The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sexting Apps

November 27, 2023

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Sexting can spice up any relationship. Exchanging flirty messages and photos is a fun, modern way to build intimacy with a partner. But sexting safely requires the right tools.

This guide shares the top sexting apps to try in 2024 for keeping private messages private. Learn how to choose an app, flirt confidently through text and pictures, and stay secure.

What is Sexting?

Sexting means sending sexually suggestive images or messages via text, app, or social media. It includes anything from flirty selfies to explicit content.

While often seen as scandalous, studies show 62% of adults have sexted in their lifetime. For consenting partners, it can:

  • Enhance intimacy – Sexting is foreplay from a distance that builds tension for the next meetup. Partners connect through sharing desires.
  • Add excitement – Trying new flirty styles like sexy selfies lets partners explore outside the bedroom.
  • Boost confidence – Appreciative responses make senders feel admired and attractive.

The key is positive sexting within a trusting relationship. Sharing racy content requires clear consent and secure apps to protect privacy.

Pros and Cons of Sexting Apps

Sexting apps offer benefits beyond regular messaging apps when used properly:


  • Privacy – Specialized platforms have features like passcodes, private folders, and screenshot notifications to prevent forwarding private content.
  • Convenience – Easy-to-use interfaces designed for flirting make sexting quick and accessible anywhere. Partners can chat when inspiration strikes, no matter the time or place.
  • Fun options – Creative features like photo and video editing tools, sexy sticker packs, and couple’s games add playfulness.


  • Learning curve – Figuring out new apps takes some time versus using familiar messaging apps.
  • Cost – Many sexting apps only unlock full features with a paid subscription. The best value comes from choosing one app to invest in.
  • Screenshot risk – While apps discourage saving images, some motivated snoopers find workarounds. Don’t include identifiable tattoos or surroundings in shots.

The pros often outweigh the cons when partners commit to open communication and digital safety practices.

Choosing the Right Sexting App

With so many options, it helps to narrow down must-have features in a sexting platform. The ideal app has:

  • End-to-end encryption for messages and cloud storage.
  • A self-destruct feature for auto-deleting messages.
  • Support for multimedia like photos, videos, GIFs, and voice messages.
  • A user-friendly and modern interface.
  • Customizable privacy settings and passcode lock.
  • Free and paid membership options to suit different needs.
  • Positive user reviews and a large active user base.

Start comparing apps with these criteria in mind. Read reviews and test out interfaces to find the best fit.

Choosing the right app helps create a safe, designated space for getting playful. Download it onto devices you regularly use at home and on the go.

Top 10 Safe Sexting Apps

Safe Sexting Apps

Here are the top-rated sexting apps for private messaging in 2024:

1. Snapchat

The OG app for disappearing messages, Snapchat pioneered auto-deleting content. Users appreciate the:

  • Strong privacy features – Screenshot detection, passcode lock, and message deletion after 1-10 seconds.
  • Huge global user base – Over 265 million active daily users means more potential matches.
  • Fun and casual vibe – Filters, lenses, Bitmojis, and stickers allow goofy self-expression.
  • Free version – Basic app features are free, with paid subscriptions for extras like replays and profile customization.

While not designed solely for sexting, Snapchat’s features make it a secure choice. Sexting on Snapchat? Check out the best Snapchat spy apps to monitor activity.

2. Confide

Confide brands itself the “off-the-record messenger.” Standout features include:

  • Screenshot blocking – Prevents capturing of texts, images, or videos.
  • Self-destruct timer – Messages vanish after being read.
  • PINs for extra security – Sending media requires unique one-time PINs.
  • Professional network focus – Caters to political, business, and media users with privacy needs.
  • Free trial version – Subscription unlocks full suite of confidential messaging tools.

With its emphasis on air-tight security, Confide is ideal for facilitating private affairs.

3. Wickr Me

This encrypted chat app deletes messages after a set time. Core privacy components:

  • Sender-controlled deletion timer – Message lifespan adjustable from 3 seconds to 6 days.
  • No metadata collection – Doesn’t store data on message timestamps, locations, etc.
  • Secure cloud storage – End-to-end encryption for media sent and synced across devices.
  • Multi-platform functionality – User-friendly on both smartphones and desktop.
  • Free basic version – Paid packages with file hosting and advanced features.

Wickr Me excels at keeping intimate chat history and media away from prying eyes.

4. Signal

Signal focuses on enhanced security and encryption protocols. Users like its:

  • Open source software – Coding is transparent and regularly audited.
  • Minimal metadata retention – Doesn’t store identifying info on contacts.
  • Disappearing messages – Auto-deletion after set timeframe.
  • Cross-platform functionality – Seamlessly syncs iOS, Android, and desktop use.
  • Totally free – No paid version, Signal doesn’t profit from user data.

Already trusted by security experts, Signal makes encrypted communication accessible.

5. MeetMe

MeetMe is a social platform with chat rooms and live streaming. Key features:

  • Private chat and video chat options – Connect one-on-one or in groups.
  • Large user base – Over 100 million downloads makes finding matches easy.
  • Screenshot detection – Sends notification if someone tries to capture images.
  • Free messaging – Upgrade to access more features.

With its focus on meeting new people, MeetMe is ideal for flirty encounters.

6. Telegram

Not just for sexting, Telegram offers enhanced group chatting functions. But its security makes it ideal for X-rated material:

  • Encrypted cloud storage – Securely syncs chat history across linked devices.
  • Self-destruct timer – Lets users delete messages from both ends after a set period.
  • Screen lock – Passcode keeps pics and conversations away from snoops.
  • Large global user base – Anonymity and universality make matches easy to find.
  • Free to use – Extra features like expanded cloud storage require Telegram Premium subscription.

Telegram brings secret messaging to the masses. For monitoring Telegram sexts, look into the top Telegram spy apps.

7. CoverMe

CoverMe bills itself as the “private texting app.” Core privacy components:

  • Incognito keyboard – Prevents third-party monitoring of typing and texts.
  • Temporary messages – Auto-deletion after reading.
  • Anonymous SMS – Sends texts without revealing actual contact info.
  • PINs for accessing app – Extra security.
  • Free version – Full functions require paid plan starting at $3.99 monthly.

For simple secure messaging, CoverMe has all the basics.

8. Cyber Dust

Cyber Dust specializes in making conversations invisible. It offers:

  • Screenshot blocking – Prevents message and media saving.
  • Custom deletion timer – Adjustable from 10 seconds up to 24 hours.
  • Private photo gallery – Secure cloud storage.
  • Password protection – Keeps locked messages hidden.
  • Flexible free version – 100% free messaging, or paid for extras like more cloud storage.

The tight security controls make chats here ideal for sexting.

9. Tinder

Tinder is the hugely popular dating app used by millions. With the right precautions, it can also be used for private messaging:

  • Photo verification – All profiles are checked to prevent fake accounts.
  • Large user base – High number of matches possible in most areas.
  • Simple interface – Easy swiping and messaging functions.
  • Flexible free use – Can message matches without the paid version.
  • End-to-end encryption – Keeps messages secure.

While designed for dating, Tinder’s features allow discreet communication. For monitoring Tinder sexts, look into the top Tinder spy apps.

10. Between

Between offers a private space for couples to connect. Standout features:

  • Photo and video sharing – Send disappearing intimate media.
  • Screen recording alerts – Notifies if someone tries to record you.
  • Passcode and TouchID – Extra security to control access.
  • Free limited version – Subscription unlocks enhanced capabilities.

For romantic partners, Between facilitates secure sexting.

Choosing any of these secure platforms helps avoid sexting mishaps. Always read the fine print on paid versions – some backup encrypted messages for ‘deleted’ content recovery if you save media, so check their policies.

Want to sext but keep it less committal? Check out this list of sex websites that aren’t blocked for casual fun. Just be safe!

Sexting Safety Tips

Sexting within a consensual relationship can enrich intimacy when done thoughtfully. Follow these tips for safe sharing:

  • Discuss boundaries – Be clear on what you’re each comfortable sending and receiving. Start slower rather than jumping into nudes.
  • Hold off on faces – Keep identities discreet by only showing body parts if you send images. Never include identifiable tattoos, scars or surroundings.
  • Use flattering angles – Practice taking sexy shots that highlight your best assets and keep the focus intimate.
  • Add teasing captions – Well-chosen words enhance photos and really get the anticipation going.
  • Save the build-up – Don’t give away everything all at once. Leave them wanting more for next time.
  • Give genuine compliments – When receiving intimate content, share how much you enjoy and appreciate their trust. Sext to make your partner feel desired.
  • Set the mood – Dim lights, play music, use sexy props like lingerie, and imagine you’re together as you sext for heightened immersion.
  • Mix up genres – Send hot memes, gifs, voice messages and previews along with photos to keep the energy fun.

Following basic etiquette keeps sexting positive. The same consent, respect and care that apply in the bedroom extend to intimate chats.

Get Creative with Sext Styles

Ready to up your sexting game? Try out these fun styles and prompts:

Teasing previews

Send sultry snippets showing skin to get imaginations going. Try:

  • A bare shoulder slipping out of a loose tee
  • Toes peeking out of high heels
  • Fingertips tugging at a hem or waistband
  • Collarbones and neckline
  • Legs in stockings or garters

Sexy selfies

Strike a playful pose without fully exposing yourself. Ideas:

  • Arch your back, flip your hair, and smolder at the camera
  • Blow a kiss with glossy lips
  • Hold your phone above you and look up seductively
  • Show off your best assets – cleavage, thighs, abs, booty!

Titillating typed words

Paint an erotic picture through descriptive language:

  • “Thinking about your hands on me has me so distracted today…”
  • “I keep replaying last night together in my mind…”
  • “I wish you were here right now to help me unwind…”
  • “I’m touching myself imagining it’s your hands instead of mine…”

Playful props

Add naughty accessories to dress up naked shots:

  • Silk robes, lacy lingerie, edible body paint
  • Jewelry resting in suggestive places
  • Funny novelty items like feathers, masks, or glasses
  • Flower petals, chocolate sauce, whipped cream – get creative!

Revealing requests

Ask for the kind of content you’d like to receive:

  • “I’d love to see what you’re wearing right now”
  • “Your arms are so sexy, will you show off your biceps?”
  • “I bet you look so hot in those jeans, any chance of a peek?”

Giving compliments while making requests helps partners feel desired.

Get flirty and descriptive as you build intimate tension through texts, images and imagination. Sexting taps into sexual creativity – embrace the art of the tease!

Sexting Etiquette 101

Sexting done right deepens intimacy between partners. Follow these etiquette tips:

  • Only sext people you know and trust completely. Never feel pressured.
  • Start slowly and discuss comfort levels before getting more daring.
  • Give genuine compliments and positive feedback on any content received.
  • Keep images classy rather than graphic to protect privacy and intimacy.
  • Let the other person know if you want to stop sexting at any point.
  • Never share or save any media without the sender’s explicit consent.
  • Delete all messages once the relationship ends.
  • Stay responsive and engaged when actively sexting – give your full attention.
  • Remember real life consent rules apply – enthusiastic consent makes sexting ethical.

When in doubt, apply the golden rule – only message others in ways you would feel comfortable receiving. Sexting should stay playful between partners.

Sadly, minors sometimes end up on adult dating platforms. Use parental monitoring tools and learn how to identify teen sexting sites to intervene if needed to keep kids safe.

Common Sexting FAQs

Still have questions about the art of intimate app messaging? Here are answers to the most frequently asked sexting questions:

Is sexting considered cheating if you’re in a relationship?

Sharing sexual content with anyone other than your partner counts as cheating. Even if you never meet up, sexting other people breaks trust and commitment. Always stay loyal.

Can sexting help long distance relationships?

Yes, sexting can absolutely sustain intimacy for long-distance couples. Flirty messaging helps partners feel connected through daily interactions. Sharing sexy selfies and imagination keeps the spark alive across the miles.

Is receiving unsolicited sexts harassment?

Yes, receiving any vulgar content without consent constitutes harassment. Ignore unwanted messages from strangers. If a contact persists in sending unwanted sexts, block them and consider reporting the harassment.

How old do you have to be to sext legally?

The age of consent for sexting follows the same laws as the age of consent for sexual activity, which varies between 16-18 in most states. Minors need to be especially cautious with sexting to avoid child pornography issues.

What should you do if someone won’t stop sexting you?

First, directly tell them to stop and that you’re not interested. Block their number or account. Report harassment to the dating app or authorities if they persist. Never feel pressured to respond.

Is sexting while in the same house weird?

Not at all! Flirty messaging creates anticipation even with proximity. Partners cozy on the couch can still use apps to exchange steamy previews building up to intimacy later. Creative sexts enhance foreplay.

Can anyone see my sexts if my phone gets hacked?

Potentially yes, though apps with end-to-end encryption like Signal offer more protection. Always use passcodes, don’t save intimate media, and delete conversations when sexting to limit risk. Enabling 2-factor authentication on devices adds another layer of security.

To manage digital risks, use comprehensive parental controls. Blocking keywords on minors’ devices helps restrict access to inappropriate content.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a trusted sexting app with robust privacy settings and encryption to keep intimate conversations just between partners.
  • Set boundaries around comfort levels, and start tame before working up to more daring content as you build trust and rapport.
  • Follow basic etiquette principles of consent, honesty, and respect – sext only enthusiastically willing partners.
  • Get flirty and creative with teasing previews, sexy selfies, erotic descriptions and playful props as you learn to sext with confidence.
  • Delete all old messages and media when ending a relationship – never save or distribute private content without permission.

Ready, Set, Sext!

Sexting allows partners to intimately connect and explore sexuality through modern tech tools. Finding the right platform tailored to privacy makes sharing sexy content safer.

Approach flirty messaging and images from a place of mutual care, trust and consent. When done thoughtfully by committed couples, sexting can spice things up through cheeky words and provocative pictures.

Choose apps with strong encryption, self-destructing messages and screenshot alerts. Build anticipation for the next in-person rendezvous by getting creative with titillating texts, tongue-in-cheek selfies and flirty previews.

Stay true to real-world respect and ethics. Sexting offers another avenue for expressing intimacy – embrace the fun!