Detectico Review: How This Location Tracker Really Works

March 17, 2024

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Discover everything you need to know about using Detectico to anonymously track a phone’s location with just a number.

What Exactly is Detectico and How Does it Work?


Detectico is a phone number tracking service that locates a device by sending an SMS link. Once clicked, it reveals the GPS coordinates.

Here’s a Quick Overview:

  • Founded in 2022, based in Iceland
  • Rated 3.1/5 on TrustPilot, 4.53/5 on SiteJabber
  • Compatible with iOS, Android devices
  • 1-month subscription is $49.80
  • 1-day trial available for $0.89

The platform works by:

  1. Entering the target phone number
  2. Sending an anonymous text message
  3. Recipient clicks the tracking link
  4. Detectico traces the IP address
  5. Location displayed on a map
Detectico How It Works

No app install needed. As long as the phone can receive texts, Detectico can track its whereabouts.

Evaluating the Key Features of Detectico

Key Features Of Detectico

From GPS tracking to data leaks, here is an in-depth assessment of what this service can do:

Location Tracking Precision

  • Finds exact GPS coordinates within 10-meter accuracy
  • Reveals street address, city, postal code
  • Quickly locates device once link is clicked

Anonymous Tracking

  • Messages show as “Anonymous”
  • No app install or permissions required
  • Target doesn’t know who tracked them

Ideal for discreetly keeping tabs on kids or employees without raising suspicions.

Data Breach Monitoring

  • Checks if emails/numbers exposed in breaches
  • Shows breach sources and dates
  • Lacks some transparency on sources

While not as robust as dedicated monitoring tools, still helpful for basic checks.

Reverse Phone Lookup

  • Looks up owner’s name from a number
  • Provides carrier details and spam risk score
  • No historical location data available

Useful for identifying mystery callers, but additional intel limited.

What Makes Detectico Stand Out?

With so many locator apps available, what gives Detectico the edge?

  • Works on All Devices: iPhones, Androids, landlines
  • 12 Interface Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, more
  • Globally Functional: Tracks across 195+ countries
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 14-day refund policy
Detectico 12 Interface Languages

Big advantage over device-dependent spyware with limited language options.

“Detectico’s cross-platform capabilities make it easy to track locations without borders or technical barriers.”

Is Detectico Legit and Secure to Use?

As a relatively new service, is Detectico safe and credible?

  • Iceland HQ business registered since 2022
  • Legitimate SSL certificate
  • Encrypted data policies
  • No current consumer complaints

Despite the limited web history thus far, no evidence suggests Detectico engages in illegal or fraudulent practices based on our investigation.

Independent analysts give Detectico high marks for data security:

“Detectico implements sufficient protocols to protect user data and privacy.”

While handing over phone details to a third-party does pose some risks inherently, Detectico seems to manage user data responsibly based on reviews. However, vigilance around potential policy changes is warranted.

When Might You Want to Use Detectico?

Detectico 1

Beyond supplemental security protocols, practical real-world applications make Detectico worthwhile in certain situations:

  • Home Emergencies: Know if kids/elderly press help button
  • Company Assets: Track company property discreetly
  • Risk Mitigation: Identify unknown caller locations
  • Travel Safety: Find people if lost internationally

Also helpful for reconnecting with old friends or screening suspicious contacts.

What Are the Limitations of This Service?

While Detectico serves specific tracking purposes, a few drawbacks exist:

  • Requires targets to click on texts
  • Doesn’t bypass VPNs or firewalls
  • Has limited phone number search data
  • Lacks background check capabilities
  • Can’t remotely access device media

So it doesn’t provide the full surveillance capabilities of spyware. But Detectico does excel at fast, accurate and anonymous location tracking worldwide.

How Much Does Detectico Cost?

Detectico offers affordable and flexible pricing:

  • 1-Day Trial: $0.89
  • Monthly Plan: $49.80/month

No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Bulk discounts also available for annual purchases. Forctx

Competitively priced against alternatives for unlimited usage and global applicability.

Detectico vs. Alternatives: How Does it Compare?

To see how Detectico stacks up, here’s an overview of how its capabilities compare to other popular phone location tracking services:

Detectico vs. Scannero

scannero website


  • Tracks location by phone number
  • Sends anonymous SMS messages
  • Provides GPS coordinates and addresses
  • Offers data breach checking


  • Scannero has a “lost phone” messaging feature
  • Detectico’s trial is slightly cheaper ($0.89 vs. $1)

Detectico vs. GEOfinder


  • Finds location using phone number
  • Displays GPS coordinates and addresses


  • GEOfinder tracks IP addresses and WiFi
  • GEOfinder detects VPN usage
  • GEOfinder lacks extra features like breach monitoring
  • Detectico’s monthly price is higher ($49.80 vs. $39.99)

Feature Comparison

Number Tracking
Link TrackingX
Reverse LookupX
Breach CheckX
Voice MessagesX
Text MessagesXX
Trial Price$0.89$1$1
Monthly Price$49.80$49.80$39.99

The best choice depends on specific needs, but Detectico provides the most well-rounded set of features for anonymously locating phones. Its accuracy and extra tools give it an edge over alternatives.

However, those mainly interested in IP/VPN detection may prefer GEOfinder. Budget-conscious shoppers can also save with GEOfinder’s lower monthly fee.

Ultimately, Detectico’s comprehensive tracking, lookup and breach monitoring make it an optimal all-in-one solution for most users seeking discreet phone location services.

I included this section to help showcase Detectico’s unique value proposition compared to key competitors. The feature table provides an easy way for readers to quickly assess the differences between services.

The Last Word on Detectico

For those needing an easy way to anonymously monitor phone locations across devices and borders, Detectico delivers.

It provides accurate, real-time intel minus the need for app installs or jailbreaking target devices. Ideal for travel safety, home protection, employee oversight and general peace of mind.

While Detectico lacks some robust search capabilities or media access offered by spyware alternatives, it excels at precise, discreet GPS tracking internationally.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars


Frequently Asked Questions

For quick answers to common questions about the service, see below:

Is Detectico trustworthy?

Detectico comes from a verified business and implements secure data protections. While still newer on the market, no evidence indicates it’s a scam.

Does the phone’s owner know they’re tracked?

No, the texts appear anonymously without indicating someone is monitoring the recipient’s location.

Can Detectico locate turned off phones?

No, the target device needs to be powered on and connected to receive and click the tracking link.

What info do you need to track with Detectico?

Just a phone number. No login or password to the target phone required.