Covenant Eyes Review: A Comprehensive Guide

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Covenant Eyes Review

Covenant Eyes is a popular monitoring and accountability software designed to help individuals and families manage device usage and fight online porn addiction. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Covenant Eyes, including features, pricing, pros and cons, installation, comparisons to competitors, and frequently asked questions.

What is Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is an accountability and filtering software program created by Covenant Eyes Inc. in 2000. The platform is designed to monitor internet usage across devices and provide detailed reports to accountability partners.

The goal of Covenant Eyes is to help users overcome porn addiction and gain freedom from compulsive sexual behavior online. It also aims to protect children from exposure to explicit content.

Here are some key facts about Covenant Eyes:

  • Monitoring software – Records browsing history, takes screenshots, monitors search terms
  • Accountability tool – Sends reports to sponsors to provide oversight
  • Filtering capabilities – Blocks adult sites, proxies, and VPNs
  • Cross-platform – Works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Parental control features – Protects kids from adult content

Covenant Eyes essentially functions as your accountability partner online. It tracks your activity and ensures you stay focused on positive goals versus destructive behavior.

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

Covenant Eyes has two main components: monitoring software installed on devices and an accountability service that analyzes activity and sends reports.

Monitoring Software

Once installed on your computer or mobile device, the Covenant Eyes software runs passively in the background to monitor all internet activity. This includes:

  • Recording browsing history
  • Tracking search engine keywords
  • Taking periodic screenshots
  • Logging time spent on sites
  • Detecting questionable content

The software captures a wealth of data about your online behavior. It is always running and requires no interaction after the initial setup.

Accountability Service

The accountability service is the core of the Covenant Eyes platform. It analyzes all the monitoring data and generates detailed reports.

You choose one or more “allies” to receive your internet activity reports, such as a spouse, friend, mentor, or sponsor. These accountability partners provide oversight and help you meet usage goals.

The reports contain website lists, search terms, time logs, and flagged images. Your allies can review the reports to provide encouragement, support, or raise concerns.

This powerful accountability system aims to motivate you to use the internet responsibly. Knowing your usage patterns are visible deters mindless browsing and compulsive habits.

Features and Capabilities

Features of Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes offers a robust set of features to monitor activity across devices and filter objectionable content.

Monitoring Features

  • Screen accountability – Takes screenshots of a device screen periodically
  • Browsing history – Records all sites visited and time on each
  • Search terms – Logs search engine keywords typed by users
  • Activity reports – Detailed usage reports sent to accountability partners
  • Times logs – Tracks when sites are accessed and duration of use

Filtering Capabilities

  • Porn blocking – Prevents access to adult sites in database
  • Custom block lists – Option to add specific sites to block
  • SafeSearch – Forces safe mode on search engines
  • Block proxies – Stops access to proxy sites used to bypass filters
  • Block VPNs – Prevents access to VPN domains and apps
  • YouTube restriction – Limits YouTube content based on age

Accountability Options

  • Multiple users – Set up different accountability settings for each user
  • Customize data – Choose which monitoring data to include in reports
  • Message center – Communicate with your accountability partners
  • Uninstall protection – Prevents unauthorized uninstalling of app

Additional Capabilities

  • Cross-platform – Install on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices
  • Mobile app – Android and iOS apps available
  • Password protection – Secure account with password to prevent access
  • Usage limits – Set daily or weekly time limits for individual sites
  • Scheduled reporting – Select report frequency from once daily to monthly

The Benefits of Using Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes provides a wealth of benefits that make it an effective online accountability tool:

Overcome addictions – The monitoring and filtering help break porn and sex addiction compulsions. Knowing your activity isn’t private deters destructive habits.

Protect children – Features like SafeSearch and YouTube restrictions help shield kids from exposure to explicit material.

Promote good habits – Seeing your internet usage patterns encourages more mindful browsing and less aimless surfing.

Deter cheating – Monitoring helps married couples deter online infidelity and strengthen fidelity.

Increase productivity – Reduced time wasting on entertainment sites and social media can boost work and study productivity.

Enhance communication – The message center and reports foster open and honest communication between users and sponsors.

Support recovery – Provides a strong form of accountability for those in addiction recovery programs.

Improve parenting – Gives parents insight into a child’s online activity and helps guide internet use.

The combination of filtering, monitoring, and accountability provides a powerful system to help users control internet habits.

Who is Covenant Eyes For?

While anyone can benefit from increased accountability online, here are the main types of users who get value from Covenant Eyes:

  • Individuals fighting addictions – Porn, gambling, gaming, shopping addicts can get accountability help.
  • Married couples – Gain peace of mind and deter infidelity risks.
  • Parents – Monitor children’s internet use and restrict adult content.
  • Employers – Ensure staff stay productive by limiting time-wasting sites.
  • Schools and libraries – Install on public computers to filter adult sites.
  • Groups and ministries – Help members and provide accountability for online habits.

Covenant Eyes Plans and Pricing

Covenant Eyes Plans And Pricing

Covenant Eyes offers reasonable pricing with monthly and annual subscription options.

  • Cost – $17 per month or $184 per year
  • Devices allowed – Unlimited devices
  • Premium features – Access to all premium features

Covenant Eyes allow you to add up to 10 user accounts. You can test Covenant Eyes risk-free with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Covenant Eyes Pros and Cons

Covenant Eyes gets high marks in most areas, but it pays to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if it meets your needs.


  • Powerful accountability features
  • Excellent for overcoming porn addiction
  • Easy web filtering blocks adult sites
  • Detailed activity reports
  • Works across all major platforms
  • Allows multiple user accounts
  • Protects children from adult content
  • Fosters open communication on internet use
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Can feel invasive for some users
  • No social media or text message monitoring
  • Performance weaker on Android
  • Targeted user can delete screenshots
  • Requires commitment from accountability partners
  • Filtering isn’t 100% foolproof

While Covenant Eyes has some drawbacks, for most users its strengths far outweigh any weaknesses. Just be aware of its limitations versus competitors.

How to Install Covenant Eyes

It’s quick and easy to install Covenant Eyes once you purchase a plan subscription. The process is similar across all supported platforms:

On Windows

  1. Sign in to your Covenant Eyes account online.
  2. Download the software installer from your account dashboard.
  3. Run the installer and follow prompts to complete setup.
  4. Restart your computer when prompted.
  5. The software will launch at startup to begin monitoring.

On Mac

  1. Download the Mac installer from your account dashboard.
  2. Open the installer .dmg file and run the pkg file to install.
  3. Follow the installation wizard directions. Enter your admin name and password when required.
  4. After install, Covenant Eyes will launch automatically at startup.

On iOS

Install Covenant Eyes on iOS
  1. Download the Covenant Eyes app from the App Store.
  2. Launch the app and sign in using your account email and password.
  3. Allow the app to access any requested device permissions.
  4. Monitoring will be active whenever the app is running.

On Android

Install Covenant Eyes on Android
  1. Download the Android app from the Play Store.
  2. Launch the app and sign in with your account credentials.
  3. Grant the app accessibility permissions when prompted.
  4. Monitoring will begin immediately when the app is running.

Once installed, Covenant Eyes runs passively in the background to monitor internet activity until disabled.

Covenant Eyes Versus Alternatives

How does Covenant Eyes compare to competitor programs like Qustodio, Norton Family, and more? Here’s a quick rundown of Covenant Eyes versus key alternatives.

Qustodio (Covenant Eyes vs. Qustodio)

  • More robust time limits and schedules
  • Call and text monitoring
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • No accountability reports
  • Mixed filtering effectiveness

Norton Family

  • Superior social media monitoring
  • Text message tracking
  • Limited to 10 devices
  • No pornography focus
  • Weaker onWindows


  • Lighter web filtering
  • No accountability features
  • Sluggish performance
  • Solid time management tools
  • No desktop options

Disney Circle

  • Seamless network-level filtering
  • DIY installation available
  • Can’t monitor Android or iOS
  • No individual user visibility

MS Family Safety

  • Tight integration with Windows
  • Easy child profiles
  • No accountability partner option
  • Light filtering capabilities
  • Lackluster activity reports

Canopy (Covenant Eyes vs. Canopy)

  • Very customizable filtering
  • Solid cross-platform support
  • Lacks iOS app
  • No accountability features
  • Mediocre activity reports

Net Nanny (Covenant Eyes vs. Net Nanny)

  • Industry-leading web filtering
  • Built-in VPN inclusion
  • No desktop options
  • Poor social media monitoring
  • Easy bypass with resets

Bark (Covenant Eyes vs. Bark)

  • Top-tier text and social media monitoring
  • Lacks accountability partner integration
  • iOS only
  • No filtering or time limits
  • Excels at early alert notifications

Overall, Covenant Eyes generally beats out competitors on accountability focused features while having room for improvement with time management capabilities and mobile performance.

Covenant Eyes FAQs

If you’re still weighing Covenant Eyes, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does Covenant Eyes monitor all device activity?

Covenant Eyes monitors internet activity across browsers, but does not track offline application usage or system processes. It also does not monitor texts, calls, or social media activity occurring in apps.

Can Covenant Eyes be cheated or bypassed?

There are ways addicts attempt to beat monitoring like disabling Covenant Eyes or using a separate device. But for most users, the accountability system powerfully deters cheating.

Does Covenant Eyes slow down my device?

Minor slowdowns are possible on older hardware, but Covenant Eyes strives to minimize performance impact. Effects are typically only noticeable on poorly optimized PCs.

Can I try Covenant Eyes for free?

Covenant Eyes doesn’t have a free trial, but you can try it risk-free for 30 days and receive a full refund if unsatisfied. New accounts get access to all features.

Does Covenant Eyes work on public WiFi networks?

Yes, Covenant Eyes secures connections and filters content consistently across all networks. It works reliably on public hotspots.

Is Covenant Eyes easy for tech novices to use?

Absolutely. The software is designed for simplicity. Once installed, it runs quietly in the background without any need for configuration.

How strict are the default filtering settings?

Filters are set moderately by default. But you can customize filtering to be as strict or lenient as desired to match your values.

Can I use Covenant Eyes to monitor employees?

Yes, Covenant Eyes is used by companies to ensure staff internet usage aligns with policies. Disclaimers should inform staff of monitoring.

Does Covenant Eyes offer additional resources?

Yes! Their blog provides tips for accountability, purity, parenting, and fighting addiction with great articles and videos.

The Bottom Line

Covenant Eyes provides a powerful system combining filtering, monitoring, and accountability to help users control online habits and fight pornography addiction. For those seeking freedom from compulsive behavior and greater integrity online, Covenant Eyes is an excellent choice.

The cross-platform capabilities, customizable filters, and easy installation make it accessible for most users. While no program is perfect, Covenant Eyes hits the mark on core features for accountability. For individuals, couples, or families, it’s a top-tier software option.

Just be aware of some weaknesses like no text monitoring before deciding if alternatives like Qustodio better fit your needs. But for battling pornography addiction across devices, Covenant Eyes has a well-earned reputation for changing lives.

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