How to Check if a YouTube Username is Taken: The Ultimate Guide

March 8, 2024

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Wondering if the YouTube username you want is still available? With over 2 billion monthly active users, many great names are already taken on YouTube. But don’t worry – this comprehensive guide will teach you the quickest ways to check if a YouTube username has already been claimed.

Why YouTube Usernames Matter

Your YouTube username, also called a “channel name”, represents your personal brand and identity. An awesome name makes your channel stand out and helps viewers remember you.

But once a username is taken on YouTube, no one else can ever use it. So it’s important to double check that your ideal name hasn’t already been snatched up.

Key Takeaways:

  • YouTube usernames represent your channel’s brand and identity
  • Claimed usernames can never be reused by other channels
  • Always verify if the name you want hasn’t already been taken

How to Manually Check if a YouTube Username is Taken

Manually searching for a username on YouTube itself is simple but time-consuming. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the desired username into the search bar
  3. Browse through the search results
    • If an existing channel shows up, then the username is taken
    • If no relevant channels appear, the name is likely available
How To Manually Check If A Youtube Username Is Taken

Pro Tip: Search through a couple pages of results, not just the first page. Sometimes existing channels can be buried deep in the results.

Limitations of Manually Checking Usernames

Doing manual searches on YouTube has some downsides:

  • Very slow, especially if you have multiple names to check
  • Easy to miss existing channels in the results
  • No way to confirm for sure if a name is available

Using an automated YouTube username checker is faster and more reliable.

4 Best Tools to Instantly Check YouTube Username Availability

Specialized tools can instantly tell you whether the YouTube username you want has already been claimed. Here are the top 4 services:

1. Namecheckr


Namecheckr is my top choice for checking YouTube username availability. Just enter the name, and it performs an instant search across YouTube to check if the username exists.

Key features:

  • Instantly checks availability
  • Easy to use
  • Completely free

2. CheckUsernames


CheckUsernames is a powerful tool that allows you to check the availability of a username across multiple social media platforms, including YouTube. It provides fast and accurate results.

Key features:

  • Checks availability on multiple platforms
  • User-friendly interface
  • No registration required

3. SpinXO


SpinXO is a versatile tool that not only checks the availability of usernames but also helps generate unique username ideas. It supports YouTube and various other social media platforms.

Key Features:

  • Generates creative username suggestions
  • Checks availability across multiple platforms
  • Easy to use interface

4. Twitter Name Check

Twitter Name Check

Despite its name, Twitter Name Check isn’t limited to just Twitter – it also enables YouTube checks. Just start typing a name and instant results display availability.

Key features:

  • Super fast searches
  • Easy to use
  • Free and simple

So in summary, Namecheckr is my #1 recommendation for efficiently vetting YouTube usernames, with LEETKEY and DomainNameSearch also being solid options.

What to Do if Your Preferred YouTube Username is Taken

Finding out the name you had your heart set on is already claimed can be disappointing. But don’t worry – here are some great tips on coming up with alternate names:

  • Try adding related keywords before or after – e.g. GamingTim, TimPlays. This makes names more unique.
  • Insert hyphens, numbers or other separators – e.g. Tim-Plays, TimPlays1234.
  • Misspell it or use creative variations – e.g. TymPlaze, T1MPL4YS
  • Combine associated words – e.g. TimplayGaming

The key is making sure your overall name remains easy to remember, spell, and conveys your brand.

And be sure to double check availability! The last thing you want is to accidentally copy another channel’s name.

These tips for coming up with alternate names can also be applied when creating usernames for other social media or dating platforms. If you’re looking for guidance on finding people on specific platforms, check out these resources:

FAQ About Checking YouTube Username Availability

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions around verifying if a YouTube username is still available:

Does YouTube notify you if a username is taken?

No. When signing up, YouTube won’t explicitly tell you if the name you chose is taken. It only checks availability once registration is attempted.

Can multiple channels have the same custom URL?

No. Every YouTube custom channel URL must be completely unique.

Can I see who owns a taken YouTube username?

No. There’s no public way to see what channel currently owns a particular username.

Can an inactive channel still block a username?

Yes. As long as an account exists with that custom URL, the name remains blocked even if inactive.

Does YouTube free up unused usernames?

Rarely. In most cases, an existing custom URL will remain assigned unless the associated channel is deleted.

Key Takeaways – Checking YouTube Username Availability

  • Manually searching YouTube itself works but is slow
  • Specialized tools like Namecheckr enable fast, reliable checks
  • Try variations if your preferred name is taken
  • Check FAQs for more username insights

Knowing how to properly verify if a desired YouTube username is still available saves tons of future headaches. Follow the guidance in this guide, and you’ll be able to lock down an awesome name that represents your unique brand.