Eyezy vs mSpy: The Ultimate Parental Control App Comparison Guide

November 24, 2023

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As a parent in the digital age, keeping your kids safe online is a constant challenge. With smartphones and tablets putting the internet at their fingertips, who knows what inappropriate content or cyberbullies they could encounter.

That’s where parental control apps like eyezy and mSpy come in. These allow you to monitor your child’s device usage to ensure they stay protected.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? This comprehensive guide will compare eyezy vs mSpy head-to-head, so you can make the best decision for your family’s needs.

A Quick Comparison of eyezy vs mSpy

Before we dive into the details, here is a high-level overview of how these two popular monitoring apps stack up:

Best ForBudget-friendly monitoringComprehensive features
PricingStarts at $9.99/monthStarts at $11.66/month
PlatformsiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Key FeaturesLocation tracking, geofencing, social media monitoringLocation tracking, keylogger, screen recording
Ease of UseVery simple interfaceMore advanced control panel

Now let’s explore each of these factors more in depth.

Monitoring Features: What Can You Keep Track Of?

The first thing any parent wants to know is – what will this app let me monitor on my kid’s device? The key is choosing one with the features that matter most for your family.

Here is an overview of the monitoring capabilities of eyezy vs mSpy:

eyezy Key Features

  • Social media monitoring – Track popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat
  • Text message logging – Read incoming and outgoing texts
  • Call logging – See all calls made or received
  • Location tracking – Real-time GPS location on a map
  • Geofencing – Get alerts when your child enters or leaves set locations
  • Web monitoring – View browsing history and bookmarked sites
  • Time restrictions – Set daily limits for app and device usage

eyezy focuses on providing the essentials for keeping tabs on your kids with fairly standard parental control features.

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mSpy Key Features

mspy dashboard
  • Keylogger – Logs every keystroke typed on the device
  • Screen recording – Secretly capture activity on your child’s screen
  • Remote screenshot – Stealthily snap pics of your kid’s device screen
  • Extended social media monitoring – Track Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more
  • Real-time location – Pinpoint your child’s location on demand
  • Website and app blocking – Restrict access to inappropriate content
  • Panic alerts – Receive instant warning if specified keywords are detected

mSpy offers more advanced capabilities focused on detailed monitoring and restricting your child’s activity.

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Compatibility: Which Devices Can Be Monitored?

You’ll want an app that works seamlessly on your child’s smartphone or tablet. Here’s what devices eyezy and mSpy support:

eyezy Compatibility

  • iOS – Works on iPhone and iPad running iOS 7 or higher. Can be installed with or without jailbreaking.
  • Android – Compatible with Android 4.0 and higher. Rooting required for social media monitoring.

mSpy Compatibility

  • iOS – iPhone and iPad running iOS 7 to 14.8.1. Requires jailbreak for full features.
  • Android – Supports Android 4.0 and newer. Needs root for social media tracking.

Both platforms cover all the latest iPhone and Android models. eyezy offers more flexibility for iOS devices by not requiring jailbreak.

Cost Comparison: What’s the Pricing for Each App?

Affordability is key when choosing parental monitoring software. Here is how eyezy and mSpy pricing stacks up:

Plan Lengtheyezy PricemSpy Price
1 Month$47.86$48.99
3 Months$27.99$28.00
12 Months$10.00$11.67
  • Per device price for all plans
Eyezy Price
Eyezy Price
Mspy Pricing
mSpy Price

Eyezy has a slight edge when it comes to monthly and yearly costs. Their pricing also stays the same no matter how many devices you want to monitor.

With mSpy, you pay a separate fee depending on the number of devices:

# of DevicesmSpy Pricing
1 deviceRegular pricing
2 devices+50% per month
5 devices+100% per month

So while eyezy is better for families with multiple kids, mSpy offers strong value for monitoring just one child’s device.

Ease of Use: Is the App Interface User-Friendly?

You don’t want a complicated app – it should be simple for any parent to install and start monitoring their child’s activities.

eyezy App Interface

eyezy uses an intuitive dashboard called the Control Panel. From here, you can:

  • See device location, usage stats, and recent activity
  • Add and configure devices for monitoring
  • Customize alerts and notifications
  • Update account settings
Eyezy Dashboard

The menu options and settings are easy to navigate. Everything is conveniently located in the Control Panel.

mSpy App Interface

The mSpy control panel packs tons of options into different tabs:

  • Activity dashboard shows location and device usage graphs
  • Features like messages, location tracking, and social media monitoring each have their own tab
  • The Control tab lets you manage settings and account details
Mspy Dashboard
mSpy Dashboard

There is more to explore in mSpy, which may appeal to parents who want granular control. But the larger number of menus can seem overwhelming at first.

Ease of Use Comparison

For user-friendliness, eyezy comes out ahead. The simplified Control Panel makes it easy for parents of any tech skill level to start monitoring their kids.

mSpy does offer greater flexibility in options and settings for those who want it. But the expansive interface has a learning curve and may frustrate less tech-savvy users.

Customer Support: Is Help Available When You Need It?

No one wants to feel stranded if they run into issues using an app. Let’s compare the support resources offered:

eyezy Customer Support

  • 24/7 live chat – Get assistance anytime by chatting with a support rep
  • Email support – Submit support tickets that are promptly answered
  • Remote support – Allows support staff to access your account to troubleshoot
  • Knowledge base – Search the help articles for device setup guides and how-tos

mSpy Customer Support

  • 24/7 live chat – Chat with a support rep anytime
  • Email and phone support – Submit tickets or call for assistance
  • Remote support – Reps can remotely access your account to help fix issues
  • mAssistance service – Get 1-on-1 aid from a dedicated support rep for a fee

Both platforms offer standard 24/7 support channels like live chat and email. mSpy also provides phone support and the mAssistance premium service.

Support Comparison

For customer support, it’s a tie. eyezy and mSpy offer robust assistance via live chat, email, knowledge base articles, and remote access support. mSpy does add phone contact and the mAssistance add-on for more personalized help.

Privacy and Security: Is Your Data Safe?

Protecting your family’s privacy is paramount when monitoring devices. Here’s how eyezy and mSpy keep your data secure:

eyezy Privacy and Security

  • End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption
  • Private RSA key for account access and decryption
  • Key stored encrypted on eyezy servers
  • No selling of user data to third parties
  • Complies with GDPR regulations

mSpy Privacy and Security

  • Military-grade AES-256 data encryption
  • 4096-bit RSA asymmetric encryption
  • Enhanced security with Crypt key file
  • Ongoing security audits and penetration testing
  • GDPR compliant practices

Both apps implement robust encryption standards like RSA and AES to safeguard your data. They also comply with GDPR for handling data of EU citizens.

When it comes to privacy and security, neither app has a clear advantage. They utilize similar technologies like encryption and key files to protect user data.

The Bottom Line: eyezy vs mSpy Final Verdict

When comparing eyezy and mSpy, both apps have unique strengths depending on your needs as a parent:

  • eyezy is ideal if you want reliable monitoring without advanced features or complicated settings. The lower pricing and intuitive interface make it a great choice for families on a budget.
  • mSpy offers next-level tracking capabilities like keylogging, screen recording, and blocking apps/websites. The extensive features satisfy parents who demand maximum monitoring power and control.

Whichever you choose, opting for a parental control app is a smart way to oversee your kids’ digital activities. Just be transparent about monitoring their devices so it doesn’t damage your trust.

And never forget – nothing can replace good old-fashioned parenting! Combining reasonable app oversight with open communication will keep your children safe while allowing digital freedom.

Key Takeaways: Top Tips for Picking a Parental Monitoring App

  • Look for social media and text message monitoring to see who your child interacts with
  • Enable location tracking and geofencing alerts to know their whereabouts
  • Check that it covers your child’s iPhone or Android model
  • Compare pricing models – long term plans offer the best value
  • See if it has call and web monitoring to restrict inappropriate use
  • Make sure the interface is simple enough for you to use easily
  • Chat support and how-to guides will help you if you get stuck
  • End-to-end encryption is vital – don’t compromise on security
  • Inform your child you are monitoring to build an open and honest relationship

Frequently Asked Questions About eyezy and mSpy

What features do both eyezy and mSpy offer?

Both apps provide call logging, text message monitoring, location tracking, web and app usage monitoring, and geofencing capabilities.

Which app has better customer support?

eyezy and mSpy offer robust customer support options like 24/7 live chat and email assistance. mSpy also provides phone support and one-on-one help through their mAssistance service.

Do I need to jailbreak an iPhone to install eyezy or mSpy?

eyezy can be installed on iPhones without jailbreaking for basic monitoring. mSpy requires jailbreaking for full iOS functionality. Neither app needs rooting for Android.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the app?

eyezy and mSpy will provide refunds within 10-14 days only if you encounter verified technical issues that their support cannot resolve. Otherwise, purchases are non-refundable.

What happens if my child finds the app on their phone?

Both eyezy and mSpy are designed to run hidden in the background without disrupting normal use. If discovered, be honest about your reasons for monitoring your child’s activity.

Do these apps work outside the US?

Yes, eyezy and mSpy enable monitoring of devices worldwide. However, certain remote features like location tracking may be disabled abroad due to legal restrictions.

Which app is easier for beginners to use?

eyezy has a simpler interface optimized for first-time users. mSpy provides more advanced controls that can be overwhelming for parental control novices at first.

How long will my child’s data remain stored in the app?

Information is kept accessible in your account as long as you remain an active subscriber. Data may still be retained for a short period after you end a subscription before being deleted.

Can I track my child’s device without them knowing?

You can install both apps inconspicuously in the background of your child’s phone. However, ethically you should inform them you are monitoring their device.