for 480 credits.

Lusha is one of the data providers Clay incorporates into its waterfall. Through Clay, you get access to Lusha information plus many more redundant sources.

5. Uplead


Uplead is a B2B contact data platform with over 108 million human-verified records. Search by job title, industry, company size or revenue to construct your ideal customer profile. Filter by technographic data including a company’s CRM, marketing automation, and payment solutions.

Uplead provides 95% data accuracy guaranteed. If you encounter bad data, alert their team and they will manually update it for free.

Pricing breaks down by the number of credits used for lookups or list building. Plans start at $99/month for 170 credits with higher tiers gaining access to Chrome extensions and API tools. New users get 5 free credits to test out Uplead.

6. Dropcontact


Dropcontact is an email finding and enrichment service designed specifically for CRMs. It offers an API to bulk enrich your existing contact base with zero duplicates at a low cost.

After completing a lookup, you have the option to overwrite the original record, merge details, or add a new contact. Dropcontact also standardizes inputs like job titles, phone formats, and locations to keep your CRM database orderly.

In addition to email finding, Dropcontact offers one-click email verification starting at $0.005 per address. Their CRM sync service checks for bounces and updates records automatically to save sales reps time.

Dropcontact email finding starts at $39/month for 500 verifications. CRM integration plans begin at $20/month. A 7-day free trial is available to test the platform.

7. Instantly


Instantly is a cold email outreach platform with built-in contact finding and verification. Use it to construct highly targeted campaigns with personalized templates and send at scale through dedicated IP addresses.

Instantly offers unlimited email sending accounts per user so you can maximize deliverability. It checks your health score and provides a warm-up tool to ramp up new accounts. The campaign builder includes if/then logic to AB test subject lines or body text.

Lead enrichment through Instantly starts at $47/month for 250 lookups. Add-on their sending service to automate outreach to those contacts starting at $37/month for a 500 daily email limit. Save by bundling the two together.

8. Apollo


Apollo is a market-leading B2B sales intelligence platform. It offers 200M+ contacts and 60M company profiles enriched with intent data. See which of your target accounts are actively researching topics relevant to your product or service.

Find prospects that match your ideal customer profile using Apollo’s 200+ search filters. Reveal contacts by job title, department, seniority, and more. Build custom lists to sync with your CRM or sales engagement tool.

Apollo also provides a LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration. View contact information like verified email and direct dial phone number on a prospect’s profile.

Apollo offers one of the most generous free plans with 50 monthly credits. Paid plans start at $39/month for 80 lookups, list building, and premium filters.

9. RocketReach


RocketReach boasts the largest database of any contact provider with over 700 million professional profiles. Perform a quick search by name and company to find your prospect’s most up-to-date email, phone number, and social handles.

RocketReach uses sophisticated web crawlers and integrates with dozens of authoritative data sources to build out a holistic profile. View a prospect’s job history, location, biography and more.

One advantage of RocketReach is its generous 100% match guarantee. If you find an inaccurate email, you will be refunded credits. RocketReach also offers one of the more affordable contact finding plans starting at $39/month for 1,200 lookups per year.

10. FindThatLead


FindThatLead is a B2B lead generation platform with tools for contact finding and automated outreach. Its email lookup service identifies addresses from a name and company or scans domains to generate lists of all known contacts. FindThatLead also provides a confidence score so you know which emails are most likely valid.

Uniquely, FindThatLead offers an AI email assistant to help craft compelling outreach. It analyzes your email copy and provides real-time suggestions to improve subject lines, preview text, CTAs and more. Test variations to see which template gets the highest engagement.

FindThatLead offers a limited free plan for manual searches. Paid plans start at $49/month for 500 lookups and unlimited team members. GDPR compliant opt-out management is included in all plans.

11. Skrapp


Skrapp is a B2B contact information provider owned by Snov.io. It offers a database of 250M+ authentic emails sourced from partnered companies and online profiles. Search by name, company URL or LinkedIn URL to find phone-verified contacts.

Skrapp uses big data, machine learning models and human authentication to ensure accuracy. It provides a confidence score and verification status for each record returned.

Unlike other contact finders, Skrapp charges per successful match instead of on total searches. Pricing starts at $49/month for 1,000 contacts with premium API access available. Its free Chrome extension allows unlimited searches with 150 unlocks per month.

12. Cognism


Cognism is a globally compliant international sales intelligence service providing contact, company, and event information to B2B revenue teams. Its database covers 500+ million profiles across 12+ million companies worldwide.

Cognism helps sales teams prospect smarter by combining data from multiple sources. It verifies contact information in real-time via machine learning and human validation, ensuring 95% accuracy. Cognism also provides 58+ data points on each contact like job title, seniority, and social profiles.

What makes Cognism unique is its focus on GDPR and international compliance. Cognism is certified under ISO 27001, CCPA, and Cyber Essential Plus so you can prospect with confidence.

In addition to contact data, Cognism offers intent insights to surface surging accounts. It tracks spikes in web visits, product reviews, job postings, and more. Integrate intent signals into your CRM or marketing automation platform for timely outreach.

Cognism provides several prospecting tools including:

  • Cognism Chrome Extension to view contact info on LinkedIn
  • Cognism API for real-time data enrichment and scoring
  • Cognism CRM integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and more

Pricing is based on the number of licenses and amount of data access required. Cognism offers two packages – Platinum and Diamond – to meet your specific needs. Contact their sales team for a custom quote.

13. Voila Norbert


Voila Norbert is an email finding service that guarantees 98% deliverability. Simply enter a name and company domain to find your prospect’s most current address. Voila Norbert also offers bulk domain search to collect all emails associated with a company.

In addition to manual lookups, Voila Norbert provides an API to enrich your customer data. Verify emails in real-time as users sign up to reduce fake accounts. Use the results however you need, whether in a mailing list, CRM, or marketing automation platform.

Uniquely, Voila Norbert offers a pay-as-you-go plan so you only pay for successful matches. Emails cost between $0.08-$0.24 each based on the total purchased. Monthly plans start at $49 for 1,000 emails with a free trial available.

14. LeadFuze


LeadFuze is an AI-powered B2B sales tool for list building and outreach. Its database spans 350 million prospects filterable by 20 attributes like job title, skills, and industry. Automatically generate custom lists of your ideal customers based on your product or service.

To find the most active buyers, LeadFuze analyzes prospects’ digital footprint. It tracks intent signals across review sites, industry forums, competitor mentions, and more. Sync high-fit, high-interest leads to your CRM or automate outreach using LeadFuze’s email sending tools.

LeadFuze integrates with popular sales tools like Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive and more. Plans start at $132.30/month for 500 leads with a 25 lead free trial.

15. SalesIntel


SalesIntel is a B2B contact data platform with 5.6 million human-verified records. Use its Chrome extension to find emails and direct dials for LinkedIn prospects. View 50+ data points like job title, location, and social profiles to personalize outreach.

To ensure accuracy, SalesIntel continuously re-verifies contact information for recency. It also provides technographic data to understand a company’s installed technologies. Segment by industry or geography with over 70 search filters.

SalesIntel offers on-demand list building and API enrichment starting at $99/user/month. Its entry plan includes 250 research credits with premium tiers gaining higher limits. A 7-day free trial is available for up to 10 users.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Hunter.io Alternative

With so many contact data providers available, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Here are the top factors I recommend considering:

Data Accuracy and Freshness

The most important quality in any contact finding tool is data accuracy. Inaccurate or outdated information quickly erodes your deliverability and domain reputation. Look for providers that offer data accuracy guarantees and frequently re-verify records.

Search Capabilities

Depending on your outreach strategy, you may need tools that offer more than just domain or name searches. Consider providers with advanced filters like location, company size, intent signals, and technographics. This will help you construct more targeted prospect lists.

CRM and Sales Tool Integrations

Enriching contact data doesn’t help much if you can’t sync it to your CRM and sales stack. Prioritize vendors that integrate with your existing tools to streamline workflows. This might include direct push to CRM, real-time API lookups, or manual CSV exports.

Pricing and Value

Contact data platforms are priced all over the map from freemium to enterprise tiers. Consider how much you’re willing to invest and what features you actually need. Avoid overpaying for capabilities you won’t use.

Generally, the more contact credits or lookups offered, the better value you will get per lead. Solopreneur on a budget? Try our freemium plan or Clearbit’s free tier. Build hundreds or thousands of contacts each month? Consider a premium plan like Clay’s Explorer or Pro plan to maximize your enrichment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Hunter.io alternative?

The best Hunter.io alternative depends on your specific needs and budget. Clay offers the most comprehensive coverage by combining 50+ data partners through a single API. ZoomInfo and Clearbit are also popular options for detailed company insights and technographics.

How accurate is the data from Hunter.io alternatives?

Data accuracy varies by provider but the top Hunter.io alternatives typically offer 90-95% deliverability on average. To maximize accuracy, look for services that frequently re-verify data and provide guarantees.

Which Hunter.io alternatives provide phone numbers in addition to emails?

Many email finding tools also provide direct dial phone numbers when available. Clay, ZoomInfo, Lusha, and RocketReach all offer phone lookups in addition to email discovery.

Are there any free Hunter.io alternatives?

Yes, several Hunter.io alternatives offer free plans or trial credits. Clay provides 100 free leads to start. Apollo and FindThatLead also have free tiers with monthly usage limits.

Can I use Hunter.io alternatives for bulk list building and enrichment?

Absolutely. In addition to manual searches, many contact finding platforms provide bulk enrichment via API, CSV upload, or webhook. This allows you to enrich an entire database of leads automatically.

Key Takeaways

  • Hunter.io is a powerful contact finding tool but it shouldn’t be used in isolation. The most effective outreach teams combine multiple data sources for the greatest coverage.
  • When evaluating Hunter.io alternatives, prioritize accuracy, search filters, integrations, and pricing that aligns with your goals. Don’t pay for more than you need.
  • Clay offers the best of all worlds by combining 50+ premium data partners in a single platform. Get the highest match rates at an affordable price.
  • To maximize deliverability, look for providers that frequently re-verify data and offer accuracy guarantees. Supplement web-sourced contacts with phone-verified records.
  • Take advantage of free trials and credits to test out different alternatives. The best fit will depend on your specific use case and budget.

Try Clay for Free to Enrich Your Lead Data

Ready to take your outreach to the next level? Clay makes it easy to find the most accurate B2B contact information on the market. Our unique data waterfalling approach combines 50+ sources for the highest possible match rates.

Simply search by name and company to get a prospect’s current email, phone number, job title, location and more. Use our 150+ direct enrichment fields to hyper-personalize outreach and maximize response rates.

The best part? Readers of this guide get 100 free leads to start. Just create your Clay account to begin enriching your list at zero cost.

Once you experience the power of our multi-provider approach, you won’t go back to single-source contact finders again. We can’t wait to fuel your next outreach campaign.

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