How to Cancel Intelius: A Step-by-Step Guide

March 19, 2024

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Intelius is an online database service that provides background checks, public records searches, and people finder services. However, many users decide they want to cancel their Intelius subscription for various reasons.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to cancel Intelius via their website, phone, or mobile app. We’ll also look at key information like renewal policies, refund eligibility, and alternatives to switch to after canceling Intelius.

Overview of Intelius

Intelius Logo

Founded in 2003, Intelius provides a portal to search public records databases for background checks, criminal records, address history, and more on individuals.

Some key facts about Intelius:

  • Offers services like people search, reverse phone lookup, background checks, and public records access
  • Based in Bellevue, Washington
  • Used by over 35 million users per month
  • Known for extensive marketing and upselling tactics

Intelius frequently uses “free trial” offers and deeply discounted first purchases to acquire new subscribers. However, many users later decide the ongoing costs are too high for the value received.

Others report being unhappy with inaccurate data or the lack of comprehensive details provided. This leads many to ask – how do I cancel Intelius?

When You Might Want To Cancel Intelius

Here are some of the common reasons people decide to cancel their Intelius subscription:

  • The renewal price is too high – After the initial trial or discounted rate, regular pricing is $4.95 per report or $24.86 per month. This is a large jump in cost that provides minimal extra value for many users.
  • It auto-renews by default – Intelius subscriptions renew automatically at the regular rate. This “set and forget” approach catches some people by surprise when they see ongoing charges.
  • You only need a one-time report – For a quick background check or people search, paying an ongoing subscription fee doesn’t make sense vs. a single report purchase.
  • Data accuracy concerns – While Intelius pulls from many data sources, some users feel the information lacks depth or contains errors. This reduces the perceived value.
  • Upselling and marketing fatigue – Intelius aggressively markets add-ons and upgraded packages. The constant upsell attempts frustrate users and may prompt cancelations.
  • Adding services without consent – Some customers report services being added without their authorization, sometimes doubling their bill unexpectedly.
  • Want to try another service – Competitors like PeopleFinders, BeenVerified, and TruthFinder often come up as alternatives those looking to switch from Intelius.

If you relate to any of these scenarios, canceling Intelius may be the right choice to stop automatic charges or switch to another background check provider.

How to Cancel Intelius

Intelius makes it relatively easy to cancel your account online or over the phone. Here are step-by-step instructions for both methods:

Cancel Intelius Online

1. Go to and click “Sign In” to access your account.

2. Enter your Intelius username and password credentials when prompted.

3. Find and hover over “My Account” located in the top right menu.

Cancel Intelius Online 1

4. Under the “Membership Settings” section, click the “Cancel Membership” button.

Cancel Intelius Online 2
Cancel Intelius Online 3

5. On the cancellation confirmation pop-up, click “Yes” to complete canceling your Intelius account.

The cancelation is now processed immediately on the Intelius website. You’ll no longer be charged future subscription fees.

Cancel Intelius Over the Phone

To cancel by phone, follow these steps:

  1. Call 1-888-245-1655 – Intelius support line (available Mon-Fri 7am-4pm PST).
  2. When prompted say, “Cancel my membership.”
  3. An Intelius agent will then ask you for your account information like name, email, and address to verify your identity.
  4. Let the agent know you would like to cancel your Intelius account immediately.
  5. Confirm that the agent has canceled your account before ending the call.

Cancelling by phone allows you to speak with an Intelius agent to ensure your account is closed. Just be sure to retain the representative’s name, time/date, and confirmation number for your records.

Cancel Intelius On Mobile

If you originally signed up for Intelius through their mobile app, you can also cancel your account through the app:

For iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap your name
  3. Choose “Subscriptions
  4. Select your Intelius subscription
  5. Tap “Cancel Subscription
Cancel Subscription For Iphone

For Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Tap the hamburger menu ≡ icon
  3. Choose “Subscriptions
  4. Pick your Intelius subscription
  5. Tap “Cancel subscription
Cancel Subscription For Anrdroid

This will stop any future billing through the mobile app store. You may also need to cancel directly with Intelius to fully close your account.

What Happens When You Cancel Intelius?

Here’s what to expect after canceling your Intelius membership:

  • No more charges – Your credit card will no longer be billed for any subscription fees.
  • Access immediately ends – You will no longer be able to log into your Intelius account or access any reports.
  • Data is not deleted – Information you previously accessed or saved may still be kept in Intelius databases.
  • Reactivating is possible – You can restart your account if you cancel and later change your mind.
  • Refund eligibility varies – Depending on your plan, you may or may not qualify for a partial refund when canceling (see next section).

Once canceled, Intelius deletes your login credentials and access to their paid services. However, your personal details likely remain stored in their databases for future reference and resale.

Are You Eligible for a Refund from Intelius?

Will you get any money back if you cancel your Intelius subscription? Refund eligibility depends on:

  • Your specific plan – One-time report purchases are generally non-refundable. Subscription plans may qualify for a partial refund.
  • Time remaining in billing cycle – If you cancel mid-cycle, you may get reimbursed for unused remaining days, otherwise no refund.
  • Refund request method – You’ll need to actively contact Intelius support to request a refund after canceling.

To find out if you’re eligible for a refund when canceling Intelius:

  • Reach out to Intelius support by email or phone after canceling
  • Provide your account details and reason for requesting a refund
  • Ask what refund or account credit they can provide
  • Get any refund approval in writing before accepting

Unfortunately, Intelius does not make their refund policy readily transparent to subscribers. Services are generally marketed as non-refundable. But it still makes sense to politely inquire about a partial reimbursement when closing your account.

Alternatives to Switch to After Intelius

Once you cancel your Intelius subscription, here are some alternative people search and background check services to consider:


  • Extensive public records database
  • Known for people searches specifically
  • $24.95 monthly subscription
  • 7 day free trial


  • Focus on background checks and verifying people
  • Packages from $8.89 for 5 reports to $26.89 monthly
  • Free trial with subscription


  • Provides wide range of search options
  • $28.05 monthly for unlimited reports
  • 7 day free trial
  • Custom packages available

Instant Checkmate

  • Designed for background checks and criminal searches
  • Pay-as-you-go model, $0.95 to $4.99 per report

Take some time to compare prices, data sources, and features when choosing an Intelius alternative. Getting a free trial with a new service is a great way to evaluate if it will be a good switch for your needs.

FAQs About Cancelling Intelius

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about cancelling your Intelius membership or account:

How long does it take to cancel Intelius?

Cancellation happens immediately when you process it through their website or app. Calling in to cancel takes about 5-10 minutes usually.

Can I reactivate my Intelius account after canceling?

Yes, you can restart your account at any time by simply signing back up on the Intelius website.

What is the Intelius cancellation number?

To cancel by phone, call 1-888-245-1655. Support agents are available Mon-Fri from 7am-4pm PST.

Does Intelius allow you to pause your membership?

Unfortunately there is no way to temporarily pause or freeze your Intelius subscription. You have to fully cancel it.

Can I get a refund from Intelius if I cancel the same day?

There is a possibility of getting a refund when you cancel very quickly. Contact their billing team to politely request reimbursement.

What happens to my Intelius reports if I cancel my account?

Any previously purchased reports or saved data will no longer be accessible once you cancel your account.

Can I download my data before closing my Intelius account?

There is no way to export or download your personal data or reports from Intelius upon cancellation.

Does cancelling Intelius also stop my LifeLock membership?

No, LifeLock and Intelius operate as fully separate companies now. You would need to cancel LifeLock independently.

Key Takeaways

Canceling your Intelius account or subscription is straightforward if you follow the right steps. Here are some key tips:

  • Cancel online through your account dashboard for the fastest method
  • Call 1-888-245-1655 if you prefer to speak with an Intelius agent
  • Remove billing through the app store if you signed up on mobile
  • Ask about a potential partial refund depending on your plan
  • Research alternative background check services to switch to after
  • Cancellation stops all future billing but your data remains in their systems

Now you have a complete guide to smoothly cancel your Intelius membership. Be sure to follow up with their customer service if you have any other questions or issues with getting your account closed.

Hopefully this article provided you all the important details you need to successfully cancel Intelius and move forward with confidence! Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips or experiences to share.