The Best mSpy Alternatives in 2024

February 29, 2024

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mSpy is a popular phone monitoring app, but some users find it expensive and look for alternatives. In this post, we review the top mSpy competitors that offer powerful features at more affordable pricing.

Why Consider an mSpy Alternative?

mSpy is designed for comprehensive monitoring with features like:

  • Keystroke monitoring
  • Text and call logging
  • Media file access
  • Location tracking
  • Browsing history monitoring

However, mSpy’s high subscription costs lead many to seek budget-friendly alternatives with similar capabilities.

Although not many apps match mSpy’s robust feature set, there are some excellent alternatives worth considering.

Factors for Choosing an mSpy Alternative

When comparing mSpy to competitor apps, we evaluated these key factors:

  • Comprehensive features – monitoring of texts, calls, GPS, apps, etc.
  • Price – more budget-friendly monthly/yearly pricing
  • Cross-platform – support for both Android and iOS devices
  • Stealth mode – hidden operation on the monitored device
  • Customer support – availability of email, chat, phone support

The best mSpy alternatives deliver strong functionality at lower cost. Let’s review the top options.

The Best mSpy Alternative Apps in 2024

Based on expert evaluation, these are the leading mSpy competitor apps:


eyezy logo

eyeZy matches mSpy’s powerful capabilities at a more affordable price point. It offers social media monitoring, hidden operation, location tracking, and more. eyeZy is our top pick for value.


umobix logo

uMobix provides real-time monitoring of texts, calls, apps, location, and media files. It works on Android and iOS without rooting or jailbreaking.


Spyic Logo

Spyic lets you remotely monitor texts, calls, GPS location, apps, and browsing history on an iPhone or Android device with total stealth.



Hoverwatch allows call recording and monitoring up to 5 devices on one account – a unique capability among mSpy alternatives.


cocospy logo

CocoSpy simplifies monitoring texts, location history, call logs, and browsing data without device rooting. It’s easy to use.


Xnspy Logo

XNSPY matches mSpy and adds useful extras like call recording, ambient listening, and enhanced media monitoring.



Qustodio is a top choice for parents needing robust social media and device monitoring controls.



Like Qustodio, Bark provides powerful parental monitoring tools and social media oversight for parents.


Spynger Logo

Spynger provides phone monitoring and parental control features such as blocking websites and apps. It has cross-platform support and affordable pricing plans starting at $7.5 per month.

Key Considerations for Choosing an mSpy Alternative

To select the best mSpy alternative app for your needs, keep these key tips in mind:

  • Focus on the features and capabilities that are most important for your monitoring purposes.
  • Compare pricing across apps to find the best value based on your budget.
  • Ensure cross-platform support for iOS and Android if monitoring different devices.
  • Read reviews and feedback from verified customers for real-world insights.
  • Check for free trials or demo options to test apps firsthand.
  • Evaluate the customer support provided – look for live chat, email, phone assistance.

By following these guidelines, you can zero in on the top mSpy alternative for your unique needs and priorities. All the apps suggested above deliver robust monitoring tools while exceeding mSpy’s expensive pricing.


mSpy is a very capable monitoring app, but viable alternatives exist for those seeking more budget-friendly options. Apps like eyeZy, uMobix, Spyic, Hoverwatch and others match mSpy’s features at lower cost.

Be sure to evaluate your specific monitoring goals and research apps thoroughly before deciding. With the right approach, you can find an mSpy alternative that delivers the monitoring power you need at affordable pricing.