The Ultimate Easy Spy Review: Everything You Need to Know

March 25, 2024

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Parental control apps like Easy Spy allow concerned parents to monitor their kids’ activities on their smartphones. With rising cyberbullying, explicit content, and online predators targeting teens, many parents turn to monitoring apps for peace of mind.

But how well does Easy Spy actually work for family safety? This comprehensive review will dive into all aspects of this phone monitoring app.

What is Easy Spy?

easy spy

Easy Spy is a phone monitoring app that lets parents view their child’s smartphone activities like calls, texts, location, apps, and more. It works by secretly recording data from the target phone and uploading it to an online dashboard.

Parents can access the dashboard from any web browser to view reports on their child’s phone use. The app runs completely in stealth mode, without the child knowing it’s installed.

How Does Easy Spy Work?

Once purchased, Easy Spy is installed on the child’s phone. It then begins recording activities in the background and uploads them to the parent’s dashboard.

Parents can log into the dashboard from any device to view call logs, texts, GPS location, social media, and other phone data.

Easy Spy claims to be easy to set up for anyone, with no tech expertise required. It also states the app is completely hidden and won’t impact phone performance.

Easy Spy Features

Easy Spy features

Easy Spy offers the following monitoring features:

  • Text message monitoring – View all SMS texts sent and received, even if deleted. Includes text content, date, time, and sender/receiver details.
  • Call monitoring – See all incoming and outgoing calls, with numbers dialed or received and call duration.
  • GPS tracking – Track the phone’s location within 50 feet and see locations visited on a map. Location updates every 5 minutes when GPS is enabled.
  • Social media monitoring – View Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media activities.
  • Website and app monitoring – See all web browsing activity and apps used on the device.
  • Remote camera access – Secretly take pictures through the phone’s camera to see surroundings.
  • Media files access – View all photos, videos, and audio files stored on the device.
  • Email monitoring – Read emails sent and received from the phone’s accounts.
  • Contact monitoring – Access the phone’s contacts list and calendar.

These monitoring features allow parents to see who their child is communicating with, what they’re saying, what apps and sites they use, where they go, and more.

Easy Spy offers 21 monitoring features for Android phones and 8 for iPhones.

Easy Spy Pricing

Easy Spy pricing

Easy Spy only has one pricing plan, which covers all Android and iOS devices.

  • 1 Month – $69.99

There are no multi-month discounts. Additional services include:

  • Premium Support Package – $29.99
  • Extended Download Warranty – $29.99
  • Unlimited Updates – $29.99

Total for all features per month: $159.96

Compared to competitors, Easy Spy has limited plan options and no long-term discounts. The monthly price is also on the higher end.

Is Easy Spy Any Good?

Based on customer reviews and expert evaluation, here are the pros and cons of using Easy Spy:


  • Simple setup and use
  • Useful range of monitoring features
  • Excellent for text and call monitoring
  • Social media monitoring capability
  • Works in total stealth mode


  • Very expensive compared to competitors
  • Only one pricing plan available
  • Limited features versus rival apps
  • Must root/jailbreak Android and iOS devices
  • No free trial offered
  • Mixed reviews of customer support

Overall, Easy Spy delivers on its core promise of easy phone monitoring and captures the essential features like calls, texts, location, and social media.

However, the high price, lack of multi-device discounts, and need to root/jailbreak phones make it less appealing. Competitors match or beat its features for lower monthly rates.

Easy Spy vs. mSpy

mSpy is the top competitor to Easy Spy, with over a million customers worldwide. Here’s how the two apps compare:

FeatureEasy SpymSpy
Price$69.99/monthFrom $16.66/month
SMS Text MonitoringYesYes
Call MonitoringYesYes
GPS LocationYesYes
Remote Camera AccessYesYes
Social Media MonitoringYesYes
Website MonitoringYesYes
App MonitoringYesYes
Email MonitoringYesYes
Contact MonitoringYesYes
Price$69.99/monthFrom $16.66/month

mSpy matches Easy Spy’s capabilities but adds extra features like more precise GPS tracking, Wi-Fi monitoring, geofencing, tighter social media integration, a keylogger, and more.

It also offers big savings with multi-device and long-term discounts. mSpy starts from just $16.66 a month, compared to Easy Spy’s $69.99 flat rate.

Easy Spy vs. Spyrix

Spyrix is another parental monitoring app that competes with Easy Spy. Here’s how the two stack up:

  • Pricing – Spyrix plans start at $25/month, significantly lower than Easy Spy’s $69.99 monthly charge.
  • Features – Spyrix offers more features including screen time limits, web filtering, a keylogger and more. Easy Spy has a more basic feature set focused on calls, texts, location, etc.
  • Social Media – Both apps monitor popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Device Support – Spyrix is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Easy Spy requires device rooting/jailbreaking.
  • Ease of Use – Spyrix has a user-friendly web interface for monitoring. Easy Spy offers basic functions accessed through a dashboard.
  • Customer Support – Spyrix provides live chat, email and phone support. Easy Spy relies on email tickets and limited hours.

Overall, Spyrix provides better value with more features at a lower cost. However, Easy Spy is a decent alternative for simple call and text monitoring, if you don’t need expansive capabilities.

Easy Spy Reviews: What Users Say

Customer reviews for Easy Spy are mixed, averaging around 2/5 stars on most sites. Here are some examples of Easy Spy reviews:

“Did exactly what I needed. I could view texts, calls, gps and social media. Nothing too fancy but it worked.”

“Complete waste of money. Couldn’t get half the features to work and their customer support is useless. Wish I went with something else.”

“It’s ok for basic monitoring. But the app crashed frequently and the location tracker wasn’t accurate. The price is ridiculous too.”

Positive reviews praise its easy setup and core functionality like text and call monitoring.

However, many complained key features didn’t work consistently and highlighted poor customer support. Others said it was too expensive for what you get.

Is Easy Spy Worth It?

For concerned parents seeking a basic monitoring app, Easy Spy delivers on call and text message tracking. It offers helpful social media and GPS location monitoring too.

However, its high monthly price, inability to jailbreak/root phones, lack of a free trial, and mixed support does make other options more appealing overall.

Parents should consider competitor apps like mSpy first, unless Easy Spy’s specific SMS and call logging features are a must-have. mSpy generally offers better pricing and support for matched capabilities.

Still, Easy Spy can provide value if you only require its core functionality and find the pricing acceptable. It serves a purpose for basic phone monitoring.


Does Easy Spy really work?

Yes, Easy Spy functions as advertised and allows parents to view texts, calls, location, apps, social media, and other content from a child’s phone remotely. However, some users report inconsistent performance of certain features.

Can Easy Spy be detected?

When installed correctly, Easy Spy runs entirely in stealth mode without the user knowing. It won’t show up on the phone’s app list or create any visible notification. However, a tech savvy user could detect something amiss through advanced debugging.

What happens if you uninstall Easy Spy?

Uninstalling Easy Spy removes its monitoring capabilities and stops recording data from that device. Previously recorded data remains accessible in the parent’s dashboard account.

Does Easy Spy drain battery?

Easy Spy is designed to operate without draining significant battery life. Most users don’t report noticeable battery drain. However, extensive location tracking can use more battery over time.

Is Easy Spy legal?

Monitoring apps like Easy Spy are generally legal if used by parents to monitor their minor children. However, it’s best to consult state laws, and explicitly notify children they are being monitored. Privately monitoring another adult’s device without consent is illegal.

The Bottom Line

While functional for its core purpose, Easy Spy has room for improvement given its steep pricing, limited feature set, and mixed customer support reputation.

It performs well for call and text monitoring. But if you want a full range of robust parental control features, better customer service, and lower cost, competitors like mSpy are likely the superior option.

Still, Easy Spy can fill a niche for parents who just want simple monitoring of texts and calls. Overall it lives up to its name as an easy but fairly limited spy app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Easy Spy allows parents to monitor kids’ smartphone activities like calls, texts, social media, GPS location, and apps.
  • It has useful core features, but is expensive, has mixed support, and fewer capabilities versus competitors.
  • Solid for simple call and text monitoring, but apps like mSpy offer better pricing, features, and support.
  • Consider Easy Spy if you specifically want its SMS and call tracking at an affordable price for you.