How to Find Someone on WeChat: The Complete 2024 Guide

March 8, 2024

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Finding friends, connecting with people nearby, and searching for contacts on WeChat just got easier with this up-to-date guide for 2024.


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As one of the largest social media and messaging platforms worldwide, WeChat makes it simple to search and connect with over 1 billion monthly active users. However, the app’s expansive functionality can make the search process overwhelming for beginners.

This comprehensive guide will teach you 8 proven methods to find anyone on WeChat using just their username, phone number, QR code and more. You’ll also uncover tips and tricks from experts to master WeChat’s search features.

Whether looking to add existing contacts, meet new people nearby or reconnect with old friends, this article has everything you need to become a WeChat search pro. Let’s get started!

Overview of Key WeChat Search Methods

Here’s a quick overview of the main options to find someone on WeChat:

  • Search by WeChat ID or phone number
  • Scan user QR code
  • Utilize “People Nearby” feature
  • Shake your phone to connect
  • Lookup by QQ account
  • Match mobile contacts
  • Leverage Friend Radar
  • Video call to user profiles

WeChat isn’t the only platform that makes it easy to find people. Check out our guides on how to find someone on Badoo and how to find someone’s profile to expand your search to dating apps.

Below we’ll explore each approach more in-depth, including step-by-step instructions and pro tips to optimize your search.

Detailed Guide to Finding Friends on WeChat

Follow this comprehensive guide to master all the techniques for locating WeChat users and expanding your connections.

1. Search by WeChat ID or Phone Number

Searching with a user’s WeChat ID or registered phone number is the most direct way to find people.

Here are the steps:

  • Enter WeChat
  • Tap (+) icon in top right
  • Select “Add Contacts
  • Enter WeChat ID or phone number in search bar
  • Tap search icon
  • Send friend request or message
Search By Wechat Id Or Phone Number

Pro Tip: Have user share WeChat ID directly for best results. Search won’t work if phone number isn’t connected to WeChat account.

2. Scan a WeChat QR Code

Every user has a unique QR code to simplify connecting with them.

To scan a code and add friends:

  • Enter WeChat
  • Tap (+) sign
  • Select scan icon
  • Scan user’s QR code using camera
  • Send friend request
Scan A Wechat Qr Code

Pro Tip: Save shared QR code images to Photos for easy access later. Useful for adding multiple users at events.

3. Find People Nearby

Easily meet and chat with WeChat users close by with the People Nearby feature.

  • Navigate to “Discover” tab
  • Select “People Nearby
  • Filter or sort user distance
  • View profiles and send messages
Find People Nearby

Pro Tip: Use People Nearby at conferences, concerts or bars to connect with attendees.

4. Connect via Shake Feature

Randomly pair with nearby WeChat users by shaking devices together.

  • Go to “Discover” tab
  • Choose “Shake” icon
  • Shake phone gently side-to-side
Connect Via Shake Feature
  • Chat with matched user(s)
Connect Via Shake Feature 1

Pro Tip: Shake is fun way to make new friends and contacts at big events when surrounded by attendees.

5. Search by QQ Account

WeChat and QQ share same parent company, Tencent, so you can add friends across apps.

  • Open WeChat Contacts
  • Tap search bar
  • Enter user’s QQ number
  • Send friend request

Pro Tip: QQ still popular in China. Useful when connecting with mainland China contacts.

6. Match Mobile Contacts

WeChat can scan device contacts and automatically match any existing users.

To match and add mobile contacts:

  • Go to “Add Contacts” tab
  • Tap “Mobile Contacts
  • Select “Upload Contacts
Match Mobile Contacts
  • Review matched friends list
  • Send requests to connect
Match Mobile Contacts 1

Pro Tip: Great way to quickly find people you already have phone number of like coworkers or classmates.

7. Locate Friends via Friend Radar

See any WeChat friends checked into nearby locations through Friend Radar.

  • Enable location sharing
  • Go to “Add Contacts
  • Select “Friend Radar
  • View map with friends listed
  • Tap user and start chatting
Locate Friends Via Friend Radar

Pro Tip: Useful for meeting up when you and friends are checked into same bar, restaurant or event nearby.

8. Video Call User Profiles

Discover new friends by directly video calling their public profiles.

  • Go to “Discover” tab
  • Choose “Video Call” icon
  • Swipe through recommended profiles
  • Tap video call icon to connect
  • Chat and add user if desired

Pro Tip: Great way to meet new people. Skip users if no interest in connecting.

Tips to Refine Your WeChat Search

Apply these expert tips to optimize search and unlock WeChat’s full potential:

  • Learn WeChat ID – Memorize or save your custom ID to easily share with new contacts.
  • Share QR Code – Add QR image to social media profiles to simplify connecting.
  • Customize keywords – Tailor keywords for People Nearby and Shake searches.
  • Enable notifications – Get alerts when friends are active on Friend Radar.
  • Whitelist contacts – Only allow friends to see Moment posts and activity.

FAQs: Finding People on WeChat

Check out answers to the most frequently asked questions around searching WeChat:

Does WeChat have a search function?

Yes, WeChat has a powerful search engine built into the Contacts, Chats and Discover tabs that locates friends, messages and local users based on WeChat ID, phone number, name or keywords.

Can you talk to strangers on WeChat?

The People Nearby, Shake, Friend Radar and Video Call discovery features make chatting with strangers nearby or random user recommendations simple within WeChat. Profiles display basic info to decide whether to connect.

What happens when you shake WeChat?

Shaking WeChat under the Discover tab randomly pairs you with 1-2 other local app users to instantly chat or video call if both parties agree. Great ice breaker for meeting new people.

Can WeChat suggest friends?

Yes, WeChat’s friend recommendation engine suggests new users to connect with based on shared contacts, keyword interests listed on your profile and location settings like having People Nearby enabled.


Finding any registered user on WeChat is getting easier than ever thanks to powerful search and discovery tools right within the app.

Now that you’ve learned the top techniques like searching by WeChat ID or phone number, scanning QR codes, connecting nearby and more, you have all the tools to instantly locate and befriend new contacts.

So whether looking to reconnect with old classmates, make professional connections at conferences or simply meet interesting locals nearby, become an expert at finding friends on WeChat.

Just follow our simplified, step-by-step guide covering the ins and outs of WeChat’s search functions. Soon you’ll unlock the 1 billion-strong WeChat network at your fingertips.