The Complete Appmia Review: Is It the Best Monitoring App?

November 25, 2023

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Parental worries are endless. You want to protect your kids from potential dangers. But how can you do it when they use smartphones?

Kids usually don’t share what they browse, who they chat with or where they go. You have all the reasons to be worried as a parent.

The same applies when you run a business. You don’t want your trade secrets or future plans leaked. But how can you make sure your employees don’t disclose sensitive information?

Monitoring their communication channels seems to be the only option. But is it legal and ethical?

That’s why you need a reliable phone monitoring app. Appmia is quite popular in this niche.

But does Appmia live up to its hype? How does it compare to the competition?

This in-depth Appmia review has got you covered. You’ll learn everything you need to make an informed decision.

What is Appmia?

Appmia markets itself as a powerful monitoring solution for phones and tablets. It’s designed to record the target device’s:

  • Messages
  • Phone calls
  • Location
  • Web history
  • Keystrokes
  • Media files
  • And more

It runs in stealth mode without alerting the user. The collected data is uploaded to an online dashboard.

Appmia is a product of the company Appmia Inc. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

The iOS version supports iPhones and iPads running up to the latest iOS versions. The Android version works on phones and tablets running Android 4 or higher.

How Does Appmia Work?

How Does Appmia Work

For Appmia to monitor an iOS device, you need to jailbreak it first. This removes Apple’s security restrictions so you can install unauthorized apps.

You also need to enable developer options and root an Android device to use Appmia.

Once the device is jailbroken or rooted, you can install the Appmia app. It will operate in invisible mode without showing an icon.

When the target user unlocks their device, Appmia will start recording activities in the background.

It will silently upload the data to the Appmia website. You just access the dashboard from any browser to view the monitoring logs.

However, jailbreaking or rooting poses severe security risks:

  • Device protection is disabled
  • Vulnerable to malware attacks
  • Unable to install OS updates
  • Warranty gets voided
  • Data can be compromised

So you need to be extremely careful before jailbreaking or rooting a device just to use Appmia.

Key Features of Appmia


Appmia offers a robust set of monitoring capabilities for phones and tablets. Let’s look at some of its notable features:

1. Track Text Messages

Appmia can record both sides of an SMS conversation on the target device. You can view the messages exchanged with names, numbers, and timestamps.

It supports monitoring text messages on Android devices out of the box. But you need to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad to track iMessages.

2. Monitor Phone Calls

The call logging feature lets you listen to live phone calls. It can also record and upload the calls for later reference.

You get details like caller name, number, call duration and time. Appmia highlights inbound, outbound and missed calls in different colors.

3. Ambient Listening

This feature turns the target phone into a remote listening bug. Appmia can record conversations happening around the device through the mic.

It’s helpful to monitor your kids’ activities during school or playtime. But ambient listening without consent is often illegal.

4. View Web Browsing History

Appmia logs all webpages visited on the target device. You can check browser bookmarks, search terms, downloads and web activity timestamps.

It captures both regular and incognito browsing data across different browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.

5. Track GPS Location

The GPS tracker pinpoints the target device’s real-time location. You can view location history and get alerts when certain boundaries are crossed.

It also supports geo-fencing to define safe zones for your children. Appmia will notify you if they exit the permitted area.

6. Monitor Social Media Apps

Appmia claims to record chats and shared media from apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype etc.

But social media monitoring is inconsistent across different platforms. It works better on unencrypted apps compared to secured ones like Telegram.

7. Capture Keystrokes (Keylogger)

The keylogger feature records all keystrokes typed on the target device. This lets you access logins, passwords, messages, searches and other typed data.

Keyloggers pose serious security and privacy risks. So only use them on your own devices or with explicit consent.

8. View Photos and Videos

Appmia lets you remotely access photos, videos and audio files stored on the target device. You can view media content through the control panel.

Checking your children’s media files can protect them from inappropriate content. But accessing an adult’s private media without consent is unethical and illegal.

9. Monitor Emails

You can check incoming and outgoing emails from the target device. Appmia also captures email metadata like sender, recipient, timestamps, attachments etc.

Email monitoring raises privacy concerns since most emails contain personal or confidential data. Make sure to verify local regulations before using this feature.

10. View Installed Apps

Appmia shows all apps installed on the target device along with details like app name, version, developer etc. You can also view app usage frequency and duration.

It helps identify inappropriate, suspicious or addictive apps used by your children. But you need consent before tracking an adult’s installed apps.

11. Remote Control

This feature allows you to remotely lock the target device, wipe data, uninstall apps or block websites. It requires root access on Android and jailbreak on iOS.

Remote control helps restrict inappropriate app or web usage by your kids. But consent is mandatory for monitoring adults.

12. Alerts and Notifications

Appmia sends out alerts for configured triggers like SIM card change, unwanted apps, blocked calls etc. You can customize alerts based on location, apps and web activity.

Real-time notifications can help deter problematic behaviors in children and employees. But consent from adults is required for legal monitoring.

13. Access Calendar and Contacts

You can view calendar events and contact details stored on the target device. It provides visibility into your children’s schedules and friend circles.

Monitoring calendar and contacts of adults without consent infringes on personal privacy. So get explicit approval before accessing such private data.

How Much Does Appmia Cost?

Appmia offers multiple packages with varying subscription lengths. The longer you subscribe, the lower the monthly cost.

Here are the pricing options:

Package1 Month3 Months12 Months
Premium Plus$64.99$129.99$349.99
Family Kit$199.99$332.99$399.99
Small Business Kit$558.33$699.99$1258.33

The premium package contains basic features like message, call and location monitoring. Premium plus offers advanced capabilities like ambient listening, social media tracking etc.

The family kit allows monitoring 3 devices while the business kit supports 5 device connections.

Appmia offers a one-week free trial via email signup. But the free version only has a limited subset of features.

Additional costs: You need to factor in a one-time jailbreak or rooting fee if monitoring iOS or Android devices. There are also optional physical installation fees if you cannot access the target phone yourself.

Appmia makes big claims about its safety, security and compliance with local laws. Let’s verify some of these aspects:

Appmia Safety Concerns

  • You need to disable security features and protections to install Appmia. This makes the device highly vulnerable to risks.
  • Jailbreaking or rooting voids the device warranty since it tampers with the firmware.
  • Appmia needs to intercept encrypted communication data for some features. This raises severe privacy issues without explicit consent.
  • The company can potentially access or misuse user data since everything gets routed through its servers.
  • Appmia says it is 100% legal to use. But certain features like call recording, ambient listening, interception of messages etc. are illegal in some states and countries.
  • You need consent from device owners before monitoring them in most regions. Exceptions apply for parental monitoring of minor children.
  • Workplace monitoring is allowed in some circumstances but regulations like notice periods, consent etc. differ across locations.

Appmia Ethical Usage

  • Using Appmia without consent to spy on your spouse, partner, roommates or adult children is unethical.
  • You need transparent communication and explicit approval before monitoring adult employees at work.
  • Features like keyloggers, accessing personal media or emails pose privacy risks without the user’s consent.
  • Make sure to inform children about basic monitoring practices to build trust and ensure responsible usage.

So in summary, ensure you carefully verify local laws and get necessary consent before using Appmia. The exceptions are parents monitoring minor children and employees using company-owned devices per policy.

Appmia Alternatives

Here are some top alternative solutions to consider:

1. mSpy

mSpy is a popular parental monitoring solution for iOS and Android.


Key features:

  • Tracks texts, calls, GPS location
  • Monitors web history and social media
  • Doesn’t need jailbreak or root
  • Price starts at $199.99/3 months

2. Spyic

Spyic is an affordable monitoring app with advanced features.

Spyic Android

Notable capabilities:

  • Tracks messages on WhatsApp, Snapchat etc.
  • Live location tracking
  • Remote screen monitoring
  • Price starts at $12.49/month

3. Spyier

Spyier is a web-based phone spy app with flexible pricing plans.


Core features:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Messages and VoIP monitoring
  • Multi-device support
  • Price starts at $9.99/month

4. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy offers powerful surveillance capabilities for mobile and computer monitoring.


Key highlights:

  • Call interception and ambient listening
  • Jailbreak/root not required
  • Advanced monitoring features
  • Price starts at $68/month

Key Takeaways

  • Appmia can monitor many phone activities covertly like calls, GPS location, messages, keystrokes etc. But it needs jailbreak or root access.
  • Enabling Appmia compromises device security by disabling firmware protections. This leads to severe risks.
  • Verify if using Appmia is legal in your region since call and message interception is illegal in some areas.
  • Consent is mandatory for monitoring adults like partners or employees in most countries. Exceptions are minor children.
  • Alternatives like mSpy, Spyic and FlexiSpy offer robust monitoring without compromising device security through jailbreak or root.

FAQs About Appmia

Q1. Does Appmia work in complete hidden mode?

Yes, Appmia claims to work in stealth mode without any app icon or notifications. But you need admin access to disable its running processes on the device.

Q2. Can Appmia be installed remotely?

No, you currently need physical access to jailbreak or root the target iOS/Android device first before installing Appmia. However, they do offer an installation service for an extra fee.

Q3. Does Appmia drain the target phone’s battery?

Running constant background monitoring can impact battery life of the target device. Things like active GPS tracking are especially battery-intensive.

Q4. Can Appmia monitor non-jailbroken iPhones?

No, you currently need to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad to install Appmia and access certain iOS capabilities. But they may add support for non-jailbroken devices in the future.

Q5. Is Appmia detectable by antivirus apps?

Appmia is designed to evade antivirus detection on the target device through obfuscation techniques. But some advanced mobile antivirus apps can potentially flag it.

Q6. Can you read Snapchat messages with Appmia?

Appmia claims to monitor Snapchat by capturing data before encryption. But Snapchat’s security measures like screenshot detection may limit Appmia’s effectiveness on this platform.

Q7. Does Appmia work outside the US?

Appmia is focused on the US market but available globally except for a few regions. However, certain features may be restricted or illegal outside the US. Carefully check local laws before using it.

Q8. Can employers monitor personal devices of employees?

No, you typically need consent to monitor personal devices of employees. Exceptions may apply for company-owned devices with clear workplace policies allowing monitoring.

Q9. Is Appmia compatible with tablets?

Yes, Appmia works on both Android tablets and iPads. But you need to separately purchase tablet licenses and install the software individually.

Q10. Does deleting Appmia from a device remove all its data?

Just deleting the Appmia app itself does not remove collected data from their servers. You need to explicitly request Appmia support to permanently delete all stored monitoring logs and information.

Final Verdict: Proceed With Caution

Appmia provides comprehensive phone monitoring capabilities if you can meet the jailbreak or rooting requirements. But the security trade-offs are too risky for most use cases.

Make sure you carefully check local laws and get necessary consent before deploying Appmia. For parents, alternatives like mSpy provide a better risk-benefit ratio.

For businesses, transparent communication and clear policies are better than covert monitoring. Evaluate your specific needs and weigh compliance considerations before choosing Appmia.

Ultimately, any phone spying app requires responsible usage. Prioritize openness, trust and consent as much as possible – especially when monitoring adults and employees. That will help avoid harmful misuse of powerful surveillance tools.