Hacking Facebook Accounts with Facebook Password Sniper

November 24, 2023

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Facebook has become an integral part of our lives, with billions of users across the globe using it to stay connected with friends and family. But with widespread usage comes increased potential for hacking attempts and security threats.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how one tool called Facebook Password Sniper claims to let you hack into Facebook accounts easily. We’ll break down what Facebook Password Sniper is, how it works, whether it actually succeeds at hacking accounts, and most importantly – the safer, legal methods you can use to monitor Facebook activity if you have legitimate concerns.

What is Facebook Password Sniper?

Facebook Password Sniper is marketed as a tool that can hack into any Facebook account within minutes simply by inputting the target’s username. It claims to use an advanced technique called a “rainbow table attack” to quickly uncover passwords.

facebook password sniper

Here are a few key things to know about how Facebook Password Sniper is advertised to work:

  • Provides an online website service so no download or installation required
  • Also has an Android app version available
  • Operates stealthily without the account owner being notified
  • No need to create an account or register to use it
  • Completely free tool with an easy user interface
  • Takes only 10-15 minutes to reveal a Facebook password
  • No technical skills required to operate

At first glance, Facebook Password Sniper seemingly provides an impressively quick and convenient way to access anyone’s Facebook account. But does it actually work as well as it claims? Let’s dig deeper…

How Does Facebook Password Sniper Work?

How Does Facebook Password Sniper Work

Facebook Password Sniper claims to use a method called a rainbow table attack to retrieve Facebook account passwords. Here’s a quick overview of how rainbow table attacks function:

  • Rainbow tables act as large databases that contain pre-computed hashes for common passwords.
  • A hash is essentially an encrypted version of a password. When you enter your password on a site, it gets converted into a hash for security purposes.
  • The rainbow table allows hackers to compare the hashes they obtain against the table to reveal the original passwords.
  • So in theory, Facebook Password Sniper would take the target user’s username, retrieve the associated hash from Facebook’s data, and then compare it to a massive rainbow table to uncover the real password.

However, there are some huge flaws in the idea that Facebook Password Sniper can actually leverage rainbow tables to hack accounts:

  • Facebook and other major sites use advanced hash functions like bcrypt that are specifically designed to resist rainbow table attacks.
  • Facebook salts their hashes, adds unique random data to each one, making rainbow tables useless.
  • Their hashes would never be accessible to an outside tool like Facebook Password Sniper in the first place.

So while rainbow table attacks do work against weaker systems, Facebook’s security measures render them ineffective. Facebook Password Sniper would have no real way of applying this technique.

Does Facebook Password Sniper Actually Work?

Given the limitations of using rainbow tables to hack Facebook accounts, does Facebook Password Sniper deliver on its claims of easy, reliable hacking?

Based on thorough research and reviews from users who have tested the tool, the conclusion is clear:

Facebook Password Sniper does NOT genuinely hack or reveal passwords for Facebook accounts.

Rather than unlocking passwords through technical exploits, Facebook Password Sniper apparently tries to trick users through misleading processes:

  • Requires entering your own credentials to access another profile
  • Redirects users to surveys and questionable third-party offers
  • Collects personal information during “verification” steps
  • Often results in no password being revealed in the end

Essentially, Facebook Password Sniper seems to prey on users who have an intent to hack with promises of easy access, while actually fueling various illicit monetization schemes in the background.

Safer Alternatives for Monitoring Facebook Activity

While tools like Facebook Password Sniper prove ineffective and dangerous for hacking Facebook accounts, there are legitimate reasons why a parent or partner may want to monitor Facebook activity in certain circumstances.

For example, concerns about children’s safety online or suspicions of a spouse’s fidelity. However, there are legal, ethical ways to monitor usage without compromising accounts:

  • Communication: Have direct conversations about social media use and responsibly monitoring children’s accounts.
  • Review Activity: Facebook offers an activity log and option to download data. Review together.
  • Remote Monitoring: Use a reputable monitoring app like mSpy that doesn’t require direct account access.
  • Therapy: Seek counseling to address underlying relationship issues driving the desire to hack a partner’s account.
  • Legal Action: If you believe a crime has occurred, contact law enforcement to investigate thoroughly.

The key is addressing monitoring needs through openness, trust, and consent. Avoid attempting to hack accounts, which causes more harm than good in the long run.

Is There Other Spy Apps Like Facebook Password Sniper?

While Facebook Password Sniper itself does not succeed at hacking accounts, there are some legitimate monitoring apps that offer similar visibility into Facebook activity, without compromising accounts. Two recommended options are:



EyeZy is a user-friendly mobile spy app that lets you view a target device’s Facebook activities, including chats, messages, location, and more. It works in real-time without needing direct account access. EyeZy also offers features like screen recordings, GPS tracking, and works across many social media platforms.

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro Dashboard

KidsGuard Pro is a powerful parental control and monitoring app for keeping tabs on a child’s Facebook usage. It can record chats, track locations, screenshot activity, and block content without needing the account password. KidsGuard Pro also offers robust mobile monitoring for texts, calls, apps and more.

The key difference is that these tools work without illegal hacking, but with proper consent for authorized monitoring. With the right context and disclosure, apps like EyeZy and KidsGuard Pro can give visibility into Facebook activity without compromising accounts.

FAQ About Facebook Password Sniper

Is using Facebook Password Sniper illegal?

Yes, attempting to access someone’s Facebook account without authorization is illegal, regardless of the method. Facebook Password Sniper promotes gaining access through exploitation, which violates computer crime laws at both state and federal levels in the US.

Can Facebook detect if my account gets hacked by Facebook Password Sniper?

Since Facebook Password Sniper doesn’t actually reveal valid passwords, there is no direct risk of your account being compromised by the tool alone. However, be wary of any suspicious links or activity if you attempt to use Facebook Password Sniper, as malicious actors could use it to try and trick you into compromising your own security in other ways.

What information does Facebook Password Sniper take from users?

Although no accounts get directly hacked, the website appears to gather personal information from visitors under the guise of “human verification tests.” This data could be used or sold by the owners to fraudulent ends. Refrain from inputting any information into tools like Facebook Password Sniper.

Are there legitimate reasons to access someone else’s Facebook account?

There are very limited cases where you may need temporary authorized access to a Facebook account for good cause, such as if the account owner passes away or suffers from dementia. However, hacking attempts like using Facebook Password Sniper to gain access without permission are never justified.

What should I do if I’m concerned about a child’s Facebook activity?

As a parent, you can monitor your children’s general social media activity through open communication and by enabling Facebook’s parental controls. If you have serious safety concerns, work with law enforcement while avoiding unauthorized access to their accounts.

Key Takeaways on Facebook Password Sniper

  • Facebook Password Sniper falsely claims to use advanced “rainbow table attacks” to reveal Facebook passwords, but Facebook’s security makes this impossible.
  • The tool does not genuinely hack accounts based on feedback from researchers and users testing it.
  • It likely uses deceptive offers and surveys to profit off people’s hacking intent while collecting their personal information.
  • Hacking someone’s Facebook account without permission is always unethical and illegal.
  • For legitimate monitoring needs, use authorized access, parental controls, communication, and monitoring apps instead.
  • Never input your real login credentials or personal information into tools like Facebook Password Sniper.


Facebook Password Sniper exemplifies the many misleading hacking tools advertised online that fail to actually work as promised. While the desire for access may come from a place of care about loved ones, attempting to hack accounts causes more harm than good.

Rather than using ineffective quick-fixes, have open conversations about social media use and take advantage of authorized monitoring controls. And if you have suspicions of unfaithful or dangerous behaviors, seek professional help to address the underlying issues constructively.

With knowledge and care, we can promote ethical social media use and responsible monitoring that maintains respect for privacy and security. Avoid falling for claims of easy hacking, which usually come with dangerous risks and consequences.