The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Users on Discord

March 9, 2024

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Finding people on Discord can seem daunting at first glance. With over 150 million active monthly users, locating a specific person without knowing their full Discord tag can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, Discord offers powerful native tools and third-party services that make hunting down any user a breeze — provided you understand how usernames, tags, and IDs function on the platform. This is similar to how you can find users on other social platforms like Twitter.

After reading, you’ll have the confidence to track down anyone on Discord quickly and easily. Time to turn that haystack into a pin cushion!

How Discord IDs and Usernames Work

Discord assigns every user three crucial identification markers:

Usernames – The displayName you select for your profile. Recently became unique identifiers.

Discriminators – The four digit #number tied to your username.

User IDs – Unique sequence of 18 numbers assigned to each account.

Under this system:

  • Usernames must be unique, but displayNames can be identical
  • Discriminators identify specific users with the same name
  • User IDs never change and toujours identify accounts

So while there can be endless “JohnSmith” usernames, there’s only one “JohnSmith#1234” account accessible with the ID ”123456789012345678″.

With this in mind, let’s explore the various methods for tracking down users by leveraging these markers.

5 Ways to Find Someone With Discord’s Native Tools

Discord offers five incredibly useful native features to help pinpoint accounts:

1. Search for Exact Usernames

The simplest method is using the platform’s search bar:

  1. Click the magnifying icon
  2. Type the user’s full tag (username + discriminator)
  3. Select the matching profile
Discord Search For Exact Usernames

However, this requires knowing the target’s exact current username + discriminator combination.

Fortunately, there are alternative options even without this info…

2. Utilize the User ID Search

Every Discord user profile has a unique identifier called a User ID.

Leveraging this ID allows pinpoint searching no matter how many times someone changes their username. This is similar to searching for someone’s Bumble profile by their user ID.

To find someone with an ID:

  1. Head to User Settings > Advanced
  2. Toggle “Developer Mode” on
Discord Utilize The User Id Search
  1. Click the search magnifying glass
  2. Input the 18 digit User ID
  3. Select the matching result

The account corresponding to that ID will appear.

Warning: User IDs resemble phone numbers. Never share your ID publicly!

3. Sync Contacts to Find Friends

If you have a mutual phone contact with the person you’re seeking, Discord can automatically detect them. This is similar to finding Instagram friends on Threads by syncing contacts.

  1. Navigate to the Friends tab
  2. Click “Find Friends
  3. Select “Connect Contacts
  4. Grant contact permissions
  5. Sync your contacts
Sync Contacts To Find Friends

A list of friends already on Discord will populate. This technique is excellent for avoiding manual legwork!

4. Leverage Mutual Server Memberships

If you share a Discord server with someone, you can search for them from that group’s user list. This is similar to finding someone on Tumblr by searching mutual group memberships.

To find shared server friends:

  1. Select a joint server from the left panel
  2. Click the search bar
  3. Input the user’s name or nickname
  4. Scan the member list
  5. Send them a friend request

This works great combined with username searching.

5. Use the Nearby Users Scan

Discord’s special Nearby Users system utilizes device location services to spotlight local users.

To uncover area friends:

  1. Tap your profile image
  2. Select “Add Friend” in the menu
Use The Nearby Users Scan 1
  1. Choose “Scan Nearby Users
  2. Permit Discord to access your location
Use The Nearby Users Scan 2
  1. Check the detected users list
  2. Send friend requests

Within seconds, you can connect with proximate accounts.

3 Alternatives to Find Discord Users sans Username

When native options fail, third party tools open new search avenues by harnessing User IDs. These work similarly to TikTok username search sites that use TikTok IDs.

Popular services like DiscordLookup and Discord.ID allow inputting any valid User ID to fetch a wealth of account details, no matter how obscure the person or how frequently they alter their username.

For example, you can learn an elusive gamer buddy’s current handle to toss them a friend request. Or confirm whether a questionable ID belongs to someone dangerous before engaging further.

Powerful stuff!

Here are 3 top services for identifying strangers:

1. DiscordLookup


DiscordLookup reigns supreme as the web’s most popular ID tracking tool. Input any User ID, click “Fetch Information”, and accounts become visible.

It’s completely anonymous, 100% read-only, and lightning quick. Highly useful for determining context around sketchy contacts.

Open DiscordLookup

2. Discord.ID

Similar functionality to DiscordLookup, Discord.ID adds convenience features like:

  • User ID browser extensions for mobile copying
  • Desktop apps to simplify ID input
  • Sophisticated filtration tools

For tech savvy searchers frustrated by manual ID entry, Discord.ID is essential.

Lookup Users on Discord.ID

3. DiscordHub


Originally designed as a server listing hub, DiscordHub evolved powerful account tracking capabilities.

It functions identically to DiscordLookup, but with extra perks:

  • Estimated account value calculations
  • Badges revealing rare status profiles
  • User reputation scoring

Great for gauging the social capital of potential contacts.

Open DiscordHub Search

Expert Tips to Optimize Your Search

Now that we’ve covered various search tactics, here are 5 expert tricks to streamline the lookup process:

Enable 2FA Protection – Avoid stalkers finding you by locking down account access.

Use Nickname Mentions – Quickly grab someone’s attention on a mutual server with an @ mention.

Compare Friends Lists – Cross reference contacts on shared servers to uncover alt accounts.

Check Announcement History – Scan old announcements for removed members that still exist via ID.

Take Regular Profile Audits – Periodically search your own name to catch harassment early.

Implementing these tips hardens profiles against unwanted stalkers and simplifies reconnecting with long lost server friends.

Key Takeaways

  • Discord assigns all users a unique Username, Discriminator, and User ID
  • Native profile search requires a user’s exact, current tag
  • Alternatives exist like contacts, servers, locations, and IDs
  • Third party tools provide ID lookup to find anyone
  • Protect privacy by limiting personal information sharing

Got the basics for finding friends? Now let’s cover some common questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Still struggling to pinpoint a pesky profile? These expert answers should eliminate any remaining hurdles.

Q: How do I find someone from a deleted/banned account?

A: Deleted accounts can only be searched via User ID using third party tools. Banned accounts disappear entirely, but can be found again if the user creates a new profile.

Q: What if someone blocked me?

A: Blocked users become completely invisible. However, their messages remain visible in chat history. Create an alt account to regain search access if needed.

Q: Can I get notified when a specific user creates an account?

A: No. The only recourse is repeatedly searching likely usernames manually or paying a service to track potential new accounts.

Q: I’m being harassed – will reporting remove my info?

A: Reporting is anonymous and eliminates messages, but doesn’t expunge user data. To disappear fully, deactivate your account. Harassment should always be documented though.

Q: What third party sites respect privacy?

A: DiscordLookup and Discord.ID responsibly anonymize data, securely delete logs regularly, and avoid recording private information. Always practice caution when inputting IDs anywhere.

And that’s everything! With so many users constantly flooding Discord daily, mastering account lookup best practices is crucial for connecting in meaningful ways while keeping your personal details locked down.

We’ve touched on the top essential search techniques today ranging from leveraging server communities to harnessing third party identifier tools.

Now you can feel confident finding virtually anyone on Discord (while warding off creeps!). Got any other search tips? Let me know in the comments!