10 Best CocoFinder Alternatives for Reverse Phone Lookup in 2024

March 19, 2024

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If you’ve ever received a call from an unknown number, you know how unsettling it can be. Is it a telemarketer, a scammer, or someone you actually want to talk to? A reverse phone lookup service can help you find out who’s behind that mystery number quickly and easily.

While CocoFinder is a popular option, there are many other high-quality reverse phone lookup services available. As an experienced private investigator who has tested numerous lookup tools, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best CocoFinder alternatives for 2024. These services are reliable, user-friendly, and provide the most accurate and in-depth information.

For more information on how CocoFinder itself works, check out our in-depth CocoFinder review.

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a search tool that allows you to enter a phone number and find out information about the owner, such as their name, address, and other contact details. It works in the opposite direction of a standard phone directory, where you look up a name to find a corresponding number.

Reverse phone lookups tap into vast databases aggregating information from public records, social media profiles, marketing lists, and other sources. With just a phone number, they can often provide a surprising wealth of data about the person or business it belongs to.

How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

To do a reverse phone number search, you simply enter the number into a lookup tool. The service then scours through millions of records in its database to find a match. If a match is found, it will return whatever information is available, which may include:

  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Past addresses
  • Age and birthday
  • Email addresses
  • Social media profiles
  • Family members and known associates
  • And more

The comprehensiveness of the results depends on the particular service’s data sources. Most can provide information for both landlines and cell phones. However, cell phone numbers are not public record and can be harder to track down detailed information for compared to landlines.

Top 10 Best CocoFinder Alternatives

Now, let’s look at my picks for the top 10 best paid and free reverse phone lookup services that are reliable CocoFinder alternatives:

1. Spokeo

Spokeo Search Options

One of the most well-known CocoFinder alternatives, Spokeo offers an user-friendly interface for reverse phone lookups. In my experience, Spokeo reliably provides accurate names and addresses for inputted phone numbers.

However, accessing background information like criminal records requires purchasing a membership. Spokeo offers a basic membership for $19.95/month or $59.85/quarter.

2. Truecaller


Truecaller is a massive crowdsourced phone directory with over 3 billion phone numbers. Used by more than 310 million people globally, it’s the world’s largest caller ID and spam blocking app.

With Truecaller, you can easily do reverse phone lookups to identify unknown numbers and avoid spam and scam calls. While results are generally reliable thanks to user reports and feedback, data is not as in-depth as some other services. But for a free option, Truecaller is hard to beat.

3. BeenVerified


BeenVerified is a popular people search service that offers comprehensive reverse phone reports. By searching billions of public records, BeenVerified can uncover detailed background information with only a phone number.

Reports may include names, ages, addresses, email addresses, social media accounts, criminal records, bankruptcies, assets, and more. This makes BeenVerified a powerful tool for identifying mystery callers. However, with plans starting at $22.86/month, it’s pricier than some alternatives.

4. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Mainly known as an online background check service, Instant Checkmate also offers reverse phone lookup functionality. What sets it apart is its ease of use – with just a phone number, you can access a detailed report in minutes.

I found Instant Checkmate’s reports to be very thorough, including information like criminal and traffic records, social media profiles, location history, and more. A 5-day trial is available for $1. After that, memberships are $34.78/month.

5. PeopleFinders


PeopleFinders boasts one of the largest databases of any reverse phone lookup service, with over 250 million records. By searching these vast data sources, it can reliably return the name, address, age, relatives, and other useful details for a given phone number.

While I like how PeopleFinders lets you purchase a single report rather than a full membership, be aware that reports are less in-depth than some competitors. A basic report with current contact info costs $6.95, or $12.95 for a more detailed background report. Membership plans start at $29.95/month.

6. Intelius


Intelius is another top-rated people search engine offering reliable reverse phone lookups. With over 20 billion available public records, Intelius can help you quickly put a name to an unknown number.

Reports are fairly comprehensive and well-structured, including contact details, location history, aliases, possible relatives, and more. However, you’ll need to purchase a Premier Plus membership ($19.95/month after a $1.99 5-day trial) to view the most detailed information.

7. Whitepages


The authority in online phone directories for over 20 years, Whitepages is a trusted name in reverse phone lookups. Searching over 275 million U.S. records, Whitepages provides high-quality data to help you identify unfamiliar numbers.

I found Whitepages especially useful for looking up landline numbers, as it has one of the most extensive databases of residential phone records. The basic mobile app is free, while premium subscriptions with enhanced search and background check features start at $4.99/month.

8. PeopleLooker


PeopleLooker is a user-friendly and affordable background check website that offers flexible reverse phone lookup tools. It boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and delivers accurate, up-to-date reports.

PeopleLooker reports include not only names and addresses, but also email addresses, social media profiles, criminal records, and more. After a 3-day trial for $1, PeopleLooker costs $18.28/month for unlimited searches.

Us Search

US Search is one of the longest-running reverse phone lookup services, first launched in 1993. Today, it’s still a reputable choice for finding the owner of an unfamiliar number.

US Search scours millions of records to provide key information like full names, current addresses, email addresses, and social profiles. While not as feature-rich as some newer competitors, US Search offers reliable results at a competitive price point of $19.86/month.

10. TruthFinder

Truthfinder 2

Rounding out my list is TruthFinder, a popular and powerful people search service offering reverse phone lookups. By cross-referencing billions of available records, TruthFinder delivers some of the most detailed and accurate reports I’ve seen.

In addition to an individual’s contact information, TruthFinder reports may include criminal and arrest records, bankruptcies, assets, licenses, social profiles, possible relatives, and more. This makes it a great tool for screening potential dates or looking up new neighbors. TruthFinder memberships are $27.78/month.

How to Choose the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service

With so many CocoFinder alternatives available, how do you pick the right reverse phone lookup service for your needs? Here are the key factors I recommend considering:

Accuracy and Comprehensiveness of Results

The best reverse phone lookup tools deliver complete, up-to-date information drawn from reliable data sources. Look for services that search billions of records and provide useful details like full names, current addresses, email addresses, and social profiles.

Ease of Use

A good reverse phone lookup service should make it quick and simple to search a number and access results. Avoid sites with a clunky interface or that make you jump through hoops to get your report.

Search Filtering Options

Some phone lookup services let you refine your search, such as by narrowing down by location. This can help you zero in on the right individual if the initial results include many people.

Additional Background Check Features

The most versatile reverse phone lookup tools also include background check capabilities, allowing you to access criminal records, financial history, relatives, and more. Consider if these extra features are important for your needs.

Data Privacy and Security

When providing your information to a lookup service, you want to be sure it will be kept private and secure. Stick with reputable services that are transparent about their data practices and have strong privacy policies in place.

Pricing and Value

Reverse phone lookup services can range from free to around $50/month. Those with the most data and features tend to cost more. However, pricier doesn’t always mean better. Consider your budget and needs to find the service that offers the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reverse Phone Lookup

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about reverse phone lookup services:

What information can I get from a reverse phone lookup?

Reverse phone lookup services can provide varying amounts of information, such as:

  • Name of the phone number’s owner
  • Their current address
  • Past addresses
  • Age and date of birth
  • Email addresses
  • Social media profiles
  • Family members and known associates
  • And more, depending on the service

Are reverse phone lookups legal?

Yes, it is legal to use a reverse phone lookup service, as they only access legally-available public records and publicly-accessible data. However, you should only use the information obtained for lawful purposes.

How do I know if a reverse phone lookup website is legitimate?

To ensure a lookup service is trustworthy, check that they:

  • Have an extensive database with at least a billion records
  • Use industry-standard encryption to safeguard customer data
  • Provide accurate, current information from reliable public sources
  • Offer customer support and clear billing practices
  • Have detailed privacy policies and terms of service

Can I lookup international phone numbers?

Most reverse phone lookup services only provide information for U.S. numbers. Some may offer limited data on Canadian numbers. For international numbers, you’ll likely need to use a specialty service.

Why would a phone number not show up in a reverse phone lookup?

There are a few reasons a reverse phone lookup may not return any information:

  • The phone number is very new and not yet listed in public records
  • It is an international number outside the lookup service’s database
  • It’s a prepaid cell phone or a “burner” number not associated with an individual
  • There are no public records available for that number

How can I remove my information from CocoFinder or other lookup sites?

Most reputable people search services offer opt-out processes to remove your personal information from their databases. If you need to remove your information from CocoFinder, see our step-by-step guide on how to opt out of CocoFinder.

Key Takeaways

  • Reverse phone lookup services allow you to identify the owner of an unfamiliar phone number.
  • The best CocoFinder alternatives deliver the most accurate, in-depth information drawn from billions of public records.
  • Key information provided can include name, address, email, social profiles, and more.
  • When choosing a reverse phone lookup service, consider accuracy, ease of use, search options, additional features, privacy, and pricing.
  • Reverse phone lookups are legal when used for legitimate purposes, but may not provide results for some numbers like international or prepaid phones.

With the right reverse phone lookup service, you can quickly and easily find out who’s behind that unknown number calling you. Whether it’s an old friend, a telemarketer, or a scammer, these CocoFinder alternatives will give you the information you need for peace of mind.