How to Opt Out of AnyWho in 6 Simple Steps

March 17, 2024

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Want to remove your personal information from AnyWho’s database? Our comprehensive opt-out guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.


  • AnyWho is a people search directory that sources data from various public records and online sources
  • Having your information on AnyWho can expose you to unwanted solicitation and privacy issues
  • You can opt out by searching for your listing, submitting a removal request form, and verifying your identity
  • The process takes 5-10 minutes and your data should be removed within 48 hours
  • However, you’ll need to check back regularly as AnyWho updates its database weekly
  • offers some AnyWho alternatives if you want to use a different people search service.

Opting out is advisable to regain control over how your personal data is used. This guide covers everything you need to remove your details.

What is AnyWho and Why Opt Out


AnyWho is an online phone and people directory that allows users to look up individuals and businesses. You can search by name, phone number, email or address to find contact details like phone numbers, residential addresses and even relatives and neighbors.

The site sources its data from various public records and commercial sources:

  • Online and offline directories
  • Telephone records
  • Legal filings
  • Social networks
  • Government records
  • User contributed information

Having such personal information available publicly can expose you to:

  • Unwanted solicitation from sales calls and spam messages
  • Identity theft if details like your SSN and DOB are listed
  • Stalkers finding your contact information
  • Reputational damages if inaccurate details are displayed
  • Emotional distress at the loss of privacy

So if you value your privacy, opting out of AnyWho is highly recommended.

By removing your details, you prevent them from being:

  • Displayed in search results on AnyWho’s site
  • Shared with data partners and advertisers
  • Sold to third party sites and services
  • Used for targeted marketing campaigns

Essentially, you minimize unsolicited outreach and regain control over your data.

AnyWho Opt Out Requirements

To submit an opt-out request to AnyWho, you’ll need to provide:

  • Email Address: This will be used to verify your identity and process the request. Use an active email you frequently access.
  • Full Legal Name: Your first, middle and last names as they appear in official documents.
  • Date of Birth: Accurate DOB in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Phone Number: Preferably a number already associated with your profile.
  • Address: Current residential address linked to your profile.

Have these details handy before starting the process for a smooth removal experience.

Step-By-Step Guide to Opt Out of AnyWho

Ready to opt out? Follow this 6 step process to remove your personal information from AnyWho’s database:

Step 1: Initiate Opt-Out Process

Go to AnyWho’s website and scroll to the bottom of the page. click on “Do Not Sell My Info“.

Opt Out Of Anywho 1

This will redirect you to their data management page.

Step 2: Access Removal Tools

Click on “View Public Data Tools” in the Public Data Tools section.

Opt Out Of Anywho 2

Click on “Manage My Suppression Rules“.

Opt Out Of Anywho 3

This is where you can submit a data removal request.

Step 3: Provide Email Address

Enter a valid email address and agree to the Terms & Conditions. Then click on “Continue“.

Opt Out Of Anywho 4

This registers you in their system.

Step 4: Verify Email

Check the email inbox for the address you provided. Open the verification message from PeopleConnect and click on “Verify Email“.

Opt Out Of Anywho 5

This confirms you have access to that email.

Step 5: Fill Identity Details

Return to AnyWho’s opt-out page. When prompted, accurately fill in your:

  • Date of birth
Opt Out Of Anywho 06
  • Full legal name
Opt Out Of Anywho 07
  • Residential address

Then check the boxes to confirm details and agree to terms. Click “Continue” after each step.

Opt Out Of Anywho 08

This information verifies your identity.

Opt Out Of Anywho 09

Step 6: Select & Remove Your Listing

You’ll see search results with profiles matching your details. Click on the circle icon to select your exact listing.

On the next page, use the drop down menu to change the status to “Suppressed“. Then click “Save” to confirm removal.

Opt Out Of Anywho 10

You will get a confirmation message once processed.

Opt Out Of Anywho 11

And that’s it! You have successfully opted out of AnyWho.

After Opting Out – Next Steps

Within 48 hours, your listing should no longer appear in AnyWho’s search results.

However, remember that AnyWho updates its database weekly from various sources.

So even after opting out, your information can get added again in the future from public records or data partners.

To prevent this, take these additional steps:

  • Check back regularly: Every month, search your name on AnyWho to ensure your details stay removed. Re-submit an opt-out request if it reappears.
  • Expand removal efforts: Chances are if AnyWho has your data, other people search sites and data brokers likely do as well. Removing your details from multiple such services better protects your privacy.
  • Monitor your credit: Keep an eye out for signs of fraud or identity theft. Check your credit reports frequently and set up credit monitoring alerts.
  • Practice online privacy: Be cautious of sharing personal information online that can end up in public databases. Tighten social media privacy controls and minimize oversharing details publicly.

By opting out of AnyWho and taking additional measures, you safeguard yourself from privacy invasions and security risks linked to uncontrolled data sharing.

Key Takeaways: Opting Out of AnyWho in 2024

  • AnyWho is a people search directory sourcing data from public records and various online sources
  • Having your details on AnyWho can expose you to unwanted solicitation, identity theft and other privacy issues
  • You should opt-out by using their online suppression tools to submit a removal request
  • Provide your email, DOB, full legal name and other identity details to process your request
  • Select your profile from search results and change status to “Suppressed” to confirm opt-out
  • Expect your data to be removed within 48 hours but check back monthly to ensure it stays opted out
  • Consider removing personal details from other data broker sites for fuller privacy protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AnyWho a legitimate site?

Yes, AnyWho is a legitimate public records search service owned by PeopleConnect. However, opting out is still advisable to control use of your personal data.

How does AnyWho get my personal information?

AnyWho gathers data from various online and offline public sources like telephone records, legal filings, government documents as well as user contributed details.

What happens after I opt out of AnyWho?

Once submitted, your request takes up to 48 hours to process. Afterwards your name and details will no longer show up in AnyWho’s search results. But stay vigilant as your data can get added again from their weekly updates.

Can I completely delete my data from AnyWho?

No, AnyWho doesn’t allow permanent data deletion. The best option is to continually suppress your listing by regularly opting out whenever it reappears in search results.

Why won’t my opt-out request go through?

If AnyWho cannot accurately verify your identity, your request may get denied or require additional proof. Ensure you provide accurate personal details they have on file to avoid issues.

Is there an easier way to opt out of data brokers?

Yes, you can use privacy management platforms like Incogni that offer automated opt-outs from hundreds of data brokers on your behalf.

Ready to regain control of your personal data? Follow our guide to opt out of AnyWho hassle-free and consider using one of the top AnyWho alternatives.