10 Best Clearbit Alternatives for B2B Lead Generation in 2024

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Clearbit Alternatives


Clearbit is a popular data enrichment and lead generation platform that helps B2B companies access accurate contact and company information. While a powerful tool, it may not fit every business’s specific needs and budget. Luckily, several Clearbit alternatives offer robust features for sales intelligence and prospecting.


In this guide, I’ll share my expert insights on the top 10 Clearbit competitors worth considering in 2024. As a seasoned sales and marketing professional who has tested numerous lead generation tools, I’ll highlight each alternative’s key features, pricing, pros and cons.

Whether you’re a startup looking for an affordable solution or an enterprise needing advanced capabilities, you’ll find an option that aligns with your unique requirements. Let’s dive in and explore these Clearbit rivals, so you can supercharge your lead gen and boost sales success. For an in-depth look at Clearbit’s own capabilities, check out our comprehensive Clearbit review.

Key Features to Look for in Clearbit Alternatives

When evaluating Clearbit alternatives, focus on core capabilities that can enhance your sales and marketing efforts:

  • Data accuracy and coverage: Ensure the tool provides up-to-date, reliable data for your target industries and geographies. The wider the coverage, the more leads you can tap into.
  • Lead generation and qualification: Look for features like advanced search filters, intent data, and lead scoring to help you pinpoint high-quality prospects that fit your ICP.
  • Integrations: The tool should sync seamlessly with your CRM (like Salesforce or HubSpot) and other key sales tools for streamlined workflows. Native integrations are ideal.
  • Pricing and scalability: Compare pricing plans and credits to find an option that fits your budget now and as you grow. Consider your team size and usage needs to avoid overpaying.

Top 10 Clearbit Alternatives

1. ZoomInfo


Key features:

  • Extensive B2B contact and company database
  • Advanced search filters and list building
  • Buyer intent data and sales triggers


✓ Wide global coverage across industries

✓ Accurate direct dials and verified emails

✓ Powerful Salesforce and MA integrations


✗ Higher pricing than some alternatives

✗ Usage limits on lower-tier plans

✗ Can be complex for new users

Pricing: Starting at $14,995/year for a basic plan with 5000 exported contacts

For a detailed comparison of ZoomInfo vs. Clearbit, read our full ZoomInfo vs Clearbit breakdown.

2. Lusha


Key features:

  • Crowdsourced B2B contact data
  • Chrome extension for easy prospecting
  • Salesforce and LinkedIn integrations


✓ Simple, user-friendly interface

✓ Affordable, flexible pricing

✓ GDPR compliant contact data


✗ Less comprehensive data than some alternatives

✗ Limited company insights

✗ Some inaccurate or outdated contacts

Pricing: Starting at $29/month for 5 credits per month

3. UpLead


Key features:

  • Verified B2B contact and company data
  • Real-time email verification
  • Target Account List building


✓ High email and phone accuracy

✓ Niche-specific data (recruiters, agencies)

✓ Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce integrations


✗ No free trial, only refunds

✗ Limited support on basic plans

✗ Caps on list building

Pricing: Starting at $74/user/month for 170 credits

4. Seamless.AI


Key features:

  • AI-powered B2B contact database
  • Persona based list building
  • Real-time email verification


✓ Easy to use, modern interface

✓ Generous free plan

✓ US and global data coverage


✗ Mostly US based contacts

✗ Buggy Chrome extension

✗ Slow support on free plan

Pricing: Free up to 50 credits/month, paid plans from $125/month for 1000 credits

5. RocketReach


Key features:

  • Accurate B2B contact data
  • Bulk list enrichment
  • LinkedIn & CRM integrations


✓ Affordable pay-as-you-go pricing

✓ API access on all plans

✓ GDPR & CCPA compliant


✗ Some outdated contact info

✗ Lower data coverage than alternatives

✗ Free plan is very limited

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go from $0.04/credit, subscriptions from $59/month for 1500 credits

6. LeadIQ


Key features:

  • Verified B2B contact data
  • Prospector tool with 60+ filters
  • 1-click CRM integrations


✓ Highly rated for data accuracy

✓ Simple, intuitive interface

✓ Dedicated Customer Success rep


✗ Less cost-effective for large data pulls

✗ Occasional bugs & slow-downs

✗ Limitations on international data

Pricing: Starting at $60/user/month, billed annually

7. Cognism


Key features:

  • GDPR compliant B2B data
  • Diamond data® – highly accurate phone data
  • Native Salesforce app for data sync


✓ Comprehensive data coverage across US, Europe, APAC

✓ High quality direct dial phone numbers

✓ Excellent customer support


✗ High price point for smaller teams

✗ Some integration issues reported

✗ Learning curve for advanced features

Pricing: Contact for pricing, paid plans include unlimited usage

8. Apollo.io


Key features:

  • 220M+ contact database
  • Prospect searchtool with 200+ filters
  • Sales engagement platform with automation


✓ All-in-one sales platform

✓ Advanced prospecting capabilities

✓ Includes email verification


✗ Lower data accuracy than some alternatives

✗ Can get pricey as database grows

✗ Reported problems with LinkedIn integration

Pricing: Starting at $39/user/month for database access only

See our head-to-head Apollo vs. Clearbit comparison for more details on how these two popular options stack up.

9. Lead411


Key features:

  • B2B contact & company data
  • Intent data & sales triggers
  • List building with 60+ criteria


✓ Human-verified contacts

✓ Strong customer support

✓ Seamless CRM integrations


✗ Credits expire in 12 months

✗ Limited advanced search filters

✗ Basic reporting & analytics

Pricing: Starting at $999/user/year for 5000 credits

10. Datanyze


Key features:

  • Technographic data
  • Website visitor identification
  • Chrome extension & CRM integrations


✓ Specialty technographic data

✓ Real-time website visitor insights

✓ Excellent customer support


✗ Narrow technographic focus

✗ Less accurate contact data

✗ Fewer search filters & lead gen features

Pricing: Starting at $39/month for 1000 credits

How to Choose the Best Clearbit Alternative for Your Business

With so many strong Clearbit alternatives available, how do you pick the best one for your specific needs? Consider these key factors:

  • Assess your requirements: Clarify your primary use case, must-have features, and integrations. Do you need org charts, intent data, or niche data? Technographics or direct dials?
  • Check data coverage: If you sell into specific geos, industries, or company sizes, verify the provider has adequate coverage for your ICP. Don’t pay for data you won’t use.
  • Compare pricing: Look beyond base pricing to assess total cost based on your predicted usage. A higher priced tool with better data could provide more pipeline value than a “cheaper” option.
  • Evaluate ease of use: Take advantage of free trials and demos to see how intuitive the interface is for your team. The best data is useless if no one can figure out the tool.
  • Verify accuracy: Ask for a sample file to spot check data accuracy, especially for must-have fields like direct dials and verified emails. Bad data wastes your team’s time.
  • Research support: Read reviews and ask your network about the provider’s support and training. Reliable support is crucial for onboarding and resolving issues.

Clearbit Alternatives Comparison

AlternativeData CoverageKey FeaturesPricingBest For
ZoomInfo220M+ contacts globallyIntent data, org charts$14,995/yrLarge teams with big budgets
Lusha100M+ contacts globallyChrome extension$29/moSolo reps wanting basic data
UpLead54M+ contacts globallyEmail verification$74/moTeams needing accurate emails
Seamless100M+ US contactsAI-based searchFree-$125/moStartups on a tight budget
RocketReach700M+ global contactsBulk list enrichment$0.04/creditTeams wanting flexible pricing
LeadIQ45M+ US contactsProspector tool$60/moSMBs focused on outbound
Cognism200M+ global contactsDiamond phone dataCustomTeams wanting premium direct dials
Apollo220M+ contactsSales engagement$39/moTeams wanting an all-in-one platform
Lead41140M+ global contactsIntent data$999/yrOrgs wanting full-funnel data
Datanyze45M+ websitesTechnographics$39/moCompanies selling to specific tech stacks


Picking the right sales intelligence tool is a critical decision that impacts your team’s productivity and pipeline generation. While Clearbit is a popular choice, one of these alternatives may be an even better fit for your specific needs and budget.

From ZoomInfo to Datanyze, each option excels in different areas – whether it’s data accuracy, intent signals, technographics, or price flexibility. The key is to thoroughly evaluate your requirements and compare core features that matter most to your business.

Don’t forget to take advantage of free trials and demos to get a real feel for the tool’s ease of use and data quality. And if you’re still not sure, ask peers in your industry for their firsthand experiences and recommendations.

Ultimately, the “best” Clearbit alternative is the one that empowers your team to connect with more qualified leads, scale your prospecting, and hit your revenue goals. So take the time to invest in the right data partner – it will pay dividends in pipeline down the road.


  1. What is the main difference between Clearbit and its alternatives?

Clearbit is a data enrichment and lead generation platform, while alternatives may specialize in areas like technographic data, intent signals, or sales engagement. Key differences include data coverage, pricing model, features, and integrations.

  1. Which Clearbit alternative has the best data accuracy?

Based on reviews and independent comparisons, ZoomInfo and Cognism consistently rank high for overall B2B data accuracy, especially for direct dials and verified emails. However, accuracy can vary by data type and target market.

  1. Are there any free Clearbit alternatives?

Yes, some Clearbit alternatives like Seamless.AI and Apollo.io offer free plans, although they are usually limited in credits or features. These can be a good way to test out basic functionality before upgrading to a paid plan.

  1. Can these alternatives integrate with my CRM?

Most Clearbit alternatives offer direct integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. Some also support custom integrations through webhooks or APIs. Always check the integration options before signing up.

  1. What is the pricing for these Clearbit alternatives?

Pricing for Clearbit alternatives ranges from ~$30/month to $15,000+/year depending on the scale of data and features. Most offer tiered subscription plans based on credits or seats, with discounts for annual billing. Some also provide pay-as-you-go pricing for maximum flexibility.

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