How to Find Someone’s Bumble Profile: The Complete 2024 Guide

March 16, 2024

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Want to find out if someone you know or are dating has a secret Bumble profile? Contrary to what some say, it is possible to search Bumble profiles—you just need the right approach.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover 8 stealthy (and ethical) ways to find someone on Bumble along with tips to protect your own privacy.

Overview: Is Bumble Search Really Impossible?

At first glance, it seems like searching Bumble is hopeless. Unlike sites like Tinder, Bumble doesn’t allow profile browsing or have a search bar to look up users.

However, some key profile info is public:

  • Profile pics
  • First name
  • Age
  • Job/workplace
  • Location/city

Using this data, you can uncover Bumble profiles through smart search techniques and the help of third-party search sites.

While effectiveness varies, with the right approach you can likely find what you’re looking for. Just stay ethical and talk to your partner first before snooping behind their back.

8 Clever Ways to Find Someone You Know on Bumble

Here are 8 legitimate methods to find a Bumble profile—rated from easiest to most difficult:

1. Ask Your Partner Directly

Ask Your Partner Directly

Talking to your partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, or spouse is the most ethical and effective approach. Share your concerns openly, ask them directly if they have a Bumble account, and have an honest discussion.

If you spot hesitance, defensiveness, or other suspicious signs in their response, your gut feeling may unfortunately be correct. Still, avoid accusations without proof.

Difficulty: Very easy

Effectiveness: High if your partner is honest

2. Enlist a Trustworthy Friend’s Help

Enlist A Trustworthy Friend’s Help

Ask a close friend already using Bumble to keep an eye out for the person you’re trying to find while normally swiping. Have them screenshot the profile if they come across it to share with you.

Difficulty: Very easy

Effectiveness: Moderate

3. Open a Fake Bumble Profile

Making a fake account yourself with accurate age and location settings gives you access to directly browse Bumble profiles in your area. You can even test if a suspected catfish profile is real by messaging them.

Difficulty: Moderate

Effectiveness: Very high

4. Use Third-Party Search Sites

Paid services like TruthFinder, BeenVerified, Spokeo, and Social Catfish scrape data from dating sites to help you search profiles with just a name or phone number.

Social Catfish

They usually cost around $30 for a month’s access. TruthFinder in particular searches over a billion public records and “deep web” data sources most competitors don’t, making it very likely to spot a dating profile if one exists. You can also use these methods to find someone on Grindr.

Difficulty: Easy

Effectiveness: High

5. Check Their Phone and Browser History

If your partner knows your passcode or leaves their phone unlocked around you, open the Bumble app to check if they have an account. You can also browse their browser history and look for visits to

Difficulty: Easy

Effectiveness: Moderate

6. Leverage Social Media Search Tools

Sites like Socxl and Social Searcher let you search for profiles across multiple networks simultaneously with a name, email, username or phone number. They may reveal associated dating site accounts. These tools can also help you find someone’s Twitch username, find your Likee ID, or perform a Twitter username search.

Social Searcher

Difficulty: Easy

Effectiveness: Low-Moderate

7. Scan Their Email Inbox

If your partner gives you open access to their email, you can try signing up for Bumble with their address. Bumble will send a confirmation email if an account already exists.

Difficulty: Moderate

Effectiveness: Moderate

8. Guess Their Bumble Username

If you have an idea of what username or profile name they might use on dating sites, run a Google search for that name appearing on Bumble to turn up their profile.

For example: johnsmith20

Difficulty: Moderate

Effectiveness: Low

Out of all these options, using a powerful people search engine like TruthFinder is your best bet to find a hidden Bumble account since it compiles information from tons of networks.

And remember—your first step should always be talking openly to your partner about your concerns. Snooping behind their back should be an absolute last resort.

Warning Signs Someone You Know is on Bumble

Wondering if someone close might be active on Bumble but want confirmation before going full private investigator?

Watch for these common signs of Bumble usage:

  • Getting flirty texts or messages from strangers
  • Their phone buzzing more frequently with dating app notifications
  • Spotting the Bumble dating app icon on their homescreen
  • Catching them swiping on a dating-looking app
  • Their browser history showing visits to
  • Email confirmations from Bumble about message replies or new matches
  • Bumble charges on their credit card statement

If you notice one or more of these clues in addition to any relationship gut feelings, they could very well be active on Bumble or similar dating apps.

How to Cover Your Tracks and Stay Anonymous on Bumble

How To Cover Your Tracks And Stay Anonymous On Bumble

Concerned about someone finding your own Bumble account while you’re reading this?

Use these tips to keep your dating activities private:

  • Don’t use a profile photo — Without one, search sites can’t match you by face.
  • Go by an alias — Avoid names people know you by.
  • Disable location sharing — Keep your general location invisible to matches.
  • Use Bumble Incognito Mode — Prevents people in your contacts from seeing you.
  • Delete your account completely — Stay fully hidden even from previous matches.

Bumble also has strong privacy controls—it’s one of the most secure mainstream dating apps. Still, someone determined can likely find you through the search sites mentioned earlier.

But combining a fake name, anonymous profile, and Incognito Mode makes discovering your secret account very difficult.

FAQs About Finding Bumble Profiles

Here are answers to some common questions about searching for profiles on Bumble:

Can I do a Bumble search by name or phone number?

No—Bumble itself does not allow searching profiles by name, phone number, email, or any criteria. You cannot browse or lookup users directly.

However, third-party search sites can often match profiles using a phone number or name combined with age and location.

What is the best free app to find someone on Bumble?

There are no free apps for identifying Bumble profiles specifically. Your options are using a web service like TruthFinder or Social Catfish, both of which charge a fee, or talking to a friend already on Bumble to identify profiles for you.

Can you tell if someone deleted their Bumble?

If you were previously matched with someone on Bumble and they later deleted their account, their old profile will show as “Deleted User” in your conversations list.

Otherwise there is no direct way to know if someone permanently deleted Bumble vs. just deleting the app from their phone temporarily while their account remains open. The process is similar for other apps—here’s how to find someone on Tumblr or find your Instagram friends on Threads.

Does Bumble notify if you screenshot?

No, Bumble does not send any notification if someone screenshots your profile or chats. Feel free screenshot to your heart’s content!

Don’t Go Overboard When Searching Bumble

I hope these tips empower you to resolve any hunches about a partner’s potential secret dating life.

With the right approach, you can likely find what you’re looking for—just tread carefully and focus on open communication first before going behind their back.

And know when to stop investigating someone’s dating activity when no concrete proof emerges. Don’t let suspicion consume your relationships! In many cases, the healthiest move is learning to rebuild trust with your partner rather than playing private investigator 24/7.

Did this guide help you uncover a hidden Bumble account or catch a cheating spouse? Let me know in the comments!