DeleteMe Review: Is This Data Removal Service Worth It?

November 26, 2023

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In today’s digital age, privacy is harder to maintain than ever before. Our personal information gets shared, bought, and sold by data brokers – often without our knowledge or consent. This exposed data can make us vulnerable to identity theft, financial fraud, and other issues. That’s where privacy services like DeleteMe come in. They help remove your personal details from people search sites and data brokers.

But is DeleteMe worth the price? Does it really work to erase your info? In this in-depth DeleteMe review, we’ll take an honest look their service, features, and whether it’s right for protecting your privacy online.

What is DeleteMe?

Deleteme Logo

Founded in 2009, DeleteMe is an online privacy service created by the company Abine. Their goal is to help people take control of their personal data and remove it from being publicly searchable online.

DeleteMe works by scouring over 750 data broker sites and people search engines to find your info. Then they submit opt-out requests to get your name, address, age, phone number, and other details removed.

Once your data is deleted from a site, DeleteMe continues monitoring it to make sure it doesn’t reappear. They also add new data broker sites to their removal list as more emerge.

This saves you the headache of having to manually find and submit opt-out requests yourself. DeleteMe handles the process so you can restore some privacy.

How Does DeleteMe Work?

The first step is to sign up for a DeleteMe account and choose your subscription plan. Next, you’ll fill out a detailed form with your personal information like:

  • Full legal name
  • Aliases or alternate names
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Current and past home addresses
  • Age or date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Employers
  • Relatives

You also submit a photo ID (with sensitive info redacted) to help validate identity for opt-out requests.

DeleteMe needs all these details in order to search for and remove your data. Rest assured your info is kept private and secure by their team.

Once submitted, DeleteMe gets to work scouring their list of 750+ data broker sites for any instances of your details. This includes people search engines, public record aggregators, and marketing lists.

Deleteme Broker List

Within about a week, you’ll receive your first Privacy Report showing everywhere your data was found. The report also details the status of removal requests, with most sites taking 1-6 weeks to fully clear your information.

From then on, you get new Privacy Reports each quarter. These let you monitor your data removal progress across old and newly added sites.

If DeleteMe finds your details on a site not already in their system, you can easily submit a custom data removal request from your account dashboard. Their team will then contact that site and attempt to get your data deleted.

Deleteme Custom Data Removal

DeleteMe also offers handy privacy tools for masking your email address, phone number, and credit card details when you shop online.

Deleteme Additional Features

DeleteMe Privacy Report Examples

Your Privacy Reports from DeleteMe are the best way to track their removal work. Here’s an example of what one looks like:

Deleteme Privacy Report Examples

The reports include stats like:

  • Total data broker sites checked
  • Number of personal data points found
  • Unique opt-out requests submitted
  • Estimated time it would take to do this yourself
Deleteme Privacy Report Examples 1

Each site where your data was detected gets listed individually. The status shows either “Removal in Progress” or “Clean!” once deleted.

Deleteme Privacy Report Examples 2

Seeing the steady progress of opt-outsEach quarter is reassuring. It confirms DeleteMe is continuously working behind the scenes to restore your privacy.

What Personal Information Can DeleteMe Remove?

DeleteMe focuses on getting your personal details deleted from data broker and people search websites. This includes things like:

  • Full legal name
  • Aliases or alternate names
  • Age or date of birth
  • Current home address
  • Past addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Relatives/family members
  • Marital status
  • Employers
  • Estimated income
  • Home/property value
  • Bankruptcies or liens
  • Criminal records
  • Social media profiles

Keep in mind that government records like licenses, deeds, or voter registration can’t legally be removed. But DeleteMe covers any public facing data brokers or marketing lists sharing your details.

DeleteMe Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key advantages of using DeleteMe for data removal:

  • Removes your personal info from over 750 sites
  • Ongoing monitoring and opt-out upkeep
  • User-friendly dashboard to track progress
  • Additional privacy tools like email/number masking
  • Detailed quarterly reports

Some potential downsides to consider:

  • Expensive compared to DIY opt-outs
  • Some brokers can take weeks to comply
  • Reports don’t link directly to each site
  • Mainly limited to US sites and records

While pricier than doing it yourself, the convenience and effectiveness of DeleteMe are hard to overstate. Having privacy experts handle the opt-out process across hundreds of constantly changing sites is invaluable.

Does DeleteMe Actually Work?

This is the big question – does DeleteMe effectively remove your details from data broker sites? From our testing, the answer is yes – with a few caveats.

Within the first couple weeks, we saw DeleteMe submit opt-out requests to dozens of sites and get our info deleted quickly from many. Public records aggregators like Whitepages, MyLife, and Radaris were cleared of our details.

However, some publishers can take much longer to comply – up to 6 weeks per DeleteMe’s reports. And a few sites refused opt-outs entirely.

We also occasionally noticed new data broker sites added to our reports that weren’t caught originally. So you have to remain patient and persistent, even with DeleteMe’s assistance. But they clearly accelerate the process exponentially.

Manually monitoring hundreds of sites and repeatedly submitting opt-outs would be unrealistic. Overall, DeleteMe works well – just don’t expect your data to vanish overnight or permanently from the web. Consistent upkeep is still required.

DeleteMe Pricing and Subscription Plans

Deleteme Pricing And Subscription Plans

One concern with DeleteMe is the cost. Having privacy experts handle such tedious opt-out tasks isn’t cheap. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure:

DeleteMe Subscription Plans:

  • Individual Plan – $129/year ($10.75/month)
  • 2 Person Plan – $229/year ($19.08/month)
  • Family Plan – $329/year ($27.42/month) covers up to 4 people

You can also pay for 2 years upfront to save around 20% off the annual cost. For example, a 2-year individual plan is $209 total or $8.71 per month on average.

While DeleteMe is one of the more expensive data removal services, it may be worth it for some people. The sheer volume of sites covered and hands-off approach provide significant value.

You can also get a discount on DeleteMe using promo codes from affiliate partners. For instance, our readers can get 20% off any plan using the code PARTNER20 at checkout.

DeleteMe Ease of Use

We found the overall customer experience with DeleteMe to be smooth and user-friendly. Signup takes just minutes online.

Submitting your personal details is tedious. But it’s necessary for DeleteMe to be able to find and remove that same data.

The online dashboard lets you easily track report status, view latest opt-out details, and submit custom removal requests.

Live chat agents are available for any questions that pop up. But for the most part, DeleteMe works quietly in the background to restore your privacy once you sign up.

DeleteMe Customer Support

DeleteMe offers several ways to get support if any issues arise:

We tested their live chat several times and always received a quick response from an agent. They were knowledgeable about theDeleteMe service and privacy industry in general.

Deleteme Customer Support

Phone support is also available Monday thru Friday from 9am – 8pm Eastern. You may face a short hold time depending on call volume.

Overall, DeleteMe’s customer service is solid. Between email, live chat, and phone, you have several convenient ways to get assistance with any aspect of your account.

Is DeleteMe Safe and Secure?

Whenever you use a service that requires submitting personal details, safety is a valid concern. How securely does DeleteMe store your data? Can it be accessed by anyone?

Based on our research, DeleteMe appears to take privacy and security seriously. Some key points:

  • DeleteMe is based in the US and operates under stringent data laws
  • User data is encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • They don’t share or sell your personal info
  • You can enable 2-factor authentication for account login
  • Physical security controls like restricted access
Deleteme Two Factor Authentication

That said, any service that aggregates user data carries inherent risk. A potential breach of DeleteMe would expose highly sensitive info. Make sure to use a unique, strong password just for your DeleteMe account.

DeleteMe Company Background

DeleteMe was launched in 2009 by internet privacy firm Abine. The founder and CEO of Abine is Rob Shavell.

Abine is a leading provider of various cybersecurity and online privacy services. In addition to DeleteMe, they offer:

  • Blur – All-in-one privacy protection with masked emails, credit cards, and more
  • CyberGhost VPN – Fast, anonymous VPN service to browse privately
  • JunkMail – Disposable email addresses to avoid spam

The company is headquartered in Boston, MA and has 50+ employees across departments like engineering, security, and customer support.

DeleteMe itself was one of the first data broker opt-out and monitoring services of its kind. The demand for personal data removal only continues to grow each year.

Should You Use DeleteMe?

DeleteMe isn’t necessarily right for everyone. But if you’re concerned about search sites and data brokers having your personal information, it can be a useful service.

Some examples of when DeleteMe is worth considering:

  • You’re frequently applying for loans or credit cards
  • You want to remove a past criminal or financial record
  • You’re worried about identity theft or fraud risks
  • You have a public profile and want less exposure
  • You live alone and value privacy/safety

Ultimately there are free ways to opt-out yourself from some data brokers. But the scale and complexity make DIY removal daunting if not impossible.

For less than $11 a month, DeleteMe automates the tedious process of managing opt-outs across hundreds of constantly evolving sites. This convenience and peace of mind are worth the premium cost for many users.

DeleteMe Compared To Alternatives

While DeleteMe is one of the most well-known personal data removal services, there are a growing number of alternatives worth considering.

Top competitors comparable to DeleteMe include:

These DeleteMe alternatives work in much the same way – scouring data broker sites and submitting opt-out requests on your behalf. Features and pricing can vary quite a bit though.

For example, OneRep claims to remove info from over 200 sites with plans starting at $99 per year. Kanary covers 300+ sites for about $144 annually.

Optery seemingly offers the most bang for your buck, with removal from 235+ sites plus identity monitoring for $99 per year.

Incogni, while more limited in scope, is one of the most affordable options at $78 annually.

So should you choose an alternative over DeleteMe?

That depends on your budget, priority features, and just how many broker sites you need kept clear of your details.

DeleteMe undeniably maintains one of the most exhaustive opt-out lists at 750+ sites. The breadth of their coverage is a key distinguishing factor.

But if you want to save money and don’t need hundreds of removals, check out these DeleteMe alternatives for a good comparison before deciding.

DeleteMe Review Summary

DeleteMe isn’t perfect or able to remove your info from the entire internet. But it excels at streamlining the data removal process from tons of public sites and sources.

Overall, we give DeleteMe high marks in areas like:

⛔️ Effectiveness – Actually gets your data deleted from loads of data brokers

🛡️ Security – Encrypted storage and transmission of your details

🔍️Transparency – Detailed reports on opt-out status each quarter

🙋‍♀️Customer Support – Quick to respond via email, phone, and chat

Is DeleteMe worth the relatively high subscription cost? That depends on your privacy concerns and desire to automate data removal. For many, the convenience and breadth of DeleteMe outweigh the expense.

Ready to give DeleteMe a risk-free try? New users can save 20% off their first plan using our exclusive promo code PARTNER20 at checkout.

Key Takeaways: Should You Use DeleteMe?

  • DeleteMe removes personal details from 750+ data broker and people search sites
  • Signup takes minutes and removal work begins within a week
  • You get detailed Privacy Reports each quarter showing opt-out status
  • Email and phone masking provide added privacy protection
  • Cost is higher than DIY but may be worth it for convenience
  • Overall an effective data removal service for those serious about privacy

Frequently Asked Questions About DeleteMe

Does DeleteMe really work to remove your data?

Yes, through extensive testing we confirmed DeleteMe successfully submits opt-out requests to hundreds of sites. Most reputable publishers comply within 1-6 weeks.

Is DeleteMe safe to use?

DeleteMe uses industry standard encryption to protect your personal details. As with any service handling private data, a breach is possible but unlikely. Unique passwords and 2FA provide added security.

What legal rights allow data removal?

U.S. laws like California’s CCPA/CPRA give consumers the right to opt-out of data selling and request info removal. DeleteMe invokes these laws to facilitate the takedown process.

Can DeleteMe delete my data from credit bureaus?

No – credit reporting agencies like Equifax and TransUnion are exempt from data opt-out requests. DeleteMe focuses on public-facing data brokers and search sites instead.

Does DeleteMe work for addresses outside the U.S.?

Unfortunately DeleteMe is currently limited to removing data from U.S.-based sites. International expansion is planned but not supported globally yet.

Is paying DeleteMe worth the cost?

For many privacy-focused consumers, convenience and breadth of DeleteMe outweighs the premium price. But performing your own opt-outs from a few major sites is a free alternative.

Can I get a discount on DeleteMe services?

Yes! Use our partner code PARTNER20 at checkout for 20% off your first DeleteMe subscription plan.

What happens after I cancel DeleteMe – will my data reappear?

In many cases data brokers will slowly begin to collect and display your info again after canceling DeleteMe. To maintain privacy you have to continue opting out manually or resume the service.

We hope this polished and expanded DeleteMe review provides an in-depth look at how their data removal service works. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or add anything.