How to Track and Recover Your Lost or Stolen Xiaomi Phone

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How To Track A Lost Xiaomi Phone

Losing your smartphone can be stressful and dangerous if it contains sensitive personal data. This comprehensive guide will teach you the most effective methods to track, locate and secure your lost Xiaomi device.

What to Do First If You Lose Your Xiaomi Phone

Stay calm and act quickly. Here are the critical first steps:

  • Call your phone right away in case someone finds it and answers
  • Use Find My Device or cloud sync accounts to track and secure the phone
  • Contact your carrier to suspend service to prevent misuse
  • File a police report if you suspect theft

Enabling Find My Device and cloud backup services ahead of time will make it much easier to track and protect your data if your Xiaomi device goes missing.

Method 1: Use Xiaomi’s Find My Device Service

Xiaomi’s built-in Find My Device service allows you to:

  • View your phone’s last known location on a map
  • Play a loud ringtone to help locate the phone
  • Remotely erase all data as a last resort

To use Xiaomi Find My Device:

  1. Ensure Find My Device is enabled in your Xiaomi phone’s settings under Security.
  2. Visit and sign into your Xiaomi account.
Use Xiaomi's Find My Device Service 1
Use Xiaomi's Find My Device Service 2
  1. Select your phone and pick “Lost mode” or “Erase” if you can’t recover it.
Use Xiaomi's Find My Device Service 3
Use Xiaomi's Find My Device Service 4

Enabling lost mode will lock the phone, show your contact info and track its location while allowing incoming calls and texts. Erasing the device should only be done as a last resort if you’re sure you can’t recover it.

Method 2: Use Google’s Find My Device

If you have a Google account on your Xiaomi phone, Google’s Find My Device can also help track and secure it.

To use Google Find My Device:

  1. Ensure Find My Device is enabled in Settings > Security.
  2. Visit and sign into your Google account.
  3. Select your phone and pick “Play Sound“, “Secure device” or “Erase device“.
Use Google's Find My Device

Google Find My Device will show your phone’s last known location and allows you to play a loud ring, lock the device or erase data as needed to protect your privacy.

Method 3: Use a Phone Tracking App

Robust phone tracking apps like Eyezy and PanSpy offer powerful features to track down and secure lost Android devices. Some even allow you to track devices by SIM card in case the phone’s SIM was removed.

Key capabilities include:

  • View real-time location on a map
  • Trace location history
  • Remotely lock the device
  • Fully erase data
  • Receive alerts when changes detected
Eyezy Dashboard

For the best results, install the app on your Xiaomi phone ahead of time so you’ll be fully set up if it goes missing. Follow the app instructions to activate tracking and security features.

Method 4: Contact Your Carrier

Reporting a lost or stolen phone to your cell carrier is critical to prevent misuse of your service. Ask them to suspend your line and blacklist the Xiaomi device’s IMEI number so it can’t connect to any network.

Be sure to get written confirmation once these steps are taken to prevent you from being liable for any fraudulent charges or activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the thief replaces my Xiaomi phone’s SIM card?

Even if the SIM card is replaced, you may still be able to track the device in some cases. Contact your carrier and attempt tracking through previous sync accounts or installed tracker apps.

What happens if I erase my Xiaomi phone data using Find My Device?

Remotely erasing your Xiaomi device using Find My Device or a tracking app will permanently delete all data on the phone and restore it to factory settings. This is an extreme measure to protect your privacy if you’re sure you can’t recover the lost device.

Can I still track my stolen Xiaomi phone if the SIM card was removed?

Yes, you can still track and erase your lost Xiaomi device even if the thief removes the SIM card, as long as Find My Device, Mi Cloud or a third party phone tracker was installed and activated ahead of time. The device just needs an internet connection.

What should I do if my lost Xiaomi phone won’t connect to the internet?

If your lost Xiaomi device isn’t connecting to the internet due to being turned off, out of battery, or out of service, tracking and security features will not work. File a police report and ask your carrier to blacklist the IMEI number in case it comes back online.

Is there any way to recover my data if I erase my Xiaomi phone?

Unfortunately no, once a factory reset is performed remotely, all user data on the internal storage is permanently deleted and unrecoverable. This is why it’s so important to regularly back up your photos, files and other irreplaceable data.

Do I need to have service on my lost Xiaomi for tracking apps to work?

Most tracking apps only require an internet connection via WiFi or mobile data to update location, so they can help locate lost Xiaomi devices even without active phone service. But service must be restored for you to lock, ring or erase it.

What else can I do to improve the chances of getting my Xiaomi phone back?

Some additional tips include notifying your contacts in case they find it, checking local lost & found groups, watching online resale sites, offering a reward if returned intact, and even distributing flyers in the area it went missing.

Protect Your Data in the Future

Taking some proactive measures can help secure your Xiaomi device from potential data loss or theft:

  • Password protect your phone and set up screen lock
  • Enable encryption in Settings
  • Regularly back up data to the cloud
  • Use a tracking app as a safety net
  • Consider insurance in case your device can’t be recovered

Staying calm and knowing exactly what to do will help you respond effectively if ever your Xiaomi phone goes missing! Use the comprehensive methods listed above and you have an excellent chance of tracking it down or keeping your data protected.

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