10 Surefire Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone Else

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10 Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone Else

Discovering that your girlfriend has been unfaithful can be utterly devastating. Your mind races with intense emotions – anger, sadness, jealousy, confusion.

Yet often, there were subtle signs all along that something wasn’t right. Learning to spot these signs can help you uncover the truth early and make informed decisions about your relationship.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the most common signs your girlfriend recently slept with someone else. We’ll also discuss how to confirm your suspicions, cope with the aftermath, and decide whether the relationship is worth fighting for.

Physical and Behavioral Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

10 Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone Else

While no single sign confirms infidelity, several combined signs can paint a clearer picture. Pay attention to changes in your girlfriend’s:

1. Appearance and Grooming

Does she suddenly seem more concerned with her looks for no reason? Is she buying new and trendy clothes more often? Making more effort to look nice before going out?

Your girlfriend may be trying to impress a new romantic interest.

Other signs include messy hair, wrinkled clothes, or traces of another person on her body.

2. Attention Towards You

Has she become cold, distant and avoids communicating with you? Does she seem to always be “too busy” when you try to make plans?

A girlfriend who no longer wishes to bond likely wants to avoid you because she feels guilty. She’s focusing her attention on someone new.

3. Truthfulness

Has she lied about where she was, who she was with, or what she was doing? Catching your girlfriend in major lies suggests she has something to hide.

4. Intimacy

An abrupt lack of intimacy, kissing, sex or any physical affection is a red flag. Unless she’s going through personal issues, she should still crave that connection with you.

5. Personality and Mood

Watch for nervousness, anxiety, defensiveness or odd mood swings around you. She may seem more withdrawn as she contemplates her actions.

6. Making Plans

If she stops wanting to make plans or often cancels on you last minute, she may be seeing someone else during that time.

7. Nights Out

Be wary if your homebody girlfriend suddenly starts going out several nights a week. More frequent nights out provide more cheating opportunities.

8. Phone Usage

Does she guard her phone closely or take it everywhere, even the bathroom? Late night texting or calls can also be suspicious. You can also use phone monitoring apps like mSpy to see who she is texting and calling from her phone discreetly.

9. Social Media

Stalking recent crushes online or installing a dating app like Tinder may precede physically cheating.

10. Body Language

Avoiding eye contact, closed off posture, fidgeting, and other anxious body language conveys guilt or mixed feelings.

4 Ways to Confirm Your Suspicions

Before confronting your girlfriend or making any permanent decisions about the relationship, it’s wise to gather more concrete evidence that she cheated. Here are 4 ways to help confirm your suspicions:

  • Check her texts/call log – Try to get a hold of her phone to view recent texts and calls. Look for suspicious numbers or flirty messages.
  • Follow her – Stalking is extreme but does offer proof if you discover her secretly meeting up with someone.
  • Hire a private investigator – An PI can legally follow your girlfriend and document any cheating evidence through photos/video.
  • Use spy apps – Spy apps discretely monitor all texts, calls, GPS location and app usage on her phone to build a cheating case.

Reality is, if your gut tells you something feels off, it probably is. Have an open and honest conversation before making accusations. Her reaction will likely tell you all you need to know.

How to Cope If She Did Cheat on You

The pain of betrayal cuts deep. Before making any big decisions, give yourself time to process the difficult emotions. Consider these tips:

  • Don’t react instantly – The shock may cause you to lash out or end things hastily. Avoid rash choices you’ll regret.
  • Express your feelings – Confide in a close friend or journal. Get the intense anger, hurt and sadness out constructively.
  • Take a break – Spend a few days apart to gain perspective. Rushing back together overlooks the issue.
  • Pamper yourself – Do activities that comfort you and boost self-esteem like exercising, relaxing or hanging with friends.
  • Forgive, don’t forget – Forgiveness is possible with time, but some doubt in the relationship will linger.
  • Seek counseling – An unbiased third party can help you both communicate constructively and rebuild broken trust.

Remember – her cheating is not your fault. There were likely underlying issues in the relationship or her character. Don’t blame yourself.

Is the Relationship Still Worth Saving?

Deciding whether to try salvaging the relationship depends on several factors:

  • Was it a one-time mistake? An isolated incident may be forgivable if she’s truly remorseful. Serial cheating likely won’t stop.
  • Your history together – Longer relationships are often more worthy of repair efforts than short-term dating.
  • Her openness – Is she honest about what happened or still hiding details? Open communication is key.
  • Willingness to change – Does she take full responsibility and want to actively work on the relationship?
  • Your feelings – Do you still love her and realistically see yourself trusting her fully again?

While overcoming infidelity is challenging, many relationships do recover with time, communication and commitment to improving. But you both must be all in to make it work.

Key Takeaways

  • Sudden changes in your girlfriend’s appearance, attention, truthfulness and intimacy suggest she may have cheated.
  • Other clues include anxiousness, frequently cancelling plans, increased nights out, and suspicious phone/social media activity.
  • Don’t confront her without proof. Check her phone, follow her, hire an investigator or use monitoring apps to confirm cheating.
  • Try not to lash out instantly. Express your feelings constructively and pamper yourself as you process the heartbreak.
  • Consider counseling to facilitate communication and rebuilding broken trust after the betrayal.
  • Weigh factors like history, openness to change and your personal feelings when deciding if the relationship is still savable.


What are some of the first signs my girlfriend cheated?

Some of the earliest signs include changes in her routine, decreased attention towards you, more frequent girls’ nights out, secrecy over her phone and social media activity, and increased lying about who she’s with.

What do I do if I don’t have solid proof but think she cheated?

Have an open and honest conversation about your feelings and suspicions. Ask her directly but calmly. Her reaction and willingness to communicate will likely tell you if she’s hiding something. Only accuse her if you have strong evidence.

Is occasionally checking up on my girlfriend considered stalking?

Dropping by unexpectedly, tracking her phone without consent, and following her in secret definitely crosses stalking boundaries. But it’s reasonable to casually ask trusted friends if they’ve seen her out with anyone else. As long as you respect her privacy and autonomy.

How do I rebuild the lost trust in my relationship after she cheats?

Regaining trust after betrayal takes a lot of time and effort. She must be completely transparent about her activities and whereabouts moving forward. Consistent honest behavior and genuine remorse over time can help reassure you and mend the broken trust.

How do I know if I should give my cheating girlfriend another chance?

Think deeply about whether you can truly forgive her, she seems willing to change her hurtful behaviors, you still envision a future together, and you’re both ready to actively work on healing together. If you have doubts, the relationship likely isn’t worth saving and will only cause more pain.

In Conclusion

Discovering your girlfriend’s infidelity can be a dark time filled with intense emotions. But there are constructive ways to respond, cope, and determine if the relationship is still viable after cheating.

Pay attention to any red flag behaviors, gather evidence before accusing, process your feelings in a healthy way, and take time making decisions about next steps. With compassion, hard work, and open communication, some relationships can be even stronger on the other side.

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