DeleteMe vs Incogni: Which Online Privacy Service Is Better in 2024?

March 26, 2024

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In the digital age, online privacy is more important than ever. Our personal information is constantly being collected, stored, analyzed, and shared by companies online.

While this data sharing fuels the internet economy, it also puts our privacy at risk. Personal details in the wrong hands can lead to identity theft, targeted scams, and other issues.

That’s why online privacy services like DeleteMe and Incogni exist. They help remove your personal information from data broker websites so your details aren’t spread across the internet.

But which one is better for protecting your privacy online? In this comprehensive comparison guide, we’ll analyze the key differences between DeleteMe and Incogni:


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DeleteMe and Incogni are two leading online privacy services that allow you to remove your personal information from data broker and people search websites.

Here’s a quick overview comparing the two:

  • DeleteMe has been around since 2010, while Incogni launched in 2022.
  • DeleteMe removes your info from 700+ sites every 3 months. Incogni targets 180+ sites but continuously monitors and resubmits opt-out requests.
  • DeleteMe has phone support and robust FAQs. Incogni offers email support and a limited knowledge base.
  • DeleteMe costs $129/year for one person. Incogni is $77.88/year.
  • DeleteMe accommodates families and businesses. Incogni only handles individual accounts.

Both services do the same job of scrubbing your details from people search and data broker sites. DeleteMe offers a more premium user experience while Incogni provides a budget-friendly option.

We’ll do a deep dive on their features and effectiveness next. By the end, you’ll know which one best meets your needs and budget for online privacy protection.

How Do DeleteMe and Incogni Work?

Before comparing features, let’s look at how DeleteMe and Incogni actually work to remove your personal information from the internet.

The Online Data Broker Problem

The core issue both companies address is data brokers. These are businesses that collect massive amounts of consumer data from various sources. They package and sell this information to other companies, often without your consent.

Data brokers gather data like:

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • DOB
  • Properties owned
  • Vehicles owned
  • Criminal records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Credit report details
  • Shopping habits
  • Browsing history

They get this info from:

  • Public records
  • Loyalty programs
  • Social networks
  • Credit bureaus
  • Retail purchases
  • Website cookies

Data brokers make money by selling consumer profiles. A marketing company might pay for a list of households with kids under 5. An insurance firm could buy records on people who shop for motorcycles.

While this data exchange fuels the digital economy, it happens without your knowledge or choice.

How DeleteMe and Incogni Intervene

This is where DeleteMe and Incogni come in. They act on your behalf to:

  1. Find out which data brokers have your personal information.
  2. Send legal opt-out requests to remove your data.
  3. Follow up if your info isn’t properly removed.

Both services have teams that identify major data brokers and build opt-out processes specific to each one. When you sign up, they tap into these to purge your details from hundreds of sites.

The more quality data brokers they can remove your info from, the better. This stops the spread of your personal details across shady sites and reduces misuse.

Now let’s see how the two services stack up when it comes to:

  • Supported data brokers
  • Opting out process
  • Follow up & monitoring
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support
  • Pricing and plans

DeleteMe vs. Incogni Feature Comparison

Here is an in-depth look at how core features and capabilities compare between DeleteMe and Incogni:

Data Brokers Supported

DeleteMe and Incogni both submit opt-out requests to leading data brokers. The more reputable brokers they cover, the better.

Number of total platforms700+180+
Number of major data brokers40+66+ data brokers and people search sites
ExpansionContinuously adds new sitesActively expands broker list

DeleteMe supports about 4x more sites than Incogni. It specifically targets around 40 top-tier data brokers that aggregate huge amounts of consumer data.

These include:

However, Incogni still reaches the majority of high-profile brokers. It may support fewer sites overall, but focuses on the heavy hitters.

Both services are proactive about adding new platforms all the time. Overall, DeleteMe has a slight edge when it comes to the number of supported sites and major data brokers covered.

Opting Out Process

Once signed up, how do DeleteMe and Incogni actually submit opt-out requests and remove your info?


  • Checks 40+ data brokers for your info
  • Sends initial opt-out requests
  • Confirms removals after 35 days
  • Resubmits requests every 90 days


  • Sends opt-out requests to all 180+ brokers
  • Continuously monitors for data reappearing
  • Resubmits requests as needed

DeleteMe takes a targeted approach. It first checks with its 40+ partner brokers to see which have your data. It then sends opt-out requests only to the relevant platforms.

The benefit is you aren’t wasting efforts on brokers that don’t have your info. The drawback is some smaller brokers slip through the cracks.

Incogni plays a numbers game. It blasts opt-out requests to all 180+ of its supported platforms at once. A broker may not have your details, but will still process the request just in case.

This “machine gun” method ensures maximum coverage. The trade-off is bombarding brokers with unnecessary opt-out requests.

For monitoring and upkeep, DeleteMe checks back every 90 days to resubmit requests. Incogni has a continuous process, watching brokers and resending requests as soon as your data appears again.

Overall, Incogni’s high-volume, automated approach may be slightly more efficient. But DeleteMe’s targeted requests likely have higher quality.

Follow Up & Monitoring

What happens if a data broker ignores or mishandles your request?

Follow-up processDesignated agents follow up with brokersLimited follow up process
Legal complaintsSubmits complaints to legal bodies if neededSome complaints to legal groups

This is an area where DeleteMe shines. It has a team of real people who follow up with unresponsive brokers and push for removal.

If brokers still don’t comply, DeleteMe’s agents can file complaints and legal petitions on your behalf.

Incogni has a more automated follow up process. Outside of some legal petitions, it doesn’t have staff who personally deal with stubborn brokers.

DeleteMe’s human touch gives it a big advantage when opt-out requests are ignored or refused. The hands-on approach leads to better compliance from problematic brokers.

Ease of Use

You want an intuitive, user-friendly service to manage your online privacy. How easy are DeleteMe and Incogni to use?

DashboardSimple account dashboardDashboard to monitor progress
ReportsPersonalized reportsLimited customization
Advanced FeaturesEmail alertsNo advanced features
Knowledge BaseFAQ knowledge baseSmall knowledge base

DeleteMe offers a polished dashboard to monitor your account. You get customized reports detailing opt-outs, alerts on major events, and tools to manage preferences.

The dashboard isn’t flashy but makes the service easy to use. Detailed knowledge base articles provide support if you need it.

Deleteme Dashboard

Incogni has a simplistic yet functional interface. You can check your overall progress but lack deeper customization or support features beyond basic FAQs.

Incogni Dashboard

For convenience and user experience, DeleteMe again is superior. But Incogni’s interface works fine for basic private data removal needs.

Customer Support

Strong customer support provides peace of mind that you’ll get help if issues arise. How do DeleteMe and Incogni support stack up?

Support FeatureDeleteMeIncogni
Email SupportAvailableAvailable
Phone SupportAvailableNot available
Live ChatLive chat with humansNot available
Self-Help OptionsRobust self-help optionsLimited FAQ knowledge base

DeleteMe offers multiple ways to get support:

  • Live chat with real support agents
  • Direct email and phone contact methods
  • Extensive FAQs and guide articles

Incogni only provides email support and a limited set of knowledge base articles. There is no direct phone line or live chat.

Hands down, DeleteMe offers superior customer service. Incogni’s options are lacking for anything beyond basic questions.

Pricing & Plans

Your budget impacts which privacy service offers the best value. Here’s how DeleteMe and Incogni’s pricing compares:


  • $129 per year for one person
  • $229 per year for two people
  • Family and business plans available
Deleteme Pricing And Subscription Plans


  • $77.88 per year
  • ~50% discount for annual plan
  • Only individual accounts
Incogni Pricing And Discounts

Incogni is the cheaper choice at face value. Its standard plan costs just $77.88 per year, about 40% less than DeleteMe’s $129 annual rate.

However, DeleteMe offers account options for families and businesses. This makes it more affordable for protecting multiple people’s privacy.

For instance, DeleteMe’s two-person plan costs $229 annually ($114 per person). Incogni would cost $155 for two individual accounts.

Both platforms offer discounts for paying annually rather than monthly. Overall, Incogni is cheaper for single users while DeleteMe offers better value for larger needs.

Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the key advantages and disadvantages of DeleteMe and Incogni:

Pros● Removes data from 700+ sites
● Robust customer support
● Family/business plans available
● Premium user experience
● Low annual cost at $77.88
● Constant automated monitoring
● International support
Cons● More expensive for individuals
● Mostly US-focused
● Limited to 180 data brokers
● Only supports individuals
● Light customer support

What Do Customers Say?

Independent customer reviews give insights a comparison can’t. Here’s what actual users highlight about DeleteMe and Incogni.

DeleteMe Reviews

“DeleteMe does what it promises. My personal info disappeared from a lot of shady people search sites I knew I shouldn’t be on.”

“Customer support is fantastic. The agents actually understand the nuances of data privacy laws.”

“It’s not cheap, but ultimately worthwhile to know my data isn’t spread everywhere.”

“I wish DeleteMe supported more international data brokers. But it’s still very effective in the US.”

Incogni Reviews

“Incogni is a cost-effective solution to take control of your online privacy.”

“The dashboard is basic but gives you visibility on the removal process.”

“Compared to others I researched, Incogni provided solid value especially for the low price.”

“My main gripe is the limited customer service. But the core service works well overall.”

Customers generally praise DeleteMe for its premium user experience and robust support. Incogni wins points for its affordability and international availability outside just the US.

FAQs About DeleteMe and Incogni

We’ll wrap up the comparison with answers to common questions readers have about DeleteMe and Incogni.

Is DeleteMe better than Incogni?

There is no outright “better” option. DeleteMe offers stronger support, more covered sites, and a smoother user experience. But Incogni is significantly cheaper while still providing solid core private data removal.

Does Incogni really work?

Yes, Incogni is a legitimate service that submits opt-out requests on your behalf. Based on customer reviews, Incogni effectively removes personal information from leading data broker sites.

Is DeleteMe worth the price?

For most individuals, DeleteMe is a bit pricy at $129 per year. But for families and business owners looking to protect multiple people, it provides good value. Robust support and superior site coverage also help justify DeleteMe’s higher cost.

Does DeleteMe have a free trial?

No free trial, but you can request a refund within the first 7 days after signing up if you have concerns. This lets you evaluate DeleteMe firsthand. Incogni has a similar 7-day no questions asked refund policy.

Can Incogni remove damaging information?

Incogni focuses on public record and consumer data brokers. It likely can’t remove damaging information from a source like a news outlet or court documents.

Is Incogni safe to use?

Incogni has secure encrypted sign up and login processes. As with any service handling personal data, you must trust them to some degree. But Incogni takes key steps to protect your privacy.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, both DeleteMe and Incogni reliably remove personal information from leading data broker websites. They give you control over how these shady firms use your data.

However, there are clear differences:

  • DeleteMe costs more but offers stronger support, maximum data broker coverage, and a smoother user experience.
  • Incogni provides solid core private data removal at a very budget-friendly price point. But it lacks some convenience features and expanded plan options.

Here are a few final recommendations based on your priorities:

  • If you want maximum data removal across the most sites, choose DeleteMe.
  • If you have a tight budget but still need solid protection, go with Incogni.
  • For family plans or small business privacy, only DeleteMe accommodates multiple users affordably.
  • For protecting your individual privacy outside the US, Incogni supports more regions.

At the end of the day, both these platforms can reclaim your online privacy. Pick the one that aligns with your specific requirements and budget needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Data brokers collect and sell vast amounts of personal consumer information, often without consent.
  • DeleteMe and Incogni help opt-out and remove your data from broker websites.
  • DeleteMe offers maximum data broker coverage and strong support at a premium price point.
  • Incogni provides budget-friendly individual privacy protection, but lacks some convenience features.
  • Consider how many users you need to protect and available budget when choosing a service.
  • Both platforms are legitimate; pick the one that best fits your needs and priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of personal info do data brokers collect?

Data brokers gather all kinds of consumer details from public and private sources. This includes names, addresses, browsing history, political affiliation, shopping habits, interests, and much more.

Q: How did these companies get my data in the first place?

Your personal details are scooped up from public records, website cookies, loyalty programs, social media activity, credit bureaus, mailing lists, and countless other sources. Most collection happens without your consent.

Q: Are data brokers legal?

Generally yes, though regulation is increasing. The FTC and state laws like the CCPA now impose some data transparency and sharing rules. But the data broker industry remains murky at best.

Q: What can someone do with my data?

Brokers sell your information for marketing campaigns, background checks, credit decisions, people searches, and countless other purposes. In the wrong hands, it could fuel harassment, discrimination, identity theft, and other issues.

Q: Does DeleteMe work in the UK or internationally?

DeleteMe focuses on US data brokers but recently expanded to support removal from top brokers in the UK, EU, and Canada. Incogni currently supports English-speaking countries worldwide.

Q: How much does DeleteMe cost?

For individual use, DeleteMe costs $129 per year. You can also choose a family plan at $329/year or business plan starting at $558/year. Discounts are available for multi-year subscriptions.

Q: Does Incogni have a free trial?

Incogni does not offer a free trial. However, you can request a full refund within the first 7 days if you are unsatisfied. This essentially serves as a trial period.

Q: How often do I have to resubmit opt-out requests?

DeleteMe refreshes requests every 90 days while Incogni monitors continuously. Even after opting out, data brokers will reacquire and sell your data over time. Ongoing removal is key.

Q: Can these services remove my data from banks and financial sites?

DeleteMe and Incogni focus specifically on consumer data broker platforms. For financial sites, you’ll need to opt out individually from each institution holding your data.

Q: What if a broker doesn’t comply with my request?

DeleteMe has agents who personally follow up with non-compliant brokers while Incogni relies on automatic requests. In some cases, legal action can compel brokers to fulfill opt-out requests.