20 Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives in 2024

March 24, 2024

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Are you looking for reliable FastPeopleSearch alternatives to find people online? With so many people search engines available, it can be hard to know which ones provide the most accurate, comprehensive results.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll share the 20 best FastPeopleSearch alternatives based on our extensive research and first-hand experience. Whether you need to reconnect with old friends, run a background check, or get a reverse phone lookup – these trusted sites will help you find who you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Why Use a FastPeopleSearch Alternative?

While FastPeopleSearch is a popular people search engine, it has some limitations:

  • Limited free search options
  • Outdated or inaccurate information in some cases
  • Lack of certain search filters and customization
  • No mobile app for on-the-go searching

The FastPeopleSearch alternatives on this list offer additional benefits like:

  • More comprehensive, up-to-date public records
  • Advanced search tools and filters
  • Detailed background reports with criminal records, social media profiles, and more
  • Convenient mobile apps for people searching anytime
  • Responsive customer support

Top 20 FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

Now let’s dive into the 20 best alternatives to FastPeopleSearch for all your people search needs in 2024:

1. PeopleFinders


PeopleFinders is one of the most trusted people search platforms, with billions of records to help you find anyone in the US. Some key features:

  • Intuitive interface for quick people searches by name, phone, or address
  • Detailed background reports including criminal records, contact info, relatives and associates
  • Affordable membership options for unlimited searches
  • Helpful blog and customer support

2. PeopleLooker


PeopleLooker makes it easy to access hundreds of millions of public records so you can find the information you need. Highlights include:

  • Simple search tools to lookup people by name, phone, email or location
  • In-depth background checks with criminal and court records, social media profiles, professional history and more
  • Unlimited reports with paid memberships
  • Mobile app for convenient searches on the go

3. BeenVerified


BeenVerified is a leading people search service that helps you find comprehensive data on almost anyone. Key features:

  • Detailed people search reports with contact info, location history, criminal records, social media and more
  • Intuitive interface to search by name, phone number, email or physical address
  • Reverse phone lookup and email search tools
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • A+ rating from BBB

4. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate offers powerful tools to uncover the truth about anyone. Notable features include:

  • Comprehensive background checks with criminal records, sex offender info, location history, relatives, and more
  • Reverse phone and email lookups
  • Easy-to-use mobile apps for people searches on the go
  • Public record monitoring alerts
  • 5-star customer ratings

5. TruthFinder

Truthfinder 2

TruthFinder helps you find reliable data on almost anyone in the US quickly and easily. Highlights:

  • In-depth background reports featuring criminal records, contact info, social media and more
  • Intuitive people search tools by name, phone or address
  • Reverse phone lookup to identify unknown callers
  • Dark web scan to check for compromised personal info
  • Helpful member care team

Alternative FastPeopleSearch Sites

In addition to the top choices above, here are 15 more high-quality alternatives to FastPeopleSearch worth considering:

  1. WhitePages – Comprehensive people, phone and address directory
  2. Spokeo – Aggregated people search data from 12 billion public records
  3. PeekYou – People search engine indexing over 250 million profiles
  4. ZabaSearch – Free people lookup tool using public sources
  5. That’s Them – 100% free service to search for people, phone numbers, and addresses
  6. Intelius – Background checks and reverse phone lookups
  7. Pipl – Global identity resolution engine for fraud prevention
  8. US Search – People find and background check service
  9. Radaris – Free people search and public records lookup
  10. Social Catfish – Reverse image, email, phone and name searches
  11. Nuwber – People search by name, phone, address or email
  12. InfoTracer – Public and criminal records provider
  13. Webmii – People search engine with web results
  14. ProfileEngine – Free people finder and aggregated profiles
  15. Zoominfo – B2B contact and company database

Key Takeaways

  • FastPeopleSearch alternatives provide more advanced tools to find comprehensive, up-to-date information on almost anyone.
  • Top choices like PeopleFinders, BeenVerified, and Instant Checkmate offer billions of records, detailed reports, and convenient features.
  • Always look for services with intuitive search tools, reliable data sources, mobile apps, and good customer support.
  • Many sites provide background checks, reverse phone lookups, and email search capabilities.
  • Compare options to find the best people search solution for your specific needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free alternative to FastPeopleSearch?

Sites like ZabaSearch and That’s Them offer 100% free people searches, but may provide less detailed results than paid services. Free tools are best for quick lookups of contact info or addresses.

How do I find someone’s criminal record?

Many people search services can include criminal records in their background check reports. Top choices for historical arrest and conviction data are BeenVerified, Instant Checkmate, and PeopleFinders.

Can I lookup someone by phone number?

Yes, most FastPeopleSearch alternatives have reverse phone lookup tools to identify the owner of a number. Simply enter the phone number to pull available data like name, location and carrier.

Are these people search sites trustworthy?

Reputable providers like those on this list use SSL encryption, follow all privacy regulations, and never sell your data to third parties. However, no service is perfect so always verify results with your own research.

What’s the cheapest option for detailed background checks?

Instant Checkmate and TruthFinder both offer comprehensive background reports at affordable membership rates. Compare current pricing and deals to find the most cost-effective option for ongoing searches.

By leveraging these powerful FastPeopleSearch alternatives, you’ll be able to find the people and information you need more effectively than ever before. Always exercise caution when reaching out to individuals found via these sites, and never use the data for illegal or unethical purposes.

With the insider tips and unbiased reviews in this guide, you’re now equipped to choose the best people search solution for your unique needs. Share your experiences with these FastPeopleSearch alternatives in the comments below!