How to Find and Add Friends on Line App: The Ultimate Guide

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Looking to expand your social circle and connect with new people on Line app? With over 300 million active users, Line is one of the most popular messaging platforms, especially across Asia. This comprehensive guide will teach you the ins and outs of finding and adding friends on Line app.

Introduction to Finding Friends on Line Messaging App

Line makes it easy to find and connect with new people across the world. Whether you want to chat with friends, join group conversations, or even find a date, expanding your Line connections can open up new social opportunities.

In this definitive guide, you’ll learn:

  • The best methods to search for new Line friends
  • How to optimize your profile to be searchable
  • Tips for connecting with friends of friends
  • Steps for finding nearby users
  • Precautions to take when adding new contacts

With over 300 million global users, Line offers a thriving social ecosystem. Follow these tips to safely and effectively expand your social circle.

Enable Profile Searchability to Get Found

The first step is making sure others can find you on Line app. Go to your profile settings and toggle these key options:

  • Allow others to find me: Turn on to enable search by phone number.
  • Allow others to add me by ID: Enable friends to find you by Line ID.

Leaving these on makes it easier for existing friends, past connections, and new potential friends to send friend requests.

Pro Tip: Check back weekly to accept any pending friend requests and grow your network.

Search for Friends by Line ID

Every user has a unique Line ID used across the platform. Searching for specific Line IDs is the fastest way to find people you already know:

  1. Open Line and tap the Friends or More tab
  2. Tap Add Friends > Search
Search For Friends By Line Id 1
Search For Friends By Line Id 2
  1. Choose ID and enter their Line ID
Search For Friends By Line Id 3
  1. Tap Search and then Add

If you can’t find someone by Line ID, they likely have search disabled. Ask them to enable “Allow others to add me by ID” in their profile.

Connect via QR Code

Line also lets you scan QR codes to instantly add friends. To find someone:

  1. Tap Add Friends
  2. Choose QR code
  3. Scan their Line QR code using your camera
  4. Tap Add to connect
Line Connect Via Qr Code

You can also share your own QR code to allow connections. Tap “My QR code” and let them scan your code to send a friend request.

Leverage Friend Recommendations

The Line app recommends friends based on your existing connections and activity. Discover new friends through:

  • Main Friends feed – Scroll to “Recommended Friends
  • Add Friends > Recommended – Browse friend suggestions
Line App Recommended Friends

Simply tap the plus icon next to any recommendation to send a friend request.

Search Friends by Phone Number

If you have someone’s phone number, you can search for their Line account and directly send a friend request:

  1. Tap Add Friends > Search
  2. Choose Phone Number
  3. Enter country code and phone number
  4. Tap Search
  5. Tap Add next to their name
Line Search Friends By Phone Number

However, the user must have profile search enabled for this lookup to work.

Find Nearby Users with Shake It

Want to meet new people closeby? The Shake It feature lets you connect with nearby Line users:

  1. Both parties open Line app
  2. Tap More > Add Friends
Line Find Nearby Users With Shake It 1
  1. Tap Shake It
Line Find Nearby Users With Shake It 2
  1. Shake phones at the same time
Line Find Nearby Users With Shake It 3
  1. Names and profiles of nearby users will appear
Line Find Nearby Users With Shake It 4
  1. Tap their name and then Add Friend

Just remember to enable Location Access on your phone for Shake It to work.

Grow Your Network through Friends Lists

An easy way to expand your social circle is by browsing your existing friends’ contacts.

Go to any friend’s profile and tap their Friends button to see a list of their connections. You can then send friend requests to any profiles that interest you.

Over time, this snowball effect will keep expanding your total Line friends.

Join Line Open Chat Groups

If you’re looking for active conversations, join some open Line groups focused on your interests:

  1. Tap More > Open Chat
  2. Browse categories like gaming, sports, dating etc.
  3. Choose an open group and tap Join
  4. Introduce yourself in the chat!

This lets you join public discussions and find people who share your hobbies or passions.

Use a Line Friend Finder Site

Third-party Line friend finder sites like let you search profiles by location, age, gender and interests to match with compatible people. These can supplement the built-in Line search, but do research first, as some sites seem sketchy.

Pro Tip: Always be cautious when connecting with strangers online. Politely decline or block anyone who seems suspicious.

Best Practices for Adding New Line Friends

As you build your network, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Only accept requests from people you know or have mutual friends with
  • Check profiles carefully before connecting
  • Start with small talk before sharing personal details
  • Create a favorites list for your closest contacts
  • Organize contacts into groups for easier management
  • Block or report spam accounts or suspicious users
  • Disable search when taking a social media break

Key Takeaways for Finding Friends on Line

  • Enable profile search options to get discovered
  • Leverage search tools like ID, QR code, phone lookup
  • Connect with recommended and nearby users
  • Join open groups aligned to your interests
  • Grow your network through friends of friends
  • Use third-party sites carefully and selectively
  • Follow safety precautions when interacting with strangers

So whether you’re new to Line or just looking to expand your social circle, use these tips to boost your friend count! Any questions? Ask below in the comments section.

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