The Complete Guide to Aispyer: Is it Worth It in 2024?

November 26, 2023

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With cybersecurity threats on the rise, more parents and employers are turning to monitoring apps like Aispyer to keep their loved ones safe online. But is Aispyer worth the cost and effort in 2024?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Aispyer, including its features, pricing, pros and cons, and how it compares to competitor apps. Read on for the full Aispyer review before deciding if it’s right for your needs.

What is Aispyer and How Does It Work?

Aispyer Logo

Aispyer is a phone monitoring app created by Anthropic in 2019. It allows you to view messages, calls, locations, app usage, and more from a smartphone you have physical access to.

Once installed on the target device, Aispyer runs silently in the background, collecting data and sending it to an online dashboard. As the account owner, you can log into the dashboard from any web browser to view reports on the target phone’s activities.

Some key features of Aispyer include:

  • Call Logging – Records time, duration, and contact name for calls.
  • Text Message Logging – Records SMS content and chat app messages like WhatsApp.
  • Location Tracking – Shows current location and location history.
  • Web Monitoring – Records websites visited and bookmarks.
  • App Usage – Shows how much time is spent in each app.
  • Social Media Monitoring – Tracks activity in apps like Facebook and Snapchat.
  • Keylogger – Logs keystrokes typed into the device.

Aispyer is designed to be completely invisible on the monitored device. Once installed, the app icon disappears so the user has no idea it is running in the background tracking everything they do.

Is Aispyer Easy to Set Up and Use?

One of the benefits of Aispyer is it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device to install. However, you do need physical access to the phone initially to download and install the app.

The setup process involves:

  1. Creating an account on the Aispyer website
  2. Disabling Play Protect on the target Android device
  3. Downloading and installing the Aispyer app file
  4. Granting the necessary permissions to access data
  5. Hiding the app icon

Once configured, you can remotely log into your dashboard from any web browser. The dashboard has an intuitive layout that makes finding reports straightforward. Navigation menus, icons, and large font make it easy to dig into details at a glance.

Aispyer Dashboard

However, one downside is the extensive selection of subscription plans available can make it confusing to pick the right one. The plans are also not clearly presented on the site.

Overall though, Aispyer succeeds in offering powerful monitoring abilities in a user-friendly package that doesn’t require technical skills to manage.

Aispyer Compatibility: What Devices Does It Work On?

Aispyer is compatible with Android devices running versions 4.0 to 11. This covers most Android smartphones currently in use.

Unfortunately, Aispyer does not work on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads yet. The company has not announced plans for an iOS version at this time.

You also cannot install Aispyer on Windows PCs, Macs, or other laptop operating systems. It is exclusively an Android application.

Does Aispyer Work on iPhones?

No, Aispyer does not currently offer any way to monitor iPhones, even if you jailbreak them. The app only works on Android smartphones.

If you need to track an iPhone, competitors like mSpy provide iOS monitoring with no jailbreak required.

Aispyer Plans and Pricing in 2024

One confusing aspect of Aispyer is the huge selection of subscription plans available in different configurations. Here is an overview of the pricing tiers:

Aispyer for Android

Product TypeDurationPrice Range
Aispyer for Standard Android1 Month$17.99
3 Months$39.99
6 Months$59.99
Aispyer for Android Nova1 Month$19.99 to $59.99
3 Months$49.99 to $169.99
6 Months$89.99 to $279.99
Aispyer for Kids (Android)1 Month$25.96 to $58.96
3 Months$68.96 to $149.96
6 Months$129.96 to $269.96
Aispyer for Customized Android1 Month$29.97 to $79.97
3 Months$79.97 to $199.97
6 Months$149.97 to $399.97

Note: The “Price Range” column provides the price or the price range (if there’s a range) for each product type and duration.

Aispyer For Android

Aispyer for iPhone

Product TypeDurationPrice Range
Aispyer for iPhone (Jailbreak)1 Month$49.95 to $79.95
3 Months$119.95 to $189.95
6 Months$209.95 to $319.95
Aispyer for Kids iPhone1 Month$34.95 to $69.95
3 Months$79.95 to $169.95
6 Months$129.95 to $299.95

Note: The “Price Range” column provides the price or the price range (if there’s a range) for each product type and duration.

Aispyer for Windows and Mac

Product TypeDurationPrice
Aispyer for Windows1 Month$44.99
3 Months$99.99
6 Months$159.99
Aispyer for Mac1 Month$59.99
3 Months$99.99
6 Months$159.99

Note: The “Price” column provides the price for each product type and duration.

As you can see, prices range widely based on the device type, plan length, and features selected. The customized plans offer more spying capabilities at a higher cost.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial available. You have to commit to at least a 1-month purchase.

Pros and Cons of Aispyer

Aispyer Pros

  • Easy remote access from any web browser
  • Powerful monitoring capabilities
  • No rooting required for Android devices
  • Excellent dashboard UI and navigation
  • Social media monitoring with screenshots
  • Accurate location tracking and geofencing
  • Good selection of supported Android versions
  • Flexible subscription lengths available
  • SMS and chat monitoring

Aispyer Cons

  • No support for iOS devices
  • Confusing array of subscription plans
  • Expensive compared to competitor options
  • Lacks advanced features like screen recording
  • No free trial period offered
  • Delayed social media screenshot updates
  • Technical glitches on Mac and Windows versions
  • Unreliable bookmark and web history tracking

How Does Aispyer Compare to Other Monitoring Apps?

Aispyer faces stiff competition in the monitoring app market from the likes of mSpy, Spyzie, and FlexiSPY. Let’s see how Aispyer stacks up to two of its top competitors, mSpy and FlexiSPY.

Aispyer vs. mSpy

mSpy is the most popular monitoring app on the market currently. Here is how it compares:

  • mSpy offers robust iOS support, including non-jailbreak monitoring. Aispyer has no iOS capabilities.
  • mSpy has more advanced features like screen recording, ambient recording, and video calling inside the dashboard.
  • mSpy’s pricing is generally more affordable. It starts at $30 compared to Aispyer’s $18 minimum.
  • Both apps offer stealthy monitoring and no-root-needed Android installs.
  • mSpy has a better app blocking system with more fine-tuned parental controls.
  • mSpy lacks Aispyer’s slick dashboard design and navigation menus.

Overall, mSpy comes out ahead for iOS support, more features, better pricing, and parental controls. But Aispyer has the edge for Android monitoring and user experience.

Aispyer vs FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is another top contender focused on advanced monitoring abilities. Here’s how Aispyer and FlexiSPY stack up:

  • FlexiSPY requires rooting or jailbreaking devices to install. Aispyer’s non-root install is easier.
  • FlexiSPY has over 150 tracking features, far more than Aispyer’s offerings.
  • FlexiSPY allows you to monitor multiple devices on one dashboard. Aispyer only lets you track one device per account.
  • For around the clock support, FlexiSPY comes out ahead. Aispyer customer service is more limited.
  • Aispyer’s dashboard design and simplicity give it the edge for user experience.
  • FlexiSPY offers comprehensive call recording and ambient listening features. Aispyer lacks call recording.

In summary, FlexiSPY provides superior tracking abilities for power users, albeit at a higher complexity. But Aispyer keeps things simple and targeted for most consumer monitoring needs.

Should You Use Aispyer in 2024?

Aispyer delivers robust Android monitoring and tracking in an easy-to-use package. If you need basic monitoring of an Android device, Aispyer will serve you well. However, the lack of iOS support really limits its usefulness for the average consumer compared to competitors.

Best Uses for Aispyer

Here are the prime use cases where Aispyer shines:

  • Parents monitoring Android-using kids – With its location tracking, geofencing, app usage reports, and web monitoring, Aispyer has all the tools parents need to keep kids safe online.
  • Monitoring employees using company-owned Android devices – Aispyer allows employers to ensure work smartphones are used properly for business purposes only.
  • Android monitoring for personal relationships – For couples or friends that mutually agree, Aispyer provides a transparent look into an Android user’s digital activities.
  • Basic Android spying – The core features get the job done for basic tracking needs on Android devices.

Should You Choose Aispyer Over Other Options?

For iOS monitoring or more advanced tracking needs, other apps like mSpy and FlexiSPY are likely better options than Aispyer.

However, if your use case fits the examples above and you value simplicity and ease of use over advanced features, then Aispyer warrants consideration.

Just weigh your specific monitoring wants and budget to determine if Aispyer matches up to your requirements. It fills a niche for streamlined Android parental monitoring. But there are more full-featured alternatives available as well.

FAQs About Aispyer

Does Aispyer have a free trial?

No, Aispyer does not currently offer potential customers a free trial period. You have to commit to at least 1 month of paid service upfront.

Can you install Aispyer without the target user knowing?

Yes, one of Aispyer’s core features is it runs totally in stealth mode. Once installed and the icon hidden, there is no indication the app is tracking the phone’s activities in the background.

Is Aispyer legal to use?

It is legal to use Aispyer and other monitoring apps if you have consent from the target user or are the owner of the device being tracked. Using it without permission to spy can violate wiretapping laws. Always verify local regulations.

What happens if Aispyer is discovered on a device?

If the user finds Aispyer on their device, they can simply uninstall it to stop the monitoring. However, all collected data up until that point will still be accessible in the online account dashboard.

Does Aispyer drain the target phone’s battery?

Aispyer is designed to operate with minimal battery drain on the monitored device, using power saving background routines. Most users will not notice significant battery life reduction.

Can Aispyer retrieve deleted texts or calls?

Unfortunately, if the user deletes their text messages, call logs, or browsing history in their device itself, Aispyer cannot retrieve that data after the fact. It only collects what currently exists in the device’s storage at the time of monitoring.

The Bottom Line

Aispyer deserves its status as a top Android monitoring app for parents and employers thanks to its effortless setup, stealthy working, and user-friendly dashboard.

However, the lack of iOS support significantly limits its usefulness for the average consumer compared to rival apps that work across platforms.

If you need to monitor multiple devices or take advantage of advanced tracking features, other options like mSpy and FlexiSPY warrant consideration over Aispyer.

But for basic Android parental monitoring, employee tracking, or mutual spying, Aispyer absolutely delivers a quality experience, albeit at a relatively high price.

Overall, Aispyer will fill the needs of some consumers, but we recommend comparing it closely against competitors to determine if it has everything you require from a phone monitoring application in 2024.