How to Figure Out Someone’s Instagram Password (Ethically and Legally)

November 24, 2023

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Wondering how to figure out someone’s Instagram password? With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. At some point, you may get curious about accessing someone else’s Instagram account. However, hacking into someone’s Instagram is unethical and illegal.

There are only a few legitimate reasons for needing to access someone else’s Instagram account, such as with parental consent or a legal investigation. Even then, proceed with caution. Hacking Instagram accounts often requires using sketchy third-party apps or websites, which can compromise privacy and security. For example, some sites claim to offer Instagram password crackers, but these should be avoided.

Fortunately, there are a few ethical and legal ways to recover access to an Instagram account if you have authorization. This article outlines proper procedures for legally gaining entry to an Instagram account that you have permission to access. We do not endorse unethical hacking under any circumstances.

When Is It Okay to Access Someone Else’s Instagram Account?

Access Someone Else's Instagram Account

There are only a few situations when accessing someone else’s Instagram account without their consent may be justified:

  • Parents monitoring a child’s account: With a child’s consent, parents may recover access to ensure safe social media use.
  • Law enforcement investigation: Police may legally gain access with a valid warrant or subpoena.
  • Account owner consent: If the account owner grants you access for any reason, it’s ethical with their permission.
  • Deceased owner: Immediate family may gain access to a deceased relative’s account.

In any other situation, attempting to break into someone’s Instagram is unethical and illegal. Respect others’ privacy and security.

Ethical Ways to Recover Your Own Instagram Password

If you lose access to your own Instagram account, there are legitimate ways to recover your password or regain entry ethically:

  • Reset your password via email or SMS if you have access. Instagram will send you a password reset link.
  • Submit ID verification to prove account ownership if you lost your email/number.
  • Contact Instagram support to recover your account if you have proof of ownership.
  • Use account recovery through Facebook if your accounts are linked.
  • Retrieve password using security questions you previously set up.

As long as you are the account owner trying to regain access, these are all ethical, legal password recovery methods.

What If You Have Permission to Access Someone Else’s Instagram?

In limited cases like parental monitoring or a police investigation, you may have legitimate reason to access someone else’s Instagram account. Here are a few ethical ways to proceed if you have explicit permission:

  • Ask them to log in on your device. This grants you temporary access if they trust you.
  • Have them reset password to share with you. They can reset it after.
  • Request their current password. Only do this if the account owner fully consents.
  • Contact Instagram support together. They can confirm permission to Instagram.

Always get explicit, informed consent before proceeding if you need access to someone else’s account. Never hack or steal passwords.

Unethical Ways People Try to Break Into Instagram

While the ethical methods above require account owner consent, many unethical tactics attempt to hack Instagram without permission:

  • Brute force attacks try endless password combinations. Highly illegal.
  • Phishing emails trick users into revealing passwords.
  • Keylogging malware records keystrokes to steal passwords.
  • Social engineering manipulates users or Instagram support to gain access.
  • Dictionary attacks try common passwords from leaked lists.
  • Password cracking software attempts to decrypt passwords.

Not only are these tactics unethical, they often require using sketchy apps or sites that can infect your devices with malware. Never attempt to hack someone’s Instagram account.

Protect Your Instagram Account

Protect Your Instagram Account

To keep your Instagram secure from unethical hackers, enable two-factor authentication, create a strong unique password, and avoid clicking suspicious links. Never share your password with questionable third-party sites or apps claiming to grow your account.

While curiosity about accessing someone else’s Instagram is normal, there are ethical boundaries to respect. Only proceed with explicit consent to access someone else’s account. If you lost access to your own Instagram, use legitimate recovery methods instead of unethical hacking. With vigilance, you can keep your account secure.

Key Takeaways

  • Only access someone else’s Instagram account with explicit consent
  • Use ethical account recovery methods if you lose access to your own account
  • Enable security protections like two-factor authentication
  • Never use unethical hacking techniques like password crackers
  • If you have permission, ask account owner to login or reset password to share


Q: What if I lost access to my Instagram account?

A: Use legitimate Instagram account recovery methods like resetting your password or submitting ID verification. Never attempt to hack your own account.

Q: What should I do if I’m worried about my child’s Instagram activity?

A: Have an open conversation and ask to monitor their account usage with their consent. Never hack their account without permission.

Q: Is it illegal to use an Instagram password cracking site?

A: Yes, using any service or app that claims to crack Instagram passwords is unethical and illegal. Avoid these sites to keep your account secure.

Q: Can I recover a deceased relative’s Instagram account?

A: Instagram may grant immediate family members access if you provide a death certificate and proof you’re an heir.

Q: What happens if I get hacked by someone else?

A: Contact Instagram support right away. Secure your account by changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication.