How to Uninstall mSpy from iPhone and Android Devices

November 24, 2023

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mSpy is a popular phone monitoring app that lets you track calls, texts, location and more on both iPhones and Android devices. But what if you want to remove mSpy from a device?

Uninstalling mSpy properly is important for privacy and security. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to fully delete mSpy from iPhone and Android.

What is mSpy and How It Works

mSpy is a phone monitoring app used to track device activity like calls, texts, browsing history, location and more. It works by secretly installing on a target device and sending usage data to the mSpy dashboard.

Mspy Work

The app has two main components:

  • mSpy app installed on the target device – This monitors activity and relays information back to the mSpy account. It runs hidden in the background.
  • Online mSpy dashboard – This is where the user logs in to view target device data remotely. All collected information from the app is visible here.

mSpy requires physical access to the target phone to install. It can then record data like GPS location, text messages, call logs, browser history, app usage and more.

The app is designed to be hidden and undetectable once installed. This makes it very difficult to tell if mSpy is running on a device without using a spyware scanner.

Reasons to Uninstall mSpy

There are a few main reasons you may want to delete mSpy from a phone:

  • Privacy concerns – mSpy seriously invades privacy by recording personal data. The target user may want it removed.
  • No longer needed – If mSpy was used temporarily for legitimate monitoring, uninstalling it cleans up the target device.
  • Unauthorized installation – Installing mSpy without permission is unethical and often illegal. It should be deleted if this occurs.
  • Security risks – Keeping mSpy on a device presents security issues if the login credentials are compromised. Removing it reduces this threat.
  • Storage space – mSpy takes up storage which could be freed up by uninstalling when no longer needed.

In most cases, the best practice is to delete mSpy as soon as you no longer need it to avoid potential problems down the road.

How to Check If mSpy is Installed

Since mSpy runs in stealth mode, it can be tricky to detect if it’s present on a device. Here are some ways to check for mSpy on both iPhone and Android.

On iPhone

  • Check the App Store download history – mSpy needs to be installed through Apple IDs.
  • Look for suspicious battery drain or data usage – mSpy consumes extra resources to relay information.
  • Use a spyware scanner like Certo iPhone Spyware Scanner. This can detect mSpy and other hidden spy apps.
  • Jailbreaking an iPhone opens it to unauthorized app installs like mSpy. Check for jailbreak signs like Cydia.

On Android

  • Go to Settings > Apps and look for anything suspicious like “System Update” (mSpy in disguise).
  • In Settings > Security > Device Administrators, check if “Update Service” (mSpy) is enabled.
  • Run spyware scanners like McAfee Mobile Security to detect mSpy.
  • Use Incognito Spyware Scanner to scan all apps and system files for spyware like mSpy.

Removing mSpy from iPhone

If you find mSpy installed on an iPhone, here’s how to get rid of it completely:

Through iCloud and 2FA

uninstall mspy app on iPhone
  1. Sign out of iCloud on the device.
  2. Change your Apple ID password at
  3. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA).
  4. Sign back into iCloud with new password and 2FA enabled.

This will disrupt mSpy’s connection to the device and Apple account. 2FA will also add extra security, requiring verification codes from a trusted device to login again.

Using Cydia (Jailbroken iPhones)

Uninstall mSpy via Cydia
  1. Install Cydia if not already present. This will be on the phone if it was jailbroken.
  2. Open Cydia and go to the Installed tab.
  3. Find and select the mSpy package. Usually named “iPhoneInternalService“.
  4. Tap Modify > Remove. Cydia will uninstall mSpy.
  5. Fully remove the jailbreak to clean up any remaining trace of mSpy.

Removing mSpy from Android

Android allows more control over uninstalling apps. Here are two methods that work:

Via App Settings

Uninstall mSpy Update Service
  1. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators.
  2. Find “Update Service” which is mSpy. Tap Deactivate.
  3. In Settings > Apps, find and uninstall “Update Service“.

Using Play Protect

Google Play Protect
  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top left.
  3. Go to Play Protect.
  4. If mSpy is detected, tap Uninstall.

Factory Reset to Remove mSpy

Performing a factory reset can also delete mSpy along with all other data and settings.

However, a factory reset alone doesn’t guarantee mSpy is gone for good. We still recommend taking the extra steps outlined in this guide to fully purge mSpy from both iPhone and Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove mSpy remotely?

No, you need physical access to the target phone to uninstall mSpy. There is no way to delete it remotely.

Does a factory reset remove mSpy completely?

Not always – mSpy has persistence mechanisms that can survive a reset in some cases. Use the removal steps in this guide to be 100% sure.

How can I prevent mSpy from being installed again?

On iPhone, enable two-factor authentication and use strong passwords. For Android, enable Google Play Protect and screen lock your device.

Is mSpy detectable on my phone?

No, mSpy is designed to be invisible and undetectable once installed. You need to use the indicators outlined in this guide to determine if mSpy is present.

What happens if mSpy is forcibly uninstalled from the device?

You will get alerts in your mSpy account that monitoring has stopped. But mSpy has no remote uninstall capabilities if deleted from the device itself.

Key Takeaways

  • mSpy is a stealthy monitoring app that tracks device usage and location. It should only be used ethically and legally.
  • Uninstall mSpy as soon as monitoring is no longer required. It poses privacy and security risks if left installed.
  • Use two-factor authentication and strong passwords to prevent unauthorized mSpy installs on iPhone.
  • Check for mSpy indicators like suspicious background battery drain or data use. Also use spyware scanners.
  • Removing mSpy properly requires uninstalling it from device settings. A factory reset alone is not always sufficient.
  • Change all passwords and enable security features like 2FA once mSpy is deleted to prevent further unauthorized access.

Uninstalling mSpy properly requires taking the right steps specific to each device type. Following this guide will help you fully remove mSpy and regain privacy and security. Be sure to completely delete mSpy from any device once monitoring is no longer needed.