Eyezy Review 2024 – Is This Spy App Worth Using?

November 25, 2023

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Eyezy is a new spy and parental control app that launched in 2022. This eyezy review will look at whether this affordable monitoring app is worth using in 2024.

With spy apps becoming more popular each year, new options like Eyezy are appealing. But how well does this cheap phone tracker actually work? And is Eyezy legit or a scam?

After testing and reviewing Eyezy’s features, I’ll give my verdict on if this app is worth trying for parental control and monitoring in 2024. Keep reading to see the pros and cons of Eyezy and how it compares to top spy apps available now.

What Exactly is Eyezy and How Does This Spy App Work?

Eyezy website

Eyezy markets itself as an all-in-one phone monitoring and parental control app. Like other spy apps, it lets parents view messages, calls, locations and more on a kid’s phone once installed.

To use Eyezy, you first create an account online. You then install the Eyezy app on your phone (the “parent” device) and the target device you want to monitor.

After installing Eyezy on the target phone, you can access that device’s data from your Eyezy dashboard. This lets you view messages from apps like WhatsApp, track real-time GPS location, see call logs, and more.

Eyezy also includes features like app blocking, screen time limits, geofencing and alerts. So it provides typical parental control capabilities along with its hidden spy features.

Overall, Eyezy works similarly to more established spy apps like mSpy or FlexiSPY. But can this new monitoring app match the feature sets and reliability of bigger brands? Let’s look at how well Eyezy performed in testing.

Eyezy Review: Testing the Features and Reliability

I installed and tested Eyezy on both Android and iOS devices to see how its features held up. Here are the key functions I focused on and how well they worked:

Installation and Setup

The process to install Eyezy was quick and straightforward. Downloading the app, creating an account and setting up devices took under 10 minutes.

On Android I was able to install the app remotely using the Eyezy dashboard. For iOS, I had to install Eyezy manually. But overall the setup was smooth.

Dashboard and User Interface

Eyezy Dashboard

The Eyezy dashboard provides access to all of the target device’s data. The interface looks dated but makes finding features easy.

I liked that Eyezy lets you customize the dashboard. You can add or remove modules to match how you want to monitor the device.

Text Message Monitoring

Eyezy Text Message Monitoring

One of the most important features for me was SMS and messaging monitoring. Eyezy lets you view texts from the target device including both sides of conversations.

During testing, new texts synced to the dashboard quickly under a minute. I was able to read through and search full message histories without issues.

Social Media Monitoring

Eyezy Social Media Monitoring

Eyezy advertises that it can monitor popular social media apps. I tried it with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

It worked decently for viewing WhatsApp histories and new messages. But for the other apps, features were hit or miss. Stories didn’t load and chat histories were incomplete.

Location Tracking

Eyezy Location Tracking

Using Eyezy’s location tracking let me see the target device’s real-time GPS coordinates on a map. I could also set geofences to get alerts when the device entered or exited specific areas.

The location tracking was accurate when I tested it. But it doesn’t offer some advanced features like offline tracking or location history playback.

App and Website Blocking

Eyezy App And Website Blocking

Blocking apps and websites worked well during my tests. Eyezy lets you block apps by category or add specific app or website URLs to block.

You can also set time limits for app usage. I blocked a few apps and the target device could no longer access them.

Call Monitoring

Eyezy Call Monitoring

Eyezy provides call logs showing who the target device contacted and received calls from. You can see the time and duration of calls but it doesn’t record call audio.

In testing, the call details and history logs eyezy displayed were accurate. But the lack of call recording limits how useful this feature is.

Remote Management

With Eyezy’s remote management tools, you can restrict the target device. I was able to lock the monitored phone or wipe its data remotely using the dashboard commands.

These admin tools worked reliably in testing. You can also disable camera access, screen recording or force a battery save mode.

Is Eyezy Safe and Secure to Use?

eyeZy App

When using any monitoring app, safety and security are big concerns. Based on my experience, here are some key takeaways about how safe Eyezy is:

  • No recorded data is stored locally – Eyezy doesn’t save any sensitive data directly on the target device. This limits forensic risks if the phone is inspected.
  • Dashboard access requires authentication – Your Eyezy account is password protected. So only you can access the dashboard and monitoring data.
  • Uses secure encryption – Eyezy claims data is encrypted end-to-end. Without access to Eyezy code and servers, I can’t fully verify this. But data is obscured locally.
  • Can be hidden on target device – The Eyezy app icon can be hidden after installation. This reduces the chances of it being noticed and removed.

While no monitoring app is 100% undetectable, Eyezy passes the test for basic safety and discretion. Make sure to follow all applicable local laws if you use this spy app.

And enable the app’s stealth mode features to help avoid detection. With reasonable precautions, Eyezy can be used without obvious risks.

Eyezy Pros and Cons

Based on my experience testing its features, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of using Eyezy for phone monitoring and parental controls:

Eyezy Pros:

  • Affordable pricing tiers
  • Easy dashboard setup and usage
  • Solid text message monitoring capability
  • Accurate location tracking features
  • Reliable app/website blocking tools

Eyezy Cons:

  • Small company with limited reputation
  • Geo-restrictions in some countries
  • Social media monitoring needs improvement
  • No call recording feature
  • Shorter feature list than top competitors

Eyezy has a decent basic feature set for its low price. But more established (albeit pricier) options like mSpy and FlexiSPY offer more advanced capabilities.

Still, Eyezy outperforms other budget spy apps I’ve tested. So its simplicity and low cost may appeal to parents looking for entry-level monitoring features.

Eyezy Pricing and Subscription Plans

One of the advantages of Eyezy is its affordable pricing compared to premium spy apps. Here are the pricing options:

  • 1 Month Plan – $47.86 per month
  • 3 Month Plan – $27.99 per month when billed $83.97 every 3 months
  • 12 Month Plan – $10.00 per month when billed $120 annually
Eyezy Price
Eyezy Price

The monthly and annual plans allow monitoring 1 device. For multi-device monitoring, business plans are available starting at $199 per month.

Eyezy also offers a 3 day free trial via email request. This lets you test the features risk-free before paying.

Overall, Eyezy is one of the lowest priced full-featured spy apps on the market. The plans are very budget-friendly, especially the 12 month deal. This affordable pricing matches Eyezy’s aim to be an entry-level phone monitoring solution.

How Does Eyezy Compare to Other Spy Apps in 2024?

Although Eyezy can be a good budget choice for basic monitoring needs, it lacks some advanced features found in leading spy apps. Here’s a quick comparison to some Eyezy alternatives:

mSpy – The top-rated spy app with extensive capabilities like messages and call recording, extensive compatibility, and responsive customer support. But mSpy is also the most expensive option (Eyezy vs mSpy).

FlexiSPY – Offers powerful monitoring tools like ambient call recording, but can be complicated to setup. Pricing is also high, though lower than mSpy.

Spyzie – A mid-range priced spy app with solid core features and nice dashboard design. However lackluster customer service reputation.

KidsGuard – Another reasonably priced spy app good for parents. Strong at social media and GPS monitoring. But text message tracking could be better.

Qustodio – Primarily a parental control app, but offers some basic spy features. Very easy to use but has the most limited capabilities.

Eyezy competes well on price and simplicity compared to alternatives (Eyezy vs uMobix and Eyezy vs Bark). But if you want wider device compatibility, more features and robust customer support, one of the more established spy brands may be preferable.

Is Eyezy Worth Getting in 2024? Final Verdict

In my experience testing Eyezy extensively, I think it can be a viable option for basic spy app needs in 2024 – with a few caveats.

The good:

If you want an affordable monitoring app with solid call logs, text messaging tracking and location viewing – Eyezy delivers. Setup is straightforward and the core features work reliably.

For parents that just want general monitoring capabilities without advanced features, Eyezy can fulfill those needs. The budget pricing tiers also make this a cheaper parental control option.

The bad:

Power users wanting extensive features like call interception or offline tracking should look elsewhere. And Eyezy’s social media monitoring capabilities are still limited.

Due to the light feature set, Eyezy isn’t the best full-on spy app. You can find more robust options if you require expansive monitoring tools.

But for general use cases, Eyezy provides sufficient functionality. The app continues improving, so weaknesses like social media tracking may be addressed in future updates.

The bottom line:

Eyezy isn’t the market leader in spy apps – but it outpaces other budget options. The basic features work well enough for general monitoring use cases.

If you want an easy-to-use and affordable parental control app, Eyezy is a decent choice in 2024. It covers the core phone tracking features the average user needs.

But power users who require expansive capabilities should explore heavy-hitters like mSpy that offer more advanced feature sets. Eyezy is best for parents seeking budget-friendly monitoring to keep general tabs on their kids.

It lacks some capabilities of the top-tier spy apps. But for basic tracking needs, Eyezy supplies sufficient functionality – especially given its affordable pricing.

Key Takeaways from My Eyezy Review 2024

Here are the core things to remember from my extensive testing of Eyezy’s features and reliability:

  • Eyezy provides a solid set of basic phone monitoring tools for a low monthly fee. It’s a budget-friendly option for parents.
  • Setup is quick and easy. The dashboard is intuitive and lets you customize monitoring capabilities.
  • Core features like text monitoring, location tracking, and app blocking work reliably in testing. But some advanced spy features are missing.
  • Social media tracking support needs improvement. iOS restrictions also limit some capabilities.
  • While not the most powerful spy app, Eyezy outperforms other cheap options. And it covers the essential monitoring features parents want.
  • For basic monitoring needs, Eyezy is a viable pick in 2024. But power users wanting maximum features should consider premium spy apps.
  • Eyezy works best as an intro-level parental control app. The low pricing makes it accessible for casual monitoring use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyezy

Does eyezy record calls?

No, Eyezy does not currently support call recording. It can log call details like numbers and durations, but does not record call audio.

Can eyezy be detected?

Eyezy has features to help avoid detection, like hiding the app icon on the monitored device. However, savvy users may still be able to detect the app with advanced forensic analysis. Eyezy is reasonably discreet but not completely undetectable.

Is eyezy invisible?

Eyezy can be considered partially invisible. It does not show up in the app drawer of the monitored device if you enable stealth mode. But advanced users could still potentially detect the app through technical analysis of the device.

What devices does eyezy work on?

Eyezy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. However, some advanced features work better or only work on Android phones due to Apple restrictions on third-party apps.

Does eyezy drain phone battery?

Yes, running any monitoring app like Eyezy will use additional battery life on the target device. However, Eyezy has battery save settings to help minimize excessive drain when using the app.

Can eyezy see deleted messages?

Unfortunately, Eyezy cannot recover or view messages that have been deleted on the target device. Once messages are deleted, Eyezy does not have the capability to retrieve them.

Does eyezy require rooting?

Rooting is not required to use Eyezy on Android devices. The app can be installed and used without root access. However, some advanced Android spy features may require rooting to fully function.

Can I use eyezy on an old phone?

Eyezy has minimum OS requirements on both Android and iOS. As long as the target phone meets those base operating system versions, Eyezy should function even on older device models. Just be sure to check the eyed compatibility requirements.

In Conclusion

Eyezy makes an affordable parental control app that offers helpful basic features. While it lacks some advanced capabilities of premium spyware, Eyezy’s budget-friendly pricing and ease of use appeal as an entry-level monitoring option.

If you’re a parent wanting general oversight for your kids’ phones, Eyezy can provide that without a steep learning curve or monthly cost. While power users will want more expansive features, Eyezy satisfies basic monitoring needs – earning it a passing score in my 2024 review.